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Petition to The supporters of Zone 4, The Zone 4 Community, Okami Hank13, Hank13 , Players

Zone 4 Fight District to come back under any NA/EU Company or En Masse

Dear NA/EU Company interested in Zone 4 Fight District,     Its Hank13, and I undoubtedly have an important request naturally made by the fellow fans of Zone 4 and me. It would be precisely great if you guys were to have Zone4 for various and countless players like me have played back. Then when OGP (Ogplanet) had Zone4 but it sadly got shut down a few years later GnG (Game n Game) took Zone 4. Sadly, they didn't do a good job with it so now it's closing currently. I feel passionate that Zone 4 has much potential in the fighting game genre to conceivably go into E-sports. Also, with your experience with having multiple games and lots of positive feedback, you've gotten over the years. I feel like this would be a greater chance for new and returning players to experience Zone 4, a street fighting Tekken like game. Where you enjoyed many fighting styles and classes to select from getting equipment and also, craft even better gear a team-based fighting game with cooperative elements and a friendly community.             I used to go home looking forward to always playing my favorite fighting game which is undoubtedly Zone 4 Fight District. From my own personal viewpoint, I feel that you can efficiently deliver what other companies failed to do precisely which was bringing back the innocent fun in a game. I have seen how other companies run games in general and hopefully. Whoever reading this you give it the respect and love the game deserves. I personally feel that you guys care passionately about your community and the excellent quality of your game it would be great if you maintained it, fellow NA/EU company reading this. The current company that has Zone 4 is GnG (Game n Game a Korean company) but they will shut down Zone 4 on September 26th, 2017.             For fighting games, in general, this company running the game had poor connection overall anywhere and bad business practices. I used to be genuinely shocked and naturally wondered how people are instantly getting full 4 bars in games. While I live in North America and I merely get one bar or red bars. This current company for Zone 4 pretty much treated the game like it was worthless. They couldn't run the memorable game properly and didn't want to listen attentively to experienced players to properly shape up the game. They ran it in their own way, and it turned out atrocious. Which discouraged many fans like me to stop playing the game overall and wait till it gets better but it never happened. The active servers would constantly crash, and it was just poor development overall. They would wait eagerly months before promptly releasing an update, and we typically had a distinct lack of key events, so it didn't feel fun.           They naturally had terrible player support which typically drove us away. Lag, bad servers, also we had notable instances of many outsiders lagging up the game for me and the community. Also treating many people bad which made them stop playing the game. Their events weren't all that great, but it catered more to the people that paid handsomely to gain an advantage. In addition, we typically had bots in the game that irretrievably ruined it even more. In addition, some prices were extravagant, and it didn't feel fair to us overall. There were precisely countless tons of discovered bugs and malfunctions in the past versions of Zone 4 and somehow, we typically got new ones too.           But then more of them typically started appearing prominently and this established company was lazy enough not to properly fix it. To begin with, we received mighty lots of new and returning players everyone was friendly and helping each other tremendously. Now that environment is gone now thanks to this local company GnG (Game n Game). I feel at ease that you would do a great job and bring back the friendly and competitive environment of Zone4.     Thank you for reading this and hearing me out :) -Hank13  If you want to join my Zone4 Discord here's the link (That is a steam chart of how it was like beginning til now) (These are steam reviews of 3/17/18) (This is the old Dev of Zone 4 they had the game still they, unfortunately, shut it down since September 26, 2017  ) (Steam Link to Zone4) A link to the Zone4 Steam Charts (Current status of Zone 4 3/17/18)

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