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Petition to Evanston City Council, Robert Crown Center

Support the Evanston NorthShore SpeedSkating Club

I support the reinstatement of the Evanston NorthShore SpeedSkating Club on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-7pm. The ENSSC is a valuable resource for the City of Evanston and should continue to grow its services to children and adults at the Robert Crown Center. The ENSSC needs your help! Since the Robert Crown Ice Rink opened in 1974, speedskating has been a regular feature of the Evanston Community, providing fun and competitive training for anyone who is interested in the sport (even an olympic gold medalist!). Please sign the petition to let the City of Evanston know that you support our efforts to reinstate the club's skating program at the 6-7pm time slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays. FAQ 1. Speedskating sounds great! How do I sign up to join the club? First off, please sign the petition to ensure that the club times will be available when the regular season starts in September. Ready to start now? Come to our summer hours, Thursdays from 6:15 - 7:30 at Robert Crown. Any age and skating level is welcome, we have skates for you, and your first session is free. 2. I don't get it? Why are the specific times so important? Like any sport, the key to success is regular practice and coaching. In the past three years the growth of the club and the success of its skaters has been jeopardized due to the irregular times and days assigned to us at the Robert Crown Center. To grow the club, best support our skaters and remain competitive with other regional clubs, we need the Tuesday /Thursday 6-7pm slot that the club held for decades. 3. I love speedskating, but want to enjoy it from a seated position You're in luck, it's an Olympic year! The winter Olympics take place February, 2018 in South Korea. The ENSSC will be hosting a watching party to cheer on our own Shani Davis from Evanston - stay tuned for details.

Anne Nicklin
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Petition to Kim McMillan, Wallace Redd, Valerie Guzman, Wanda Smith, Geno Grubbs, Joel Wallace, Mike Alexander, Bill Powers, Jeff Burkhart, David Allen, Deanna McLaughlin, James Lewis, Lance Baker

North Clarksville Community Center & Athletic Complex

Clarksville is a rapidly growing community that has a prime opportunity to provide services and resources to the diverse citizens that contribute to its tax base. Despite the Tiny Town area being the fastest growing area in Clarksville, it lacks the attention that other areas in our community have received.  It has been said by elected officials that; "Most citizens in that area are military affiliated and can access the resources of Ft Campbell, Kentucky."  This petition calls upon elected officials to realize that while a good portion of the population of this town may be military affiliated, we live and pay our taxes in Clarksville and deserve to have the City provide amenities to support our side of town.  Secondly, Clarksville has not built a community center since the 1980s, yet our population has practically double in sized.  With only three community centers in Clarksville and two of them being on the South side, it is evidently time to build another one in North Clarksville.  The attendance numbers of the single community center in North Clarksville has attendance numbers that are substantially higher then the other two community centers. Tiny Town Road has enough land available to build a community center with basketball courts, pool, football fields, lacrosse, rugby, softball, tennis, and soccer fields that could make it a true Athletic Complex that caters to the various recreational interest of a very diverse community.  The Tiny Town Road location also has the infrastructure to support the traffic caused by the people seeking to enjoy the complex with a great mixture of restaurants, convenience stores, and service stations to serve local and traveling teams coming to compete in tournaments. There are also residential neighborhoods close enough for the community to easily access the complex in addition to its close proximity to several elementary, middle, and high schools.   I have lived in the Tiny Town area since 1993 and have only seen more houses and businesses being built with only one new City recreational project, the Robert Clark Park Blueway.  I believe that it is time for the City to make a significant investment in North Clarksville. An investment that has the potential to enhance the quality of life and serve as an economic stimulator for our community.  Privately developed improved property increases tax revenue without a tax increase. If you support a Community Center/Athletic Complex in the Tiny Town Road area, please sign this petition.  Thank you very much!

Richard Garrett
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