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Petition to Todd Souza

Help build a new spirit of cooperation in America and fix what we can through Real Unity

Real Unity is people coming together to do good things for our country, communities, families and ourselves. We know we can do better than the stagnation and dysfunction in Washington and the divisiveness and hate spreading throughout our country. There are millions of us across America who care about making things better and who are wise enough to know that the best way for changes to happen is for people like us to unite. Real Unity is about bringing these people together so we can be a positive force for change. The real power for creating change lies with "we the people" and not with our government, politicians, our president, lobbyists, institutions or corporations. We invite you and anyone of any political party, religion, race or background to be part of Real Unity and help us build a new spirit of cooperation in America while we fix what we can. America is too great of a country to leave our fate in the hands of leaders and government that are unable to get things done. With Real Unity we are figuring out what issues we and most Americans can come together on and what actions we can take to solve those problems. The four steps to Real Unity: 1) We treat others in our group as friends, with kindness and respect. Our online forum coming soon to Facebook will reflect this. We will make the peaceful exchange of ideas, concerns and solutions a right for all participants of Real Unity. Use our forum to start a conversation, or join in on one; organize an event or participate in one; share some knowledge, or learn something new. 2) We support each other in whatever ways we easily can. Share with us your expertise, valuable experiences or wisdom, encouragement, or any resource. We are building a supportive online community and sharing is part of it when possible. 3) We find a consensus on what issues to focus on. Once this is determined by participants we educate ourselves by offering our expertise, knowledge or experiences to anyone interested. Such issues may include: preventing more shootings; the opioid epidemic; social inequality and safety with women, LGBTs, our poor and minorities; hatred involving race, religion, politics, etc; bullying; political gridlock; prevention and treatment of mental illness; prescription drug costs; jobs and wages. What issues are you passionate about? 4) After we as a group have decided an issue to focus on we will determine what action we take as a group. Action could be national or local such as an email campaign to any person or entity that isn't making good choices; a boycott, peaceful rally, conference, etc. More than ever America needs people like us uniting to help solve problems. Our involvement is essential because the status quo is not working well enough. We need your good ideas, your friendliness, passion, connections and collaboration. Please stand with us so together we are a positive force for change that is peaceful, nonpolitical and even fun. Let's turn to hope instead of fear, unity instead of division, love instead of hate. Be part of Real Unity and let the good in each of us shine brightly together. Todd Souza

Todd Souza
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Petition to California State Senate, California State House

Support Merit Ticketing Initiative to Cultivate Peace

                                             Merit Ticketing I propose a California State Bill that seeks to foster societal peace in partnership with the police force, entitled “Merit Ticketing”. This bill would support California’s people by empowering law enforcement with the means to recognize citizens who positively contribute to society, which would improve relations between peace officers and citizens, as well as alleviate the officer from the encumbrance of engaging solely in negative situations.                                                  *     *     * Premise: Officers would be able to write “Merit Tickets” of nominal monetary value (California’s Minimum wage) to reward upstanding citizens' meritorious actions within their community, in accordance with a process approved by state governance. Peace is more than the absence of reprehensible action—it is the celebration of mankind’s goodness, and the power of human compassion.                                                *     *     * Basic Details: 1. A nominal fee would be added to all tickets on the Uniform Penalty and Bail schedule; the fees collected would be deposited into the Merit Ticketing Fund. 2. Police officers issue Merit Tickets (Maximum of 30 per month per officer, which do not accrue) of monetary value (Minimum wage in state of issue) to citizens who do good acts in their community witnessed by local law enforcement. 3. A citizen cannot exceed $500 in Merit Tickets per year. 4. Merit Ticketing would be an optional tool that police can utilize to foster peace and prosperity in their communities.                                              *      *      * LEARN MORE:                                                                    FOLLOW US:

Sofia Collin
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Petition to 100 Day March for America, Administrator

March for America: Engage, Promote, Unite

TO OUR FELLOW AMERICANS Americans from all backgrounds attended the American Muslim March on Washington. Peace supporters from different states gathered infront of the Capitol Building in Washington on July 23rd 2016. With the country divided based on different political and ideological lines, the American Muslim community is empowering citizens from different walks of life to stand united against Terrorism, Hate and Violence. It is our intention to Keep the principles of the March Alive to: Denounce all acts of Terrorism done in the name of our Faith, Islam.Confirm the Statement Against Terrorism by the Fiqh Council of North America.Reaffirm our commitment to Religious Freedom everywhere including Muslim majority countries – Reading of the Marrakesh Declaration.Reaffirm our commitment to the U.S. constitution and the laws of the USA.Reaffirm our commitment to working with law enforcement agencies to prevent terrorist attacks against the United States.Send a strong and clear message to Muslim Youth to resist radicalization & violence.Speak up against violence and call on congress to enact common sense gun-laws.Call on all people to end Racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Islam, anti-Latino, anti-Immigration and all other forms of Hate and Xenophobia.Call for a public-private partnership to advance national unity and replace fear with love and respect for all Americans.Enthusiastically defend, affirm, and assert our American values of liberty, justice and peace.First and foremost, the rally brought Muslims and people of other faith groups to stand united as Americans in condemning terrorism and all forms of extremism. We emphasized the respect and acceptance for all people which makes America an example and model for the entire world. Sign your name and organization to stand with us:     Join the Digital March -HTTPS://MUSLIMMARCH.EVENTBRITE.COM  Join the Social Media Platforms: Turn Social Media for Social Good Take a Picture in Support of Unity, Respect and Dialogue. Tell a story of you and your Muslim Friend. Tell us your story as a Muslim American- #MyMuslimStory (Upload Material to HTTPS://MuslimMarch.EventBrite.Com) Set Up a Center for Peace in Your Community.  Contact us at www.American-Islam.Org

American Islam
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Petition to Ted Cruz

Pro- Love, Anti- Hate Campaign

This petition is a proposal to create a law to criminalize hate groups  such as the KKK who have been getting away with acts of violence toward African Americans for an unimaginable length of time. It's undeniable that the current president was raised by a father who has been involved in KKK activities which is scary knowing that hate has positions of power. The African Americans are fed up with the white power hate groups so much so that they are enraged for lack of justice for victims today as well as throughout American history. We demand that the KKK and other hate groups that carry out acts of violence be criminalized and a law be put into place to protect human rights as established by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.                                       Article 1.All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. As you can see criminalizing  hate groups will grant access to the fundamental human rights which is not currently being practiced.. If we get no results the people have been known to take laws into their own hands starting riots and other ways of making their voices heard.. The International Court of Justice will be our next endeavor.   

Pam Urban
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