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Petition to Carl E. Heastie

Support Reintroduced Bill Number A2350/S2997 now known as "Lorraine's Law"

The petition supports the Bill being reintroduced for the 3rd year - Bill Number A2350/S2997 now known as "Lorraine's Law", named after Lorraine Miranda who was brutally killed by her fiancee. This petition is to support all the families that have been impacted by murder and have or will be facing Parole hearings. We will continue to keep support this Bill and keep this petition open for hopes that this year the Bill will be passed. Dori and I, along with our local Assemblyman Phil Palmesano are still working towards the passing of this proposed Bill. We still feel this is a Bill that needs to become law. We hope that all the support this petition has received so far and will continue to receive will help with Lorraine and Derrick's cause and all those that share our situation. The new proposed Bill will narrow terminology about what is a violent offense.  The following information is still relevant to the Bill. The Bill has been amended. Currently, parole hearings can be scheduled every twenty-four months. In many cases, especially those involving heinous acts of violence, parole will be denied numerous times. Each time an inmate is considered for parole, the victim's family is required to testify before the Parole Board, pleading for parole denial and reliving the horror. The Legislators feel strongly that in instances where the Parole Board is confident that parole will not be granted for a period of five years, that they should have the discretion to set parole hearings for any date within those five years. In Lorraine Miranda and Derrick Robie's memory, and all the families that deal with Parole, we are in support of this Bill and it needs to be passed. Please consider signing and sharing with as many as possible in New York State.

Dale Robie
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Petition to Mike DeWine

Voices for Mackenzie Basham

My daughter Mackenzie Basham pled guilty to 9 counts of burglary in August 2014. She was advised by her attorney to take a deal unethically. She was 19, with a prior of 2 seat belt violations at time of arrest. Allen County Sheriff Samuel A. Crish made a statement publicly of others involved in these crimes in May 2014. No other persons were brought in on any charges associated with this case.Allen County Prosecutor, Juergen A. Waldick, also knew of others involved in these crimes.The head Crime scene investigator on her case was police sergeant Fredrick DePalma. DePalma, 49, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2015 for 35 counts of theft in office and 24 counts of tampering with evidence. He committed the police misconduct on cases in 2014.  DePalma signed every single piece of evidence in Mackenzie's discovery packet against her in 2014. Mackenzie admitted to having stolen property in her apartment and car and being paid to take it to pawn shops. The sentencing judge said aloud that drugs and the "wrong" crowd had put Mackenzie in this situation. In a courtroom full of Mackenzie's family and friends, not one official of Allen County said a word as she pled guilty out of pure fear to every single one of these crimes alone. That would mean 9 burglaries in 3 days, done by one 19 year old girl. She was given a 14 year sentence.  Mackenzie had a 2 year old baby at the time of sentencing, he is now 4 1/2. Please help me be a voice to get Mackenzie a shorter sentence so she can be reunited with her son before 2028. In 2028 her son will be 17 years old, and my daughter will be 34 years old. She has served enough time for her involvement in these crimes and has learned a very difficult lesson. She is now drug free and ready to have a second chance on life. She is a loving mother and a beautiful caring person. She is ready to function in society in a positive way now at 22 years old.  Please help me be her voice on the outside by signing this petition. My goal is to get Mackenzie a commutation of her sentence. This would make her sentence shorter and give an encouraging light at the end of the tunnel for our family who loves her so much. Positive letters of support for Mackenzie can be sent to: Ohio Parole Board Mackenzie Basham #090219 770 West Broad St, Columbus Ohio 43222.

Judy Frisby
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Petition to Arkansas, Arkansas Parole Board

Support the Parole of Derrick Witherspoon

To all my fellow family, friends, and plethora of supporters the time has finally come. It has been a long time coming (17 and a half years and counting) and you have been there for me every step of the way. Words will never be able to express my gratitude for your selfless sacrifices over the years. Truly, I would have never been able to make it this far without your help. Thank you so much for everything. Unfortunately there is one hill remaining to climb. I will be granted a parole board hearing in the up-coming year in which the fate of my freedom will be decided by the state of Arkansas' Parole Board staff. I am persuaded that it will be faire and just, as they have been sworn to do just  that. What I am now asking of you I feel will be of great significance in the decision of the Parole Board. I feel that your signature to this petition will be of great value in showing that despite my current circumstances there are still supporters who believe in me. Your belief in me is also belief that the state of Arkansas has assisted in my rehabilitation and correction in my character flaw. Your belief also is that the Justice System does work and will work for those who allow the system to help change them. Although our system isn't perfect, there is still hope that it will one day get better. Fortunately for me the system assisted tremendously in helping me find new meaning, purpose, and a new way of living.  When I was incarcerated at 17 years of age I was full of ignorance and lacked much needed wisdom. There needed to be intervention of some sort before I completely destroyed my life. By the grace of God a great change came over me. Since then I have been able to live with purpose, meaning, and true direction. I give God the ultimate credit, but it was also God who placed all of you in my life. Once again, thank you so much for all you have done over the years. Let us once again demonstrate a one-ness in showing not only the Parole Board, but people in general that we never give up on one another. We are there to lift each other up when they are down, to fight with them when they are backed into a corner, and are willing to help at all cost. You are the embodiment of true love. Please support me and my transition back into society. God Bless You!  

Nicole Blakely
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