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Petition to Mayor Michael Hancock, DIANE BARRETT, Chris Herndon, Albus Brooks, Paul Kashmann, Wayne New, Debbie Ortega, Jolon Clark, Kevin Flynn, Stacie Gilmore, RAFAEL ESPINOZA, MARY BETH SUSMAN, ROBIN KNIECH, PAUL LOPEZ, Happy Haynes, Alan Salazar, John Hickenlooper

SIGN PETITION:Save Denver's Historic City Park Golf Course From Destruction

SIGN PETITION TO STOP DENVER'S MAYOR HANCOCK FROM DESTROYING AN HISTORIC PUBLIC PARK TO PUT IN AN INDUSTRIAL  STORM DRAINAGE  SUMP With NO vote of the people. City Park Golf Course (CPGC) is a part of Denver's "Crown Jewel", City Park. Both are listed on the National & State Registers of Historic Places. Denver's Mayor Hancock wants to destroy historic CPGC to install a 1965-style industrial, storm drainage sump on 50 acres of it. In the process, he proposes to cut down 285+ mature trees and destroy  acres of non renewable top soil and vegetation, the best, natural storm water mitigation system in the world. He would also knock down a popular club house built in  2001. The most affordable course in Denver that has served minority players since 1913, would be closed for at least two years.  He also proposes to install a toxic, dirt ditch in Cole and a large industrial outfall in historic Globeville. Both sites are located in the I-70 / Vasquez Superfund site . Residents will be exposed to toxic pollution when Denver digs in these sites and will be exposed to higher risks of flooding.    WHY? In Denver's race back to 1965, they want to expand polluting Interstate Highway 70 (I70), in minority neighborhoods.  They plan to bury I70, 20 feet below the water table, in a flood plain, next to a river. To keep I70 from flooding,they want to turn the "free land" in City Park Golf Course into a regional storm drainage sump complete with big pipes, trash and toxic water. They want to use neighborhoods regardless of health and safety risks to residents.  Many of the Mayor's backers have also bought land down by the river  for new development. They want the residents of Denver to pick up the tab for their storm drainage  and the price would include destruction of a beloved park. There are much better alternatives.  Runners, walkers, skiers, families, dog walkers and more, all use this peaceful, unfenced, beautiful open space for recreation, peace, relaxation and calm. CPGC affords a natural storm water mitigation system that would be the envy of any progressive city. The Mayor's plan would unfortunately include the loss of hundreds big trees and vegetation that take harmful carbon from the air and provide us with life giving oxygen. Once gone, park land is gone forever. Denver can not afford to lose any more of it's precious park land to unfettered development.  This can not happen. Please sign our petition to tell Mayor Hancock to come up with a solution that does not include the destruction of precious park land or sacrifice our neighborhoods to man made flooding and toxic pollution.     

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Petition to National Park Service - LWCF Division

Save Creve Coeur Lake Park

Imagine 40 acres of Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park converted to a concrete and steel complex operated by private interests for professional sports franchises, colleges and hockey enthusiasts. That is the current proposal for parkland adjacent to Sailboat Cove and the big lake. We support hockey and facilities for its practice, but this project does not belong in this public park. Sign this petition and say no to converting 40 acres of your parkland to a 250,000 square foot, 4,500 seat multi-story hockey complex with 1,000+ parking spaces. With over 1 million users annually, Creve Coeur Park is a precious gem for our region. We love it because it is a quiet space to enjoy the water, birds, trees, and natural environment. We use it for biking, birding, running, and boating. Converting 40 acres of Creve Coeur Lake Park to an indoor sports complex will only increase noise, light, traffic, and obstruct the views for those currently using the park. Neither the public in general nor the County taxpayers specifically were given a chance to vote on this giveaway of public park land. Sign this petition and show your elected officials and the park department that you don’t want this facility in Creve Coeur Lake Park. Flooding is a problem inside Creve Coeur Park. Twice in just the last 18 months, major portions of the Park have been under water, including the proposed site and Marine Avenue, the road that will be used to access the complex. Developers promise they can elevate the buildings above future floods, but the fill required will only displace more water leading to increased flooding in other areas of the park. Sign this petition and say YES to Creve Coeur Park and NO to the proposal to convert 40 acres of public parkland to an indoor sports complex. If you love Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park the way it is, speak up!   Are you a park user?  Please use this form  to submit comments on the proposed St. Louis Ice Center, to be built in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park.  Be specific about how you use the park (biking, walking, sailing, etc.) and your concerns about the proposed development.

Creve Coeur Park Coalition
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Petition to Bill Clarkson, Dave Hudson, Harry Sachs, Phil O'Loane, Scott Perkins

Stop the Sale of Mudd's Beautiful Land

Neighbors, Our City Council recently voted, behind closed doors and without a public hearing, to continue negotiations to sell one of the most beautiful pieces of land in San Ramon—the site of the old Mudd's Restaurant. There is no other spot in San Ramon that is so wild and yet so accessible. It is right off Crow Canyon, but when you are there the noise and traffic feel a million miles away. It was bought by the City in 2008 for over $2 million using taxpayer dollars to be a public park, and now they are trying to sell it. Because it has been allowed to go into disrepair, the current appraisal is only $1.2 mil. WE own this land! IF they sell it, the City will only get less than $50K for their investment of $2 mil plus costs like fencing it, removing trees and fixing a mudslide. What will WE get? Another office building, more traffic. What will we lose? 2+ acres of absolutely gorgeous land, peace and quiet, space for our children, pets, an afternoon stroll. The old parking lot alone has 22 heritage trees ranging in diameter from 15"to over 36". It is surrounded on 3 sides by a creek that still is running (with rapids!) in June. And, it adjoins the Crow Canyon Community Garden and picnic area—another 7.5-acres. Put together, we would have a magnificent 10-acre park with a beautiful community center (the architecture of the old Mudd's building is stunning) and shaded BBQ areas. City leaders are saying they have to sell as part of the State unwinding of its Redevelopment Agency. But they don't. They could insist on their rights to keep it, they could buy it back, they could exchange it for another piece of land they own which has no delicate habitats (like creeks) and no mature native trees. It was bought to be a park and should remain a park. Please sign below to tell our Mayor and Council to stop the negotiations and look for alternatives to save this irreplaceable land.  Here's What You Can Do Now Stay informed: click on Settings and tell Change to send you updates about Mudd's as they are posted. Help us get to 3000 signatures by posting the link to this petition on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere, and emailing it to your friends and neighbors. Here is the short link: Thanks for taking a stand to save our city from turning into a concrete jungle. Franette Armstrong Citizen’s Coalition for the Preservation of Mudd’s PS: Scroll down a bit to see all the updates and articles posted!  

Franette Armstrong
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Petition to Boston Parks & Rec

Replace the DIY Skatespot at Cassidy Playground in Boston with new skateable elements

Boston is starved for safe and permitted skateboard areas.  Throughout the city there are hundreds of amazing recreational facilities for Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer and other traditional activities, but there are only 3 spaces for skateboarding, most of which are dated or insufficient for the needs of the thousands of Boston skateboarders. More than 10 years ago local skateboarders took matters into their own hands and started building their own DIY ramps in an underused area of Cassidy Playground by Cleveland Circle.  Over the years the ramps expanded and improved, with thousands of skaters using the space. Cassidy is slated for a complete overhaul, and the Boston skateboarding community is asking for some kind of replacement with the new park design. We are not looking for a full blown skatepark, just some sort of small parcel where we can safely skate and enjoy the beautiful park space without hassle in the city where we live, work, and pay taxes. Skateboarding is a healthy recreational activity that encourages creative expression and inclusion for all ages.  Some of the many benefits that a skatespot brings to the community are: Healthy activity that combats obesity Free & accessible exercise Builds confidence & helps youth handle failure through personal progression of setting goals and receiving rewards.  It builds perseverance and character Skateboarding is safer than more traditional activities such as Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Bicycling and many others.  The majority of injuries happen in areas with irregular ground, and is much safer in areas made for skateboarding. Best of all skateboarding is all-inclusive, and this potential skatespot will be used by male and female skaters of all ages from 5 to 50+, from all types of financial and ethnic backgrounds. Skateboarding is universal! If you support the cause and could be a potential park user please sign this petition and share it to help spread the word!

Orchard Skateshop
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