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Petition to Kim McMillan, Wallace Redd, Valerie Guzman, Wanda Smith, Geno Grubbs, Joel Wallace, Mike Alexander, Bill Powers, Jeff Burkhart, David Allen, Deanna McLaughlin, James Lewis, Lance Baker

North Clarksville Community Center & Athletic Complex

Clarksville is a rapidly growing community that has a prime opportunity to provide services and resources to the diverse citizens that contribute to its tax base. Despite the Tiny Town area being the fastest growing area in Clarksville, it lacks the attention that other areas in our community have received.  It has been said by elected officials that; "Most citizens in that area are military affiliated and can access the resources of Ft Campbell, Kentucky."  This petition calls upon elected officials to realize that while a good portion of the population of this town may be military affiliated, we live and pay our taxes in Clarksville and deserve to have the City provide amenities to support our side of town.  Secondly, Clarksville has not built a community center since the 1980s, yet our population has practically double in sized.  With only three community centers in Clarksville and two of them being on the South side, it is evidently time to build another one in North Clarksville.  The attendance numbers of the single community center in North Clarksville has attendance numbers that are substantially higher then the other two community centers. Tiny Town Road has enough land available to build a community center with basketball courts, pool, football fields, lacrosse, rugby, softball, tennis, and soccer fields that could make it a true Athletic Complex that caters to the various recreational interest of a very diverse community.  The Tiny Town Road location also has the infrastructure to support the traffic caused by the people seeking to enjoy the complex with a great mixture of restaurants, convenience stores, and service stations to serve local and traveling teams coming to compete in tournaments. There are also residential neighborhoods close enough for the community to easily access the complex in addition to its close proximity to several elementary, middle, and high schools.   I have lived in the Tiny Town area since 1993 and have only seen more houses and businesses being built with only one new City recreational project, the Robert Clark Park Blueway.  I believe that it is time for the City to make a significant investment in North Clarksville. An investment that has the potential to enhance the quality of life and serve as an economic stimulator for our community.  Privately developed improved property increases tax revenue without a tax increase. If you support a Community Center/Athletic Complex in the Tiny Town Road area, please sign this petition.  Thank you very much!

Richard Garrett
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Petition to Taunton City Council, Mayor of Taunton, City of Taunton Parks, Cemeteries & Public Grounds Dept.

Revitalize Memorial Park

We, the Members of Taunton's Memorial Park Revitalization Project, would like to see the following changes made in an effort to help improve our Memorial Park. We understand that the city has recently received $80,000 for improvements to the park, and feel that the following improvements would help to revitalize the park, and make it a point of pride within our community once again.   1. Explore and implement the addition of a well and/or water pump to help keep the pond at sufficient level throughout the year. We would like to see something similar to Easton’s Yardley-Wood Ice Rink established on the pond if possible. This winter time attraction has the potential to generate revenue for the city during the winter months and increase usage of the park. 2. Establish a community garden and small fruit-tree orchard on the park. The large open space abutting Orchard St. could be a potential location of a garden area, and the area around the park is heavily populated. Offering a space for residents to grow food and subsidize their food budget is a critical improvement that we feel will dramatically improve our community’s health and our environment, while also increasing the public's use of the park. 3. Find a creative reuse for the storage building by the pond. The current storage use for Pop Warner football teams is an inconsistent use of the space that does not help improve our park. We need to first identify a new storage location for the football teams. If the building was instead used to facilitate ice skate rentals during the winter, storage for a community garden space, or boating/fishing rental and supply during the warmer months, we feel that this would be a better use of the building. 4. Installation of appropriate signage to deter feeding of animals and reduce the population of Canadian geese on the pond. We would also be open to the idea of partnering with the City to start a nonprofit organization to help assist in these projects, by reducing some of the staffing and financial burdens from Parks, Cemeteries & Public Grounds Department. Thank you for listening to our concerns, and we hope that these suggestions guide your decision making for improving our park.  Sincerely, Memorial Park Revitalization Project

Memorial Park Revitalization Project
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Petition to Renae Clark

Stop removal of waterfall at 54th and Arden

I have enjoyed many of my summer days Tubing, Kayaking and Fishing at the Rapids at the intersection of Arden Park and 54th street. These days may soon come to an end for myself and all the other kids and adults that enjoy the rapids the way they are. The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District would like to remove the rapids and alter the path of the creek.  From Stan Davis - Last night a meeting was held to discuss plans for changes to arden park that would include removal of the falls at 54th and creating a meandering creek within the park such that the creek would flow smoothly under the bridge. this would in effect destroy the fishing hole that has occurred past the current falls that many kids and adults are enjoying. I have never seen so many fishermen at this spot in the 20 years I have lived on the creek. my concern goes further than this though. we were told at the meeting that this was initiated by the Minnehaha Watershed, as opposed to the City of Edina and that it was necessary to bring the creek back to its original flow as it had been straightened out "in the 50's". when confronted that there were aerial shots from the 30s that showed the creek being straight, the presenter admitted that she didn't know when the creek was straightened. it is obvious the creek has always been straight there as the high bluff sits along the west side of Arden Park in a straight fashion. also we were told that by some measurement, the creek was not healthy enough because there were not enough fish in it. by meandering the creek, the outside parts of the creek would become deeper and accomodate more fish is what we were told. I have no reason to doubt this. but there are plenty of fish in the creek. this is self evident by the number of predators of fish now very common on the creek..heron, egrets, and man/boys and girls. I've added an unbelievable picture of a fish taken out of the fishing hole last year. there will be trees removed to accomodate the new path of the creek. anytime trees are removed from a body of water it opens up the area so that geese may get to that water. this would in turn keep the wood ducks away. the area in south arden park is heavily used by nesting wood ducks. geese will not only change the fauna but will bring the poop, and hissing at little kids and dogs. arden park simply needs to have some simple things done to improve it. remove much of the buckthorn so that there are better views of the creek. open up some small vistas at certain areas with benches to create places to ponder and relax. improve paths and create others that people think are a good idea. and lastly if interested, remove the current warming house and build a better one that can be used year round. some of the above ideas are in the proposal. but ultimately to my eye it does too much and will destroy much of the enjoyment the park brings at present. someone has got it in their mind that we need to make the creek conform to some distant metric about fish numbers. the concept was obviously misrepresented to those at the meeting last night. how many waterfalls do we have? how much fishing do we have? again as someone living on the creek the last 20 years there is plenty of flora and fauna in arden park and minnehaha creek in this area. you just have to know how to look. the Watershed people and the Parks and Rec people want to create some kind of Disney "It's a Small World" ride through Arden Park, all in the name of making it more green. it's a false premise.

The People
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