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Petition to Mayor Ted Wheeler, CommiAmanda Fritz, Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, Commissioner Nick Fish, Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Save Portland Community Centers

1.    Portland Parks and Recreation does not agree with the cuts. Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) was asked to cut 5% from their 2018-19 budget. In response, PP&R delivered a list of prioritized cuts with a letter that stated, "We are united in our belief that we do not support the City taking more than 1% of the reductions offered." Any further cuts "dig deep into core PP&R services and values [and] have significant service-level impacts for the public." 2.    We need more time to solve the problem Even the Friends of Woodstock Community Center, which has supported operations through a contract with the City since 2004, was not given notice of any financial troubles or the proposed closure before it went public. Had we been notified at the beginning of the fiscal year that there would be a deficit, we could have mobilized to raise funds and find ways to increase revenue. 3.    Three out of five closures are coming out of the Southeast Who is looking out for our community? According the budget process webpage, not one of the PP&R Budget Advisory committee members represents the Southeast. 4.    Community Centers house affordable, local preschools. PP&R preschools serve families that rely on quality early education for their young children that is low-cost and easy to get to. Studies show that early childhood education has long-reaching effects that benefit the community as a whole. With the recent influx of families with young children and expectations for more to come, what is the plan to accommodate these needs? 5.    Community Centers serve surrounding neighborhoods too Woodstock Community Center draws participants from Brentwood Darlington and Lents. Sellwood and Hillside serve surrounding neighborhoods in the same way. The City of Portland has committed heavily to investing in neighborhood involvement and developing 20-minute neighborhoods, but a budget cut causing closures to community centers is counterproductive to this goal. 6.    Indoor spaces matter A community thrives on public spaces. While Portlanders clearly enjoy their outdoor spaces for recreation, the indoor spaces are equally important, particularly for families and seniors. Community centers like Woodstock, Sellwood, Hillside, Fulton, and even the Laurelhurst Dance Studio fully represent the mission of Portland Parks and Recreation to "help Portlanders play - providing the safe places, facilities, and programs which promote physical, mental, and social activity," and they should be maintained as such.

Friends of the Woodstock Community Center
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Petition to State Representative and Township Supervisors

Local Community Petitioning to Save Recreational Area

This petition is solely intended to request a fair lease that would reflect the previous lease WITHOUT limitations that were presented by the Aultman VFD. Limitations include, limited recreational use of the top field where the new trail is, having to submit any future improvements to the Aultman VFD for a vote, it was stated the field needs to be left open for gun bash parking and life flight landing zone. We understand the concern for life flight to have access to this field but, we are also aware of other life flight landing areas around the Aultman area within the same distance from 286 that are just as easily accessible. So to "reserve" the property as a permanent and regular landing zone to only transport patients to the Aultman field is unnecessary. Many residents have expressed safety concerns with life flight landing in such a closed community so close to houses. We are petitioning to have a fair park lease drawn up that reflects the previous lease that has no limitations. We do not feel that it is fair that the community should lose privileges to the track for gun bash parking that happens 2 times a year and for the occasional need for life flight. This is not fair to our community and the children of the community. Behind the fire hall would be sufficient ( once cleared and graveled to the tree line) if the hall would abide by the capacity limitations. We also feel it is unfair for a group of "volunteers" to dictate how a lease is drawn up on land they do not personally own. We are NOT against the fire hall and it's functions as they are here to protect and serve the community. Action Petitioned For: We the undersigned are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to ensure the residents are not restricted using property that was originally intended for recreational purposes. Thank you

Aultman Residents
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