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Petition to National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, National Board of Medical Examiners

Allow medical schools to proctor board exams to combat scheduling issues due to COVID-19.

The Problem In the midst of a global pandemic we as medical students are being asked to descend upon urban COVID-19 hotbeds such as Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia for the USMLE Step 2 CS or even worse, just Chicago and Philadelphia for the COMLEX Level 2 PE. We'll come from all over the country to be condensed in the same building, risk spreading a virus gripping our entire reality, and then go back to where we came from while it incubates inside of us. We could be the harbingers of a second wave of COVID-19 in a cruel and ironic public health nightmare. All for an exam that 46%/58% of program directors don't even require (Step 2 CS/Level 2 PE) according to the 2018 NRMP program director survey. As if that wasn't enough, we are being forced to reschedule written board exams with no say in the matter after paying exorbitant sums of money to sit for a date that we planned months in advance for with little notice. Students plan their studying to sit for a very particular day, just to have the rug ripped out from beneath them. DO students who are forced to sit for both the COMLEX and the USMLE (due to requirements for their specialty of choice) have it worst, as they pay more than $6000 for these exams, and they still have a 50/50 shot of being moved around without any control of their own calendar. As student consumers we deserve better, but there is only one big player, Prometric, that we all have to work through. And they've stopped fielding our calls. The Proposed Solution Medical schools around the country administer examinations all the time. We take nationally administered COMAT exams as osteopathic students leading up to the Level 2 PE and our MD colleagues take comparable shelf exams to track their progress leading up to the Step 2 CK. These are done in-house at our medical schools without issue monthly. In light of COVID-19 we've even taken some of those exams unproctored at home. Integrity is expected of physicians every day in practice and we've stepped up in these unprecedented times to display it as we continue our education. These shelf exams are proctored written exams just like the Level/Step 1 exams and the Level/Step 2 exams. Medical schools are more than capable of administering those aforementioned board exams in house, as well as OSCE style exams like the Level 2 PE/Step 2 CS. As a student, consumer, and informed aspiring healthcare professional, I implore the NBME and the NBOME to consider and do the following: Written Exams Allow medical schools to proctor the Level/Step 1 exams and the Level 2 CE/Step 2 CK for their students who are displaced from written testing environments at Prometric in house in a controlled, proctored, testing environment. Clinical Exams Allow medical schools to administer a Level 2 PE/Step 2 CS equivalent in the form of an OSCE exam for this application cycle in the interest of public health and logistical requirements for NRMP application, should they have the standardized patient resources to do so and the facilities to record encounters to send to the NBME/NBOME for quality control. Extend deadlines for Level 2 PE/Step 2 CS to ensure that students are able to graduate even if they have been displaced from an exam spot that would have allowed them adequate time to remediate if needed. Permit students to bring their own PPE and use it during the exam without penalty to their patient satisfaction scores.  Thank you for your attention to this petition. I hope that we as future healthcare professionals and current healthcare professionals alike can get behind these reasonable requests to #FlattenTheCurve and keep the classes of 2021 and 2022 on track to graduate and continue onward to graduate medical education in spite of all of the challenges that COVID-19 has placed in our path. Please share this with your friends, classmates, and colleagues. We need to gather all the support we can get!

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Petition to VUSD Students, Parents, Community

VUSD Grades 9-12: Letter Grades and C/NC Option

We would like VUSD to amend their "Temporary" grading policy to include a Letter Grade option for grades 9-12 for the last grading period for the 2019-2020 school year.   We are currently 1 of 3 districts in our county offering only credit grades. 75% of the largest school districts and across this nation are allowing Letter Grade Options. Universities in state and out of state and scholarship organizations are allowing Spring 2020 Letter grades from other districts to be used for GPA calculations and for selection purposes. VUSD students will at a disadvantage to every district around us except for Oceanside.  The VUSD Board will be holding a Special Board meeting this Thursday, May 21st at 5:00pm.  Please review the slide shows below and feel free to share.  1. Updated Slide Show Video -ENGLISH-Please share 2. Updates Slide Show Video-SPANISH-Please share Board Meeting Thursday, May 21st at 5:00pm. (See link below for details on how to have your voice heard at the meeting) IMPORTANT: The procedure for comments has been changed. It will now mimic an in-person meeting as the community member who wants to speak, will be un-muted and speak themselves instead of having their comment read aloud. Remember, 300 words equal about 3 minutes. Comments must be sent to Chris Lupola  between 3:30pm and 5:00pm on Thursday. Write that you would like to submit comments for item 2.  NOTE: No more than 20 minutes will be spent on public comments. That's because it is a special meeting. At a normal meeting you have 20 minutes of public comments first, then you go through the rest of the agenda and at the end you go back to public comments. Not so at special meetings.V VIRTUAL/ON-LINE MEETING VIA ZOOM: Conference Call: 1-669-900-6833, Webinar ID: 965 3900 19405:00 PM SPECIAL BOARD MEETING

VUSD Students/Parents/Community Letter Grade Petition
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Petition to Chicago Public Schools, LaTanya D. McDade, Janice K. Jackson, EdD, Illinois State Board of Education

Condemn CPS's Remote Learning Grading Policy

Edit: If you want to fight this, after you sign the petition, complain directly to Janice Jackson at 773-553-1573 or or the Illinois State Board of Education at! We are a group of Lane Tech students calling for the revocation of Chicago Public Schools' COVID-19 grading policy. This policy, overall, has the potential to hurt students’ academic standing, and was clearly not designed with students’ best interests in mind. We demand a revocation of this policy and an adoption of one that cannot, under any circumstances, including the below-named (which are not comprehensive), negatively impact a student. It is in plain violation of the Illinois State Board of Education’s “no failing or unsatisfactory grades” mandate. Under CPS’s guidelines, if a high school student (1) does not participate in remote learning or (2) does not earn a passing grade despite completing all assignments, they are issued an “incomplete,” meaning they must engage in credit recovery, most likely meaning retaking the class or attending summer school. It holds students to pre-pandemic standards of academic success despite the changed circumstances. For a student to retain their 3rd quarter A, they must continue to perform exceedingly well on their assignments and assessments, earning at least that grade, despite not having the support and instruction they normally would when in class. It holds students to different levels of academic success based on their pre-closure grades, resulting in grades that inaccurately reflect a student’s effort. Under the guidelines, if a student with a 69 raises their grade to a 70, they are awarded a C and their GPA will presumably benefit. If the grade of another student with a 3rd quarter 90 falls to an 89, they are given a “pass” — the latter student earns a higher grade than the former, but the latter’s GPA does not improve. It does not allow students without access to technology to raise their GPAs. Even if a student without Internet access completes their bi-weekly packets and masters the class’s material, they can only be awarded a “pass,” resulting in no positive impact on their GPA, despite their work.

Finley Williams
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