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Petition to Brandon Todd

Keep Powell Playground Open to Public

To Councilmember Brandon Todd: In the past four months, Powell Elementary students, their family, friends, and our neighbors have enjoyed weekend access to the school playground. The playground has been a great resource for neighborhood families, meeting each other, having fun, and getting exercise. Its availability to the community has been a great success. However, the school gates have recently been locked, and we have been told that weekend access will not be granted. Our community worked closely with Powell and the city during the construction process. The community relocated a beloved community garden to make space for the school parking lot, and neighbors who share the alley with Powell endured a number of hardships that come with lengthy and large construction projects such as this one. Before and during construction, Upshur Park was used as Powell’s daily recess playground, and the school still uses the Upshur soccer field for P.E. classes, and after school sports.  The neighborhood shared this community space with the school when it needed it most, and is proud to have Powell in our neighborhood.   Neighbors and community members shouldn’t be locked out of Powell now that the construction is done.   Roosevelt High School keeps their grounds open to the public on weekends, as do many DCPS elementary schools such as Marie Reed, Lafayette, and Burroughs, all of which have had recent renovations and improvements.  As a community, we care deeply about the success of Powell, and we hope that the City and DCPS will show their mutual support for the community by making it accessible to the public on weekends.    

Maggie Kash
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Petition to Jen Terrasa, Allan Kittleman, Milton Matthews, Dennis Mattey, Valdis Lazdins, Eugene Poverni

Save Patuxent Branch Trail- Columbia, MD

A 4 story self storage unit is planned upon a current vacant lot. The main traffic entrance will cover a large portion of the Patuxent Branch Trail adjacent to Guilford Road and Guilford Pratt Truss bridge.  We propose the solutions of moving the entrance of the proposed storage unit to the main road using Columbia Association's "Open Space" and ensure that the trail remains Howard County property for park use.   I have recently learned that the upon the Patuxent Branch Trail construction has begun on a 4 story, self storage unit just adjacent to the trail. While I'm happy there is something happening to that site that no longer has a debilitated house on it, I am VERY concerned for the trail specifically as a result of where the driveway/entrance is scheduled to be. It is to my understanding that because the property is not directly adjacent to a residential area, that public input was not solicited prior to plans for construction. While it's not a highly trafficked residential area, it IS a HIGHLY used portion of our valuable trail network as it has a public parking and a major pathway to both Lake Elkhorn and Savage. This area of the path is also often used for events such as the recent Little Patuxent River Half Marathon & 10K race with 800+ attendees held by Rip It Events (a Howard County-owned event management company) at the trail. It is to my understanding that with the currently proposed plan, the trail would be broken at that segment and runners, bikers, walkers, families, etc. would need to run in the grass next to the river and/or the road leading into the business to avoid the new traffic; this would make this portion of the trail dangerous and inaccessible for those using wheelchairs, strollers, etc. on this stretch of the trail. This is of great concern to me personally as during the warmer months I am on those trails several times a week-and not alone by any stretch. Not only do I run solo but I also run with an organization called, Athletes Serving Athletes that trains with people with disabilities in main stream running and multi-sport events. Many of our "Athletes" (those we push in joggers because they have limited to no mobility) go to the Humanim Center just up the road on Gerwig Lane. If the trail is disrupted as proposed, I will not safely be able to run with them any longer. We can not traverse the trail over the bridge towards Vollmerhausen and Savage because it's too rocky and not paved AND running that stretch of Guilford Road in the road is not entirely safe either with people with disabilities so unfortunately that will not be a viable option. I have heard that there is a chance to work with the Columbia Association on a small easement on the Guilford Road side of the property to move the entrance/exit directly off of the main road-Guilford. This would keep the path untouched (now would be behind the storage unit) AND in my mind, also be less environmental damage just adjacent to the river as well (due to the erosion that would be created by individuals forced off the path).  I ask strongly that this or a similar option be investigated before the trail is disrupted.

Katie Meenan
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Petition to Mayor Michael Hancock, DIANE BARRETT, Chris Herndon, Albus Brooks, Paul Kashmann, Wayne New, Debbie Ortega, Jolon Clark, Kevin Flynn, Stacie Gilmore, RAFAEL ESPINOZA, MARY BETH SUSMAN, ROBIN KNIECH, PAUL LOPEZ, Happy Haynes, Alan Salazar, John Hickenlooper

SIGN PETITION:Save Denver's Historic City Park Golf Course From Destruction

SIGN PETITION TO STOP DENVER'S MAYOR HANCOCK FROM DESTROYING AN HISTORIC PUBLIC PARK TO PUT IN AN INDUSTRIAL  STORM DRAINAGE  SUMP With NO vote of the people. City Park Golf Course (CPGC) is a part of Denver's "Crown Jewel", City Park. Both are listed on the National & State Registers of Historic Places. Denver's Mayor Hancock wants to destroy historic CPGC to install a 1965-style industrial, storm drainage sump on 50 acres of it. In the process, he proposes to cut down 285+ mature trees and destroy  acres of non renewable top soil and vegetation, the best, natural storm water mitigation system in the world. He would also knock down a popular club house built in  2001. The most affordable course in Denver that has served minority players since 1913, would be closed for at least two years.  He also proposes to install a toxic, dirt ditch in Cole and a large industrial outfall in historic Globeville. Both sites are located in the I-70 / Vasquez Superfund site . Residents will be exposed to toxic pollution when Denver digs in these sites and will be exposed to higher risks of flooding.    WHY? In Denver's race back to 1965, they want to expand polluting Interstate Highway 70 (I70), in minority neighborhoods.  They plan to bury I70, 20 feet below the water table, in a flood plain, next to a river. To keep I70 from flooding,they want to turn the "free land" in City Park Golf Course into a regional storm drainage sump complete with big pipes, trash and toxic water. They want to use neighborhoods regardless of health and safety risks to residents.  Many of the Mayor's backers have also bought land down by the river  for new development. They want the residents of Denver to pick up the tab for their storm drainage  and the price would include destruction of a beloved park. There are much better alternatives.  Runners, walkers, skiers, families, dog walkers and more, all use this peaceful, unfenced, beautiful open space for recreation, peace, relaxation and calm. CPGC affords a natural storm water mitigation system that would be the envy of any progressive city. The Mayor's plan would unfortunately include the loss of hundreds big trees and vegetation that take harmful carbon from the air and provide us with life giving oxygen. Once gone, park land is gone forever. Denver can not afford to lose any more of it's precious park land to unfettered development.  This can not happen. Please sign our petition to tell Mayor Hancock to come up with a solution that does not include the destruction of precious park land or sacrifice our neighborhoods to man made flooding and toxic pollution.     

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Petition to Steve Bellone, Kara Hahn, Bridget Flemming

Please - Immediately Repair Cranberry Bog Preserve Bridge, Riverhead, NY

The Cranberry Bog Preserve is well loved and used by local residents and visitors from across Long Island. It's known for its beauty, ecology, and cultural value. The loop trail and it's interpretive guide, engages the public in environmental education, appreciation, and a continued conservation ethic to appreciate and value Suffolk County's treasure of open space. And it offers a reason for people to get outside and exercise and to reduce stress by being in Nature. But around two years ago, the bridge crossing was found broken and in need of immediate repair. Suffolk County Parks' response was to close off the bridge and do nothing else. We watched the bridge deteriorate. Quality Parks attempted to work with a Boy Scout on an Eagle project to rebuild the bridge, but had no success. Last week, we were contacted by an irate citizen demanding action, as our name, Quality Parks, would indicate -- that we cared. The irate citizen said that they contacted Suffolk County Parks and nothing happened, so they contacted us. We learned that many local citizens care about the Cranberry Bog Preserve and want the bridge repaired.  They are in support of Suffolk County finding and allocate funding to immediately repair the bridge. And so do we. Learn more: Please sign our petition to show your support.

Quality Parks
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