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Stop Timber Rattlesnake Quabbin Island Project/DCR Accountability to Taxpayers

Mr. Tom French from The State Department of Fisheries and Wildlife is heading plans to grow a population of timber rattlesnakes, and place them on an island in the Quabbin Reservoir.  Residents and visitors to the Quabbin area are concerned, and object to this project.  Timber rattlesnakes have caused death due to bites.  They are very capable swimmers.  This is not an uninhabited island.  In fact it is inhabited by many protected wildlife.  There is also a small damn which connects only yards to the inland, and a short swim distance of approximately 100 yards to shore.  Many have walked onto this island to explore.  There are also portable toilets placed on this island for boaters and hikers to use with signs for use causing great concern for safety.  Timber Rattlesnakes have been known to travel 4 miles or more from their dens.  There are no medical facilities close by to assist in the event of a bite, and a state police boat would take one hour to reach this location.  This area of "Mt Zion" is accessible via Gate 43, and many hikers frequent this area.  These snakes will have transponders placed on them, which also causes concern for the protected eagles, fox, owls, opossums, etc...which eat Timber rattlesnakes.  They can live for more than 30 years.  They are extremely venomous.  Simple searches for "rattlesnake deaths" in America will demonstrate deaths caused by these snakes, even from a camper simply sitting around a campfire.  No provoking. There are hikers, fishermen, walkers, explorers, children, elderly, and various tourists who enjoy the Quabbin area.  These snakes are capable of swimming off this island.  There are extensive concerns regarding these snakes, their transponders, their tracking history, dangers, destruction of current protected wildlife, and the ability to enjoy the area.  We also feel that residents and others are not being given any voice regarding this project, but rather being given false information regarding this venomous snake.  We object to this project, and ask the State to dismiss this placement, and seek an alternative area or alternate plan other than placing them in and around an area enjoyed by many.  An even larger concern, beyond poisonous snakes, is the DCR decision making process.  Legislative oversight and no responsibility to voters and taxpayers. From closing down parts of the Quabbin to deciding to re-populate these snakes, as well as other decisions which are proving poorly handled.  Leaving nowhere in the process to be responsible to taxpayers.  This overreach of power should not be allowed, and voters should have a voice in this situation, as taxpayer monies are being used.  We, the undersigned, request this plan to be stopped, and further investigation into DCR continued mishandling be performed.

Concerned Citizens
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Petition to Linda Cooper, Rose Harvey, Andrew Cuomo, Michael Grace, Sam Oliverio

Rename the Donald J. Trump State Park to the Pete Seeger State Park

Regardless of political party affiliation, the Donald J. Trump State Parks in Yorktown and Putnam Valley, NY, have been riddled with controversy long before they became parks and long before Trump chose to run for President of the United States. From the day they were dedicated, the Donald J. Trump Park(s) have drawn sharp criticism from not only the citizens of New York State, but from the people living in the towns where the parks are located. In those two towns, the name Donald J. Trump is not celebrated. The communities fought the billionaire developer long and hard to prevent not one, but two, elite golf courses within miles of one another. The golf courses would have burdened private water wells and each had the potential to damage New York City's drinking water because they sat in the New York City Water Basin area. Donald J. Trump and his team of attorneys were aggressive, ruthless and rude in his campaign to turn those large blocks of land into golf courses. When it became obvious he was losing, he and his team vowed to hurt those who spoke out against the project and who successfully blocked its development plan. He did as he promised and took the property off the tax rolls of both towns by way of turning the land over to the state as parkland. The result was that both towns suffered a loss of tax revenue. That was fine with the local folks because the people of the state could use this land freely, or so they thought. Donald J. Trump is not well liked in this area. Even his "gift" was orchestrated to maximize his tax breaks. Many even question the value he placed on the property when taking that break, yet the State of New York honored him by naming the parks after him. Naming a park after a living person, especially one of wealth and power reminds one of how dictators name parks after themselves. Our NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services has a naming policy that should be adopted by all state and local governments. It reads: 6. Parks, features and facilities must not be named after living people (except for facility names currently already recognized by the local community). They may only be named after a deceased person to commemorate a person who contributed significantly to the park or locality in which the facility is situated, such as an explorer, scientist or conservationist, or an Aboriginal person known from the park’s locality. Prior ownership of the land is not in itself grounds for the application of the owner's name to a park or facility. Recently, we lost Pete Seeger an American folk singer, activist born in Patterson NY and who had a dedication to this region. He was heavily involved in protecting the Hudson River and our green space by bringing the human community together to protect, respect and enjoy our environment. We cannot think of a better person more deserving of having a state park named after him than Pete Seeger. Please join with us, not only by supporting BILL NO S06298 (the same as) A08645, but also by renaming these two parks the Pete Seeger State Park.   Thank You The People for the Pete Seeger State ParkRelevant Links:

People for the Pete Seeger State Park
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Do NOT Allow Off-Leash Dog Area at Congress Park

This petition is to show support AGAINST adding an off-leash (dog park) area at Congress Park.   There is not a current plan and parks and rec is not considering a dog park in Congress Park, however there is a petition going around on and facebook in support of adding an off leash dog park, specifically to the South East corner of Congress Park.   There is currently an approved dog park at the new Carla Madison Recreation Center located at Josephine and Colfax, where the old dog park was prior to full construction of the rec center.  This off-leash dog park is less than 1 mile from Congress Park and is within walking distance of the Congress Park neighborhood.  There are several reasons that Congress Park should not be home to an off-leash dog park. Congress Park is not an ideal location for a dog park because it does not have an area available that would be meet the size requirement of a minimum of 1 acre. Also, all enclosed off-leash dog areas must be 100’-0” minimum from a playground or other children’s activities.  Congress Park “is not suitable for an off-leash dog area for multiple reasons, but the primary factor is this field is heavily permitted by Denver Public Schools, various non-profit athletic clubs, Denver Parks and Recreation, as well as private individuals for soccer. This combined with its proximity to non-compatible uses, limited access, inadequate size, more acute service gaps in other City areas, and the lack of funding would prevent this site from being considered as a location for a future dog park.” The Southeast corner of Congress Park is the only inactivated area of the park and should remain so. Presently, Congress Park hosts baseball and soccer fields, tennis, basketball and pickle ball courts, picnic pavilion, children's playground and the swimming pool. The Southeast corner of the park is the only area left for a quiet inactivated experience. All of the neighbors (including myself) that live on the alley way of the South East corner are opposed to an off-leash dog park area and we would be negatively impacted by such a park.  This beautiful sanctuary of mature trees would quickly become an unsightly and unhealthy dirt wasteland of urine and feces.  On a daily basis multiple people use this area for relaxation and recreation.  From yoga and tai chi to slack lining and picnicking, this is a popular area for many people to escape the chaos of city life.       Please support keeping Congress Park a park for all people, including leashed dogs, by signing this petition.  

Matthew Crance
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