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Petition to Greg Slater, Pete Rahn, Marc Elrich, Nancy Navarro, Tom Hucker, Casey Anderson

Fund Design & Construction of SHA MD 97 Georgia Ave Montgomery Hills

We support the ongoing progress of the MD 97 Montgomery Hills Project and urge SHA to fund the construction so that work can proceed on this overdue and important improvement plan for the Georgia Avenue corridor.  We are eager to see the Georgia Avenue Corridor improved.  Simply stated, the corridor is unsafe for all users: vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists.  Commuters and residents alike cannot travel through the area easily, and the existing conditions create an automobile-dominated environment that is unattractive and economically untenable to most community-oriented businesses.  In fact, the study area roadway and sidewalk conditions are one significant factor in the area's inability to attract a better mix of retail stores and businesses.  Furthermore, the study’s extended planning phase (the original planning effort for this corridor started seventeen years ago), has chilled any private sector improvements that may have been undertaken by the adjacent property owners. We request that Montgomery County prioritize the MD 97 (Georgia Ave) Safety and Complete Street Improvements in its 2019 Transportation Priorities letter, and that Maryland State fully fund the design and construction of the Georgia Ave improvements without delay in their FY 2020 budget.   

Friends of Forest Glen and Montgomery Hills
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Petition to Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Vision Zero LA, LAUSD

Stop The MacArthur

Children should not be exposed to adult entertainment and alcohol! We must stop The MacArthur from getting an adult entertainment license (like strip clubs have) and a license to sell alcohol from 6:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. daily directly adjacent to Charles White Elementary School and across the street from a park filled with thousands of children. If they obtain this adult entertainment and 20-hour/day liquor license, they will open a huge nightclub complex inside the old Park Plaza Hotel, which will expose children to all kinds of harm, greatly increase crime in our already crime-ridden neighborhood, and gravely endanger pedestrians. Our neighborhood has 5 times the national average of pedestrian casualties and is a major focus of Mayor Eric Garcetti's Vision Zero Initiative to reduce pedestrian fatalities and injuries. If The MacArthur's proposed project is approved, it will flood our tiny, congested neighborhood with thousands of drunk drivers, and reckless Uber, Lyft, taxi drivers, and valet parkers, resulting in a mass pedestrian casualty crisis. Please let Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Gil Cedillo, the LAUSD, and Vision Zero know that they must stop this proposed project from being approved and protect the lives and safety of their constituents. Los niños no deben estar expuestos al entretenimiento para adultos y al alcohol! Debemos evitar que MacArthur obtenga una licencia de entretenimiento para adultos (como los clubes de striptease) y una licencia para vender alcohol de 6:00 a.m. a 2:00 a.m. diariamente, directamente adyacente a Charles White Elementary School y al otro lado de la calle de un parque lleno de miles de niños. Si obtienen esta licencia de entretenimiento para adultos y licores de 20 horas al día, abrirán un enorme complejo de clubes nocturnos dentro del viejo Park Plaza Hotel, que expondrá a los niños a todo tipo de daños, lo que aumentará enormemente el crimen en nuestro vecindario, que ya cuenta con el crimen y gravemente poner en peligro a los peatones. Nuestro vecindario tiene 5 veces el promedio nacional de víctimas peatonales y es un enfoque importante de la Iniciativa Visión Cero del alcalde Eric Garcetti para reducir las muertes y lesiones de peatones. Si se aprueba el proyecto propuesto de The MacArthur, inundará nuestro pequeño y congestionado vecindario con miles de conductores ebrios, y los imprudentes Uber, Lyft, taxistas y aparcacoches, lo que provocará una crisis masiva de víctimas peatonales. Por favor, informe al Alcalde Eric Garcetti, al Concejal Gil Cedillo, al LAUSD y a Vision Zero que deben detener la aprobación de este proyecto propuesto y proteger las vidas y la seguridad de sus electores.

Stop The MacArthur ~ MacArthur Park Residents
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Petition to The Hudson Planning Board, related agencies and other public officials, Mayor

Save Our Hudson Waterfront--and get big trucks off our streets!

WE THE UNDERSIGNED, love the Hudson Waterfront and believe it can be developed as an active, vibrant center of new opportunity for the whole community. We support: ·      Enhanced recreational opportunities, including boating and fishing, hiking, dining, shopping, public sports and events—all of which will increase economic activity and employment; ·       Housing and commercial spaces consistent with the city’s historic riverfront character and designed to leverage the area’s abundant natural resources; ·      Marinas, suppliers, boat launches and other infrastructure that will maximize access to the Hudson River and increase enjoyment for the whole community; ·      Conservation of wildlife, wetlands and other irreplaceable ecological features of the Hudson River and protected South Bay Creek & Marsh Given the great opportunity our Waterfront represents, we strongly oppose noisy, dusty, polluting and hazardous uses there. We firmly believe such incompatible uses jeopardize the immense opportunity before us by inhibiting public access to the river, curtailing commercial activity, reducing popular enjoyment, and discouraging economic development that will benefit the entire city and future generations. (Please note: If you use the "chip in" option after signing, be aware this money goes to to advertise this petition to other potential supporters, not directly to Our Hudson Waterfront. If you don't want to contribute to this, don't "chip in.")

David Konigsberg
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Petition to Mayor Sal Panto, Sandi Vulcano, Jared Mast, Dr. Roger Ruggles, James Edinger, Ken Brown, Rudy Miller, Peter Melan

Preserve the Green Space at 4th and Church in Easton, Pennsylvania

Prevent the construction of a parking deck on N. 4th Street in downtown Easton. A deck at this location would destroy the historical integrity of this quaint neighborhood. The beauty of this serene, tree-lined street was already greatly diminished by the blind decision on behalf the city to make it a two-way thoroughfare to and from the freeway, introducing an unwarranted increase in heavy traffic. Once again, this is the proliferation of suburban design in a downtown area that the city officials continually embrace. These designs arose in the 1950's and repeatedly failed. In order to create a sustainable, thriving and liveable downtown, the focus has to be on pedestrian traffic and local residents. The mayor's focus is transient visitors and automobiles. This model has never ever succeeded. Presently, cities around the globe are focusing on reducing automobile traffic and its negative impact in lieu of residential growth and pedestrian safety. The focus needs to be on providing housing, and essential services such as a grocery store, hardware store, etc. for the residents so that they don't require a car to fulfill basic needs. Local residents and pedestrian traffic always lead to an increase in local business. There needs to be much more attention paid to increasing the population and catering to their needs rather than to attempt to increase the transient tourist dollars that take a toll on the environment and the quality of life of the residents. The infrastructure for an increased pedestrian community is much more environmentally and financially sustainable than the focus on cars. This parking deck would undeniably have an irreversible negative impact on downtown Easton.

Kevin-Louis Barton
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