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Please help keep Jessica Wolfe’s killer in prison- DENY parole to Russell Holt #1001060520

I am writing this petition to show the members of the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles that Russell Holt (Inmate # 1001060520) should NOT be granted parole. On March 18th, 2012, Russell Holt killed my sister Jessica Nicole Wolfe. They went out with her friends for St. Patrick’s Day and went to a few bars in town. Some time after they were dropped off at his house, Jessica sent a text to her friend saying he was banging her head against the wall. He later shot her in the back with his government issued weapon. Instead of calling 911 after such a heinous act, he was found screaming in his front yard. It wasn’t until then that the neighbor called 911 and she was pronounced dead when they arrived. He originally claimed an intruder knocked him unconscious that night and held on to that story for almost a year. Holt was charged with Malice and Felony Murder, but the lawyers agreed to a plea deal in which he pleaded guilty for voluntary manslaughter and faced 20 years in prison. Although my family was not in agreement with the arrangement, it was accepted by the district attorney's office so that they could be more assured of a conviction. He has now “served” almost 7 years and his case is being reviewed by the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles. I want everyone to know that my sister wouldn’t have cried out for help unless it was dire circumstances. She hid things about her relationships because she didn’t want her family and friends to judge them or question her about why she stayed. There is no doubt in my mind that this was not the first instance of abuse. When he is released, he will not be legally labeled a murderer because of the plea agreement. No one will know how terrorizing her was or the truth about what he did to her that night. My sister was a wonderful person who was always willing to help others. She was a Relay for Life Captain, an avid animal shelter supporter, and a friend to so many. I would never want anyone else to go through the heartbreak my family and I continue to feel since she was taken from us. It’s extremely difficult to think about what she’d be up to now. Would she be married? How many kids would she have had? How much would she be smitten by her beautiful nieces? I cannot begin to tell you the effects this has had on the lives of my family. Even though I was only 25 when this happened to my sister, I knew I had to stand up and speak for her. I spoke at her funeral, a candlelight vigil, and at domestic violence seminars. I am only continuing that now by trying to get as many people as possible to try to help me keep this monster in jail. His father’s house, the same house he spent a year at on house arrest, will probably be where he will stay if released. The entrance of that neighborhood is less than a mile from my house. I cannot stand the thought of him being in such close proximity to my family. It makes my stomach turn. I now have a 2 year old daughter who I will protect with everything in me. We need to bond together to keep him in jail away from anyone that he can do harm to again. I ask that you please sign this petition to keep this monster behind bars for the entire 20 year sentence. Thank you for your support! -Her family and friends  Here are some news articles of you would like more information about the case.     

Ashley Wolfe
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Petition to Ralph S. Northam, Adrianne Bennett

Parole for Lars Hanson

At 17, Lars Hanson committed a crime and was sentenced to prison. As a kid, he had a hard adjustment in prison and had to learn quickly how to defend himself. He became hardened. At 22, he went in front of the parole board and voiced to them about the violence he had been subjected to and his concerns for being paroled. They paroled him anyway with no preparation for adjusting to life outside of prison and no strong support system. Please keep in mind that he was incarcerated as an adult during his formative years. Six months after being paroled he was faced with his first altercation since being out. He responded in the way he learned to do in prison, with violence. He stabbed the person and this person died as a result.    Lars does not deny what happened and he takes responsibility for his actions. At trial, he was found guilty and during sentencing, the jury asked the judge how much time would Lars have to serve before he was paroled for a 20, 30, and 40 year sentence?  The judge responded by telling the jurors that they should not concern themselves with mandatory minimums or parole. The jury sentenced Lars to Life without knowing or being informed that parole had been abolished in Virginia two years prior. So unknowingly, the jury sentenced Lars to Life without Parole. Is this the sentence they intended for him?  Prior to the abolishment of parole, a Life sentence would have made Lars eligible for parole after serving 15 years.    In 2000 an inmate, Fishback, took his case where his jury wasn’t informed about the abolishment of parole, to the Supreme Court and won. It was then ordered that not informing the jury was unconstitutional and deprived them of necessary information in which to make an informed decision on sentencing. Unfortunately, the court did not make this retroactive. All inmates between 1995 and 2000 are now considered “Fishback” inmates and the state of Virginia has yet to pass legislation to correct the miscarriage of justice.    Lars Hanson is now 46 and has served 24 years. He has over 20 years without any incidences of violence. He has voluntarily taken self improvement courses, he has taken a trade school course, he has rehabilitated himself. He is no longer the young impulsive kid that he was. He now has a strong support system outside of prison and a solid plan to reintegrate into society. We aren’t asking for Lars to be automatically set free, we are asking that he be given the opportunity to show how he has grown and is ready to be free.  We are asking that he be given the sentence that the jury handed to him...Life with no mention of “without parole”.  We are requesting that Lars Hanson be eligible for parole. 

Cherie Porter
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