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Petition to State Representative and Township Supervisors

Local Community Petitioning to Save Recreational Area

This petition is solely intended to request a fair lease that would reflect the previous lease WITHOUT limitations that were presented by the Aultman VFD. Limitations include, limited recreational use of the top field where the new trail is, having to submit any future improvements to the Aultman VFD for a vote, it was stated the field needs to be left open for gun bash parking and life flight landing zone. We understand the concern for life flight to have access to this field but, we are also aware of other life flight landing areas around the Aultman area within the same distance from 286 that are just as easily accessible. So to "reserve" the property as a permanent and regular landing zone to only transport patients to the Aultman field is unnecessary. Many residents have expressed safety concerns with life flight landing in such a closed community so close to houses. We are petitioning to have a fair park lease drawn up that reflects the previous lease that has no limitations. We do not feel that it is fair that the community should lose privileges to the track for gun bash parking that happens 2 times a year and for the occasional need for life flight. This is not fair to our community and the children of the community. Behind the fire hall would be sufficient ( once cleared and graveled to the tree line) if the hall would abide by the capacity limitations. We also feel it is unfair for a group of "volunteers" to dictate how a lease is drawn up on land they do not personally own. We are NOT against the fire hall and it's functions as they are here to protect and serve the community. Action Petitioned For: We the undersigned are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to ensure the residents are not restricted using property that was originally intended for recreational purposes. Thank you

Aultman Residents
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Petition to Barbara Delgleize, Billy O'Connell, Mike Posey, Erik Peterson, Lyn Semeta, Patrick Brenden, Fred Wilson, Denny Bacon, Travis Hopkins, Jill Hardy

Tell HB leadership to stop using toxic pesticides in our parks

[UPDATE: On May 1, HB City Council directed staff to test non-toxic methods in Central Park West and report back to Council with results and recommendations on August 7. Please sign the petition to show Council that you support expanding the program and making it permanent.] Did you know that Huntington Beach's parks, athletic fields, sidewalks, trails and greenbelts are frequently sprayed with toxic chemicals? Toxic pesticides and herbicides have been shown to lower IQ, cause cancer, damage developing reproductive organs, and cause other significant harm. In March 2016, the World Health Organization declared that glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, probably causes cancer in humans. Despite this grave warning, the City of Huntington Beach and HOA landscaping companies continue to spray RoundUp in the places where our children play sports such as soccer and baseball, roll in the grass, and do all the other things kids like to do. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that there is no safe level of pesticide or herbicide exposure for children. They are toxic chemicals -- poisons created to kill. They are dangerous for all living things, including adults and pregnant women, and are particularly dangerous for a child’s developing organ systems. Why are our children being subjected to these risks? For cosmetic landscaping purposes -- namely, to kill weeds. Dandelions do not pose a risk to children, but 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid does. 2,4-D is one of the key ingredients in Agent Orange, and is another one of many pesticides frequently used for cosmetic landscaping in Huntington Beach. This includes the sports fields, parks, and common areas where children play. This harmful toxic response is disproportionate to the cosmetic problem. You and your family can still be affected even if the chemicals are not sprayed on your street. Pesticides have been shown to drift for miles and can persist in indoor carpet fibers for a year after they are tracked inside. The U.S. Geological Survey found that, “After they are applied, many pesticides volatilize into the lower atmosphere, a process that can continue for days, weeks, or months after the application, depending on the compound. In addition, pesticides can become airborne attached to wind-blown dust.”  In clay soils like ours, the half-life of glyphosate can be as long as 22 years. Also alarming, the interactions between the many chemicals being sprayed near our homes and in our parks are unknown. According to David Bellinger, professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, “Impacts from multiple chemicals may simply add up, amplify one another's effects.” By allowing children to be exposed to chemicals of unknown toxicity, we are unwittingly using our children in a massive experiment. The place to start is with easily substituted chemicals that have only cosmetic value, like weedkillers in our parks. This issue affects every person and pet in Huntington Beach. We are asking the City Council, School Boards, and HOA landscaping company leaders to immediately stop the use of all toxic pesticides and herbicides, and to switch to proven organic methods that are cost comparable and require 30% less water. This has already been accomplished in Irvine with great success. And San Juan Capistrano's council voted unanimously in April 2017 to follow Irvine's proven example. Harvard University also successfully switched to a non-toxic landscaping alternative. Cities across the U.S. are banning the use of toxic pesticides, and we would like to see Huntington Beach join in this endeavor. City staff will report to the Council ever three months on the progress of its non-toxic pilot program in Central Park West. They need to hear from all of us that we are no less concerned about our health and safety than the people of Irvine and San Juan Capistrano. Please sign this petition to tell our city's leaders that you want them to stop using toxic pesticides at our parks, schools, and public spaces, and to implement only organic practices. For more information, please visit our website – Thanks, Tim, Andi, Ashley, Karen, Rob, Mary Jo, Linda, Randy, and the rest of us P.S. Please watch this video, Little Things Matter, to learn how toxins damage the developing brain.

Huntington Beach Tomorrow
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Petition to Peter Kremer, David Maffei, Shirley Turner, Brian Hughes, Kevin Nerwinski, Christina Hultholm, Shiela Grant, Joseph Blaney, Samuel Pangaldi, Charles E. Lavine, Bruce Kmosko, Jeffrey Johnson, Christopher Bobbitt, James S. Kownacki, Cathleen M. Lewis, Michael S. Powers, Elizabeth Muoio, Reed Gusciora, Pat Colavita, Jr., Lucylle Walter, Ann Cannon, John Cimino, Samuel Frisby, Andrew Koontz, Anthony Verrelli, Linda Greenstein

Save Colonial Lake, Reject the Hotel Project

We the People who cherish and hold dear Colonial Lake Park – established with great foresight with State of New Jersey Green Acres Funding decades ago -- hereby petition the Lawrence Township Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Lawrence Township Council to reject plans to clear cut 8 acres of prized woodland to build a three-story, 126-room extended stay hotel adjacent to the park. This development and hotel by Woodspring Suites would be extremely detrimental to the health of the lake and the park’s ecosystem while obliterating its prized viewshed. Instead, we call upon the Township to pool its special Open Space Fund (created by the People when they voted years ago to tax themselves for this very purpose), together with state Green Acres funds and whatever other conservation resources are available to purchase this vitally important woodland in order to protect this jewel of the Lawrence Township park system and the greater Trenton area for generations to come.

Casey Hooker
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