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Petition to Donald Licklider, Don Schwaab, Janet Kolb, Mike Padella, Len Pagano, Don Aytes, Patrick Barclay, Mike Elam

Keep Our Kids Safe: Support Improvements to Sammelman Road, Weldon Springs, MO

We are starting this petition to protect our citizens. I recently witnessed three girls, ranging from 7-10 years old, trying to stay on their bikes while riding down the steep grade in the grass next to Sammelman Road. At the end was the busy intersection at Pitman Hill. It is a treacherous path that children should not be taking but are doing so to get to the newly constructed Veteran's Tribute Park. Sammelman Road in the City of Weldon Springs is a two-lane road from Pitman Hill Road to Winterfield Drive. Winterfield Drive is in The Highlands subdivision which is within the city limits of St. Peters and Sammelman Road is the primary access for The Highlands. Sammelman Road also provides the only access for the City of Weldon Spring subdivisions of Lucerne Manor, Renaissance Place, and Ehlmann Farms. The Average Daily Traffic is 2043 vehicles per day as counted on September of 2014 and includes school buses for the Francis Howell School District. The traffic has increased after the addition of new home construction from Ehlmann Farms which broke ground in 2016.  Sammelman Road has two sharp curves, a steep grade towards the Pitman Hill Road intersection, overgrown land adjacent to it, and no shoulder or sidewalk. Minor improvements to this road have been made. However, the majority of this road is currently in need of upgrades. This road is the only paved access from many subdivisions and is dangerous to drive as well as unsafe to walk. Recently, St. Charles County opened Veteran's Tribute Park on Pitman Hill Road. This 120-acre park is a destination playground for children of all abilities encompasses social/emotional, physical, sensory, cognitive, and communication development. It includes walking and biking trails, two lakes, an off-leash dog park, three open-play fields, and picnic shelters. It is a fantastic park that people want to access but cannot without driving at this time.  Yet, our residents, primarily children, are braving Sammelman's hazardous conditions anyways.  We learned that a funding proposal to upgrade Sammelman was rejected twice. We want to show support of this project and impress the need for our safety. It would be a shame if something terrible happened to a child before the City of Weldon Springs took action. We hope all of the relevant government agencies work together to get this moving. After all, it affects residents from all of their jurisdictions. We need to fast-track funding and at a minimum build a sidewalk or walking trail parallel to Sammelman road so that our residents can take full advantage of the park and its amenities without concerns for their safety.  Walk Sammelman via Google Earth:,-90.62944399,163.79603092a,974.22078903d,35y,261.04162177h,0t,0r/data=ClIaUBJICiUweDg3ZGVkNWQwOGNlZjY2MzU6MHg0MDI4ODc1MDc2YmRmMTIzGeomjMEeXUNAIeQJKeRvqFbAKg1TYW1tZWxtYW5uIFJkGAEgASgC

Joanne Worobec
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Petition to Commissioners

Save Navarre Beach Marine Park From Development

A development company is planning to build a hotel complex on a 5.74-acre privately owned parcel in the MIDDLE the county-owned Navarre Beach Marine Park!  The parcel is currently zoned commercial which would allow a marina to be built but developers want to construct a restaurant, RVs, kayak rentals and a hotel located in the MIDDLE of the four pavilions in Navarre Beach Marine Park east of Navarre bridge on the barrier island. However, they will need a lease amendment to allow construction of a facility other than a three-story 50-foot by 200-foot metal dry-storage marina, which was drawn into the 50-year lease.  This will need to be approved by Santa Rosa Board of Commissioners. Several years ago concerned citizens created the Navarre Beach Master Plan to protect Navarre Beach’s fragile barrier island from over development in certain areas that needed special consideration. The Navarre Beach Marine Park is certainly an area that continues to need that special protection from residential development. The Master Plan was designed to protect the coastal barrier system and is compatible with both human population and shorebird nesting areas for our black skimmers, least terns, plovers and other habitat. The Black Skimmers (a State Species of Special Concern) teach their young to fish in this area and Least Terns and Plovers nest in this area. Florida Fish and Wildlife have been contacted and while a hotel would not be illegal, they would have an impact on the birds protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  The infrastructure is not capable of handling sewer, drainage and water for a hotel building in this area.  In addition, a hotel, rentals of kayaks, paddle boards and RVs in the middle of this pristine, peaceful setting will ruin the mood of this Navarre treasure. The park is zoned as a public park for recreation and conservation for humans, shorebirds and other habitat and should remain as such. The potential tax revenues should not influence this decision.  The western section of Navarre Beach allows for limited development and is zoned for low residential and high density buildings which is much more suitable for this type of venture. We are very much opposed to this development WITHIN the Navarre Beach Marine Park because of the unfavorable impacts it will create. This proposed development should never be allowed in the Navarre Beach Marine Park. NEVER!  Listen to the people, not the almighty dollar!!  

Nancy Forester
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Petition to U.S National Park Services

Don't Ban Sports & Recreation on the National Mall

There are few things more American or uniquely DC than playing a recreational sport in the shadow of the Washington Monument or the National Capitol Building. Unfortunately, the National Park Service (NPS) has proposed a ban on all sporting and recreational activity along the National Mall from 3rd to 17th Streets.  The ban includes eliminating currently permitted softball fields around the Washington Monument grounds and the first-come, first-served policy on the plots from 3rd-14th Streets.  The proposed policy is an extreme position and massive change from long standing practice. Among the NPS-cited concerns, their primary reason offered thus far for the total ban is the perceived impact sports and recreation might have on the recently installed grass turf.   Context:The total ban is antithetical to the purpose of the Mall.  Through the inception of the National Mall dating back to the L'Enfant plan of 1791 and the redesign by the McMillan Commission of 1901, a main intention of the Mall is to serve area citizens and the city by providing open recreation space. The National Mall represents the vast majority of open grass space in the city and is often cited as a contributing factor to the city’s frequent ranking as a best place to live or fittest communities.  The NPS over the past 2 years has already successfully managed preservation of the newly installed turf along the Mall by resting sections when necessary and working with local stakeholders.  At its peak recreational sports typically use portions of the Mall merely 4 workdays a week during a 3-4-hour early evening time frame and light use of some weekends.  This small time frame represents, at most, a moderate use of the Mall but has an over-sized impact on creating a foundation of well being for the city. Even those who do not regularly participate in the games, tourist and local residents alike, will often stop to watch the activity and reflect positively on the games and at times, join in themselves.  The NPS ban would dampen the vibrancy of the City by directly restricting access of tens of thousands of area residents and touching a much larger number of people through its negative impact on health and wellness and the local economy.  Exacerbated by an existing shortage of available play space throughout the city, the NPS ban would further stress the existing limited resources of the city and restrict groups like Congressional Softball, Senate Softball, House Softball, Flag Football, Soccer, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Bocce, Kickball and others that have become a DC institution and part of the fabric of the city.  While maintenance of the turf is certainly a worthy priority we do not believe it should be put above the recreational, health and economic needs and interests of area citizens.  This uniquely Washington DC, and indeed American, Institution must preserved. Our Position:Access to 3rd to 17th streets should remain open for sports and recreation as it is vital to the vibrancy and health of the city. We seek a dialogue with the National Park Service and other stakeholders to solve this impasse of access to the open space between 3rd-17th Streets.  We are ready to collaborate with the NPS to establish best practices that balance the need for recreation and the integrity of the Mall turf. Please help us maintain access and recreation on the National Mall by signing this petition and spreading the word.  You can get more information and learn about ways you can help at - A Coalition of stakeholders, concerned citizens and players on the National MallSUPPORTERS: Congressional Softball, DC Chamber of Commerce, United Fray, Social Sports Foundation

Robert Kinsler
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Petition to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, Arthur Williams

Create a Park in Journal Square (Jersey City)

Kids need a place to play, to run and jump and have adventures. This isn’t just a cherished childhood memory many of us hold dear; it’s science. For children, play is associated with positive cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development. In August 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a recommendation for their providers to “prescribe” play for children they see – encouraging parents and other adults in a child’s life to play with them, particularly unstructured play where we can follow a child’s lead. For the children of Jersey City’s growing Journal Square neighborhood, these opportunities are hard to come by. While Jersey City boasts an array of play spaces, ball fields, and open green spaces, none are in the heart of the city. Lincoln Park, Pershing Field, Berry Lane,Liberty State Park...these fantastic public spaces are all a mile or more from JSQ, well beyond the half a mile walk that play advocacy group KaBoom! recommends. While the City invests resources in developing residential units in Journal Square, it seems this neighborhood qualifies as a “play desert” - robbing current and future resident children of opportunities they need to stay healthy and thrive. Journal Square itself is already a hub of activity for this neighborhood. From summer music in the station to the twice-a-week farmer’s market,  the plaza around the PATH station is a thriving community space. On any given day, you can see residents enjoying time outside before boarding trains; on summer evenings, the open plaza at the top of the escalators is particularly popular for kids and their parents looking for a space to run. We propose that the various stakeholders of this property - the City of Jersey City, the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, and the private real estate developers - collaborate to turn a portion of this property into a public park. Parks, playgrounds, and greenspaces are essential to a thriving mixed-used community, an asset for residents and for local businesses. For the health of the neighborhood and the well-being of our residents, we call on the City to prioritize a park in the heart of Journal Square.  

Megan Carolan
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