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Petition to UNESCO Headquarters Valencia, Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, UNESCO (UNESCO Headquarters)


CASTELLANO  VALENCIÀ The sanctuary dedicated to Saint John the Baptist is placed in the inlands of Castellón, on the slopes of the imposing peak Penyagolosa. A unique place, full of mystery and a pilgrimage destination since the Christian reconquest (14th century). These pilgrimages were formedas single, tracing paths from different municipalities to this centre with commemorations and proper rituals for each of them. Currently, many of these routes and path shave disappeared. However, there are some municipalities that guard cautiously this asset, which has been inherited from their ancestors; such as “The Pelegrins of Les Useres” ( Pilgrims of a village called Les Useres) or pilgrimages to the villages of Culla, Vistabella, Xodos or Puertomingalvo in Teruel. Besides its religious and mystical sense, these routes have been important communication channels of human activity and have a continuity through the centuries; constituting ways of dialogue between peoples, with a significant archaeological, architectural, ecological and ethnological heritage. Its ancient beginnings and the commitment to its conservation, as well as, its use and current vitality, does strongly justify the fact to be recognizedas a CULTURAL ITINERARY. Castellón County Council, together with a Research Center for the conservation and management of Historic Center MEDITERRANEAN HERITAGE Regional Goverment of Castellón , has initiated the preparation of the application dossier for 2019. EVERYBODY’s support and involvement  is essential, so that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, responsible for submitting the proposal, casts its vote to “Camins of Penyagolosa” ( "Penyagolosa Walk”). The undersigned requests that “Camins of Penyagolosa” is declared as a World Heritageby UNESCO. 

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