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Petition to Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Pakistan Army

Stop Racial Profiling of "Pashtuns" in Pakistan

"Pashtuns" are the inhabitants of Pakistan's Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province bordering Afghanistan, who have been abused by Pakistan's powerful military for decades in pursuit of its strategic ambitions as well as to maintain its domestic hegemony over State Institutions. Consequently, majority of "Pashtuns" who are peaceful and patriotic citizens of Pakistan, bore the brunt of these ill-fated policies, as their land became the battle ground between the military and the monsters (Taliban) it had itself created. Many Pashtuns were internally displaced as the military continued their heavy handed but ineffective operations. Now Pakistan's military, instead of reviewing its failed policies, has launched another military operation in their area, while Pakistan's government has started "Racial Profiling" of Pashtuns which has made it impossible for them to live and work in other areas of Pakistan, especially in the dominant and prosperous Punjab Province.   Through this petition, we at the Citizens Initiative for Adaptation (Worldwide) - which is an organization devoted to sustainable development in climate affected countries, urge the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and the powerful Chief of its Army, to stop these discriminatory policies as this would deprive millions of Pashtuns living in other parts of the Country of their livelihood as well as jeopardize their safety and security.  Pakistan is already a severely climate-stressed country, such negative and anti-developmental policies will further compound its adaptation problems. Instead, we urge these powerful people to introspect and review their failed policies in order to overcome the problem of "terrorism".  Saquib Mehmood, CEO Citizens Initiative for Adaptation Worldwide      

Citizens Initiative for Adaptation ( CIA)
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Petition to Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron, Paul Smith (fashion designer)

Respect the Culture & Tradition

Sandals being sold by Paul Smith Company as "Black High-Shine Leather Sandals" (earlier as "Robert" Sandal) are cultural and traditional footwear of Pashtun people (living across the world, however, mostly live in North Western Frontier Province (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and Balochistan of Pakistan, Afghanistan) and named as Pekhwrai Tsaplai(Urdu translation could be Peshawari Chappal). After launch of this petition and uproar across the globe over print and social media, the Company updated the product and removed the name of Robert and inserted " inspired by the Peshawari Chappal" which may be a partial victory for the petition, however, still it is expected that company should reconsider to sell the product with its traditional name. It is reiterated "If some company wants to sell these traditional foot wear of pashtuns, should show some moral obligation and courtesy and must use its original local name". Therefore, on behalf of 'ALL PASHTUNs' here I request concerned authorities to ask the Company in question to sell the product as Pekhwrai Tsaplai to show respect to the  local culture/traditions as it matters a lot to the Pashtun people living around the world particularly in UK.  Here is link to Paul and Smith

Muhammad Khalid Mahmood
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