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Petition to Mayor Sal Panto, Sandi Vulcano, Jared Mast, Dr. Roger Ruggles, James Edinger, Ken Brown, Rudy Miller, Peter Melan

Preserve the Green Space at 4th and Church in Easton, Pennsylvania

Prevent the construction of a parking deck on N. 4th Street in downtown Easton. A deck at this location would destroy the historical integrity of this quaint neighborhood. The beauty of this serene, tree-lined street was already greatly diminished by the blind decision on behalf the city to make it a two-way thoroughfare to and from the freeway, introducing an unwarranted increase in heavy traffic. Once again, this is the proliferation of suburban design in a downtown area that the city officials continually embrace. These designs arose in the 1950's and repeatedly failed. In order to create a sustainable, thriving and liveable downtown, the focus has to be on pedestrian traffic and local residents. The mayor's focus is transient visitors and automobiles. This model has never ever succeeded. Presently, cities around the globe are focusing on reducing automobile traffic and its negative impact in lieu of residential growth and pedestrian safety. The focus needs to be on providing housing, and essential services such as a grocery store, hardware store, etc. for the residents so that they don't require a car to fulfill basic needs. Local residents and pedestrian traffic always lead to an increase in local business. There needs to be much more attention paid to increasing the population and catering to their needs rather than to attempt to increase the transient tourist dollars that take a toll on the environment and the quality of life of the residents. The infrastructure for an increased pedestrian community is much more environmentally and financially sustainable than the focus on cars. This parking deck would undeniably have an irreversible negative impact on downtown Easton.

Kevin-Louis Barton
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Petition to Koeppel Madza, Mayor Bill de Blasio

Keep Travers Park Safe (and Car-Free!)

As the $6 million renovation of Travers Park enters its final phase, the De Blasio Administration is attempting to quietly break their commitment to close 78th Street completely to cars as a result of pressure from Koeppel Mazda, and use public money that was earmarked for the last stage of park renovations to build a dangerous, private driveway for Koeppel instead. This breaks a commitment from the NYC Department of Transportation, is an egregious misuse of tax dollars, and creates a dangerous situation in which cars and park-goers will be in open conflict. Koeppel Mazda’s new service entrance falls within the redesigned park’s boundaries and will endanger this vitally important community plan to expand open space, combat climate change, and protect the park-goers from conflicts with dangerous motor vehicles. Jackson Heights suffers from having the least amount of open space per capita in New York City as well as a high rate of pedestrian fatalities, in particular on Northern Boulevard. For the past ten years, the community been working closely with Council Member Dromm to permanently close 78th Street between Northern Blvd and 34th Avenue to all vehicular traffic to facilitate expanding Travers Park. Please sign our petition to let Koeppel Mazda and Mayor Bill De Blasio know that we need to keep Travers Park safe and car-free!  Watch the video of our rally with hundreds of residents protesting against Koeppel Mazda: VIDEO Stay informed -- visit

Jackson Heights Green Alliance
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Petition to Mayor Robinson

Revamp the Intersection of E Main St and S Jefferson (Pensacola, FL)

The intersection of E Main Street and S Jefferson Street in downtown Pensacola (surrounded by Pensacola Little Theatre, the Pensacola Museum of Art, Holiday Inn Express, and the offices of Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis, and Overholtz) is notoriously dangerous for pedestrians trying to cross. Unlike Palafox Street, which has four way stops at almost every intersection to protect pedestrians travelling downtown, this intersection is only a two-way stop on Jefferson Street. Many cars travel dangerously fast on Main Street and refuse to stop for pedestrians approaching the crosswalk, even though it's Florida law to stop for pedestrians. At least three people have been hit crossing Main Street in the past year, with the most recent incident occurring this morning (Friday, April 5th, 2019). A four way stop, a stoplight, and/or high visibility crosswalks would allow pedestrians to safely cross without fear of being hit by oncoming traffic. It would also be easier for cars crossing over or turning onto Main Street to know when it is safe for them to turn or continue forward (as street parking can drastically reduce road visibility, especially during work hours and on busy downtown nights).Personally knowing someone who has been hit at this intersection, I am angry and scared. This shouldn't have been able to happen, and likely would not have if proper signage and two more stop signs were in place. Please, Pensacola, do something about this intersection before another incident like this is allowed to occur.

Madeline Smith
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Petition to Town of Port Royal, SCDOT, Port Royal Town Council

Crossing Ribaut

Crossing Ribaut is an informational group of Port Royal residents and visitors who have ever tried to cross Ribaut Rd - on foot, by bike, or by car.As Port Royal has grown, the amount of traffic and the pace of the traffic has increased to a level that Ribaut Rd is now a barrier in the center of a community, a highway in the midst of our town. In the area from Mossy Oaks Road to the Marine Corps (Parris Island) Bridge multiple apartment buildings and single family homes have mushroomed on the North side of Ribaut, while most of the stores are on the South side. Crossing for food, parks, or to get to the stores, the post office, the school, or the beach is increasingly hazardous. The pedestrian lights at the four corners of Paris Ave/Ribaut Rd, Ribaut Rd/Lady's Island Parkway, and Ribaut Rd/Mossy Oaks Dr are unsafe. The pedestrian flashing light that urges walkers to cross now -- before your allotted seconds are over -- is contradicted by a green left turn light urging cars on. Pedestrians must then cross in the path of the cars. Also, cars often turn right on red without giving way to pedestrians. As development continues this dangerous situation will only become worse. We, the undersigned, ask the Town of Port Royal officials, working with Beaufort County officials, the SC Department of Transportation, South Carolina officials, and community members to make and execute a plan that will turn Ribaut Road from a dangerous highway into a main street for the entire town of Port Royal. We want a street that ties the town together and offers safety to cars, bikes, and walkers. These changes may include, but are not limited to, more official crossings with islands for safety, a lower speed limit, and signs posted stating the rights of pedestrians. We ask for a beginning of a community transformation that makes Port Royal a town for all of us.  

Crossing Ribaut
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