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No Planned Amplified Street Protest Without a Permit in Pasco County

REQUIRE COUNTY PERMITS and SECURITY REQUIREMENTS FOR ANY PRE-PLANNED AMPLIFIED PROTEST IN PASCO COUNTY FL Stop hateful angry groups from screaming at and playing loud music to disrupt other citizens through heightened manual and electronic bullhorns and amplified means at public events or on public sidewalks at businesses in Pasco County FL without a substantial permit fee and crowd security requirements provided by the protesting permit holders. We all believe in the 1st amendment and the right to assemble and speak freely. Say whatever you like. It is your right to scream your head off about anything without violence. But trying to drown out another group's right to assemble by screaming your varied beliefs through amplified means is not only disruptive it also incites riot, distracts drivers,assaults individuals, scares children, and forces our local Pasco Law Enforcement Officer's (LEO's) to be pulled away from more meaningful and effective policing in our County neighborhoods. LEO's should not have to tell you to turn it down to be safe and keep moving as is required to protest on a public sidewalk under the 1st amendment!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT BEFORE YOU PROTEST!!! These things could be easily learned through the permitting process.  Don't make local LEO's babysit your group on your 1st amendment rights to speak freely!!!  Protesting permit holders should be charged a substantial fee to cover the need to have local law enforcement on hand to ensure public safety during their time of pre-planned amplified protest. This will also allow local LEO's to prepare for any potential problems the protesting group may create for the time of their permit. When any group assembles for a public "parade", "festival" or planned "citizen's rights march" they are required to prove to the city or county that they are acting in a safe and responsible manner by acquiring a permit at a government office if for nothing else but to name the responsible party. ALL groups should be required to do the same if they want to use amplifiers to benefit from their 1st amendment right in public!!!  

Joan Hepsworth
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Petition to pasco county commissioners

Keep Five Farms Avenue and CW exclusive and allow GL to build their 55+ community.

Pasco needs to accept and approve the application, and the removal of the interconnection between subdivisions. The requirement of this roadway connection will have a negative impact on the entire Wesley Chapel community and Country Walk, creating additional safety issues on local streets within the Country Walk community while putting undue pressure on Meadow Pointe Boulevard’s small road artery which leads to 54 and 56. As recently seen on WFLA News Channel 8, there are already safety issues that are being discussed on a daily basis, and the roads do not need added pressure. I contend that this proposed roadway connection is not necessary to serve the current or future residents of Country Walk and Wesley Chapel, along with placing a further burden on roadways through Country Walk and Wesley Chapel. Also, the roadway and infrastructure issues will most certainly, negatively impact property values. When originally planned and purchased the connecting road was not stipulated in the contract for the area. With all this I believe the benefits of having the over fifty-five community in Wesley Chapel and keeping both communities exclusive are needed. This new community will bring an extensive economic tax base with zero negative impact on our school system because they will not add students to our already overcrowded schools. Likewise, the community will bring capital to our various shops, healthcare centers, and the multitude of other businesses in the area. Lastly, it will be in a safe environment that is gated.

Adam Weber
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