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Petition to The Hon Melinda Pavey MP, Gladys Berejiklian, Andrew Constance, Felicity Wilson, Trent Zimmerman

Save St Leonards Park

According to media reports, the NSW Government is proposing to place a ventilation building and smoke stack for the Western Harbour tunnel in St Leonards Park.  The ventilation building will take over a large portion of the park.  The proposed building's location is in front of North Sydney Bowling club, on parkland facing the harbour heavily used by residents, families, for New Year’s Eve fireworks and by dog walkers and boot campers and will block the views of the harbour and restrict any public free usage of that part of the park. While we appreciate that the motorway has many benefits, it should not come at the expense of our parkland and open space, in particular public land with beautiful harbour views.  St Leonard’s Park is one of the oldest parks in NSW, of the same vintage as Centennial Park and with a largely untouched layout from 1836. It is considered a rare and fine example of a nineteenth century park and has retained most of its original land and pathways. It has outstanding aesthetic values derived from its landscaping, including: remnant indigenous trees, magnificent plantings of native figs, other rainforest species and a wide variety of ornamental trees, together with active and passive recreational spaces, internal vistas and panoramic views to Sydney Harbour. The park contains many structures and, as an early example of its type, is relatively rare and remarkably intact. The park is listed on the NSW Heritage Council register and the National Trust Register. Please STOP the development of our beloved St Leonards Park and consider an alternative solution. For more information, visit:    

Save St Leonards Park
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Petition to LVRC, Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Request for a Park/Playground to be built in Kensington Grove, QLD

 "It is recognised that there remains within the community a desire for a 'local' playground or recreation area in the vicinity of Fairway Drive but at this stage a viable solution has not been forthcoming" "For Clarity, QM Properties has not set aside any land in the vacinity of Fairways Drive that would enable Council to build a suitable 'District' playground and/or Recreation area for families" (letter dated 2nd March 2017 from Myles Fairbairn- Executive Manager for Infrastructure works and services)   We have found a solution and we believe that at the top of Lot 902, corner of Wakefield Crescent & Silverton Place is a perfect and viable position for a park/playground and it will not pose any risk to life or need regular repairs due to storm water as the previous suggested locations possibly faced. This block is very large in size (approximately 20 acres) and has a clearing already at the proposed location. The developers, QM Properties have made various donations towards 'Parks and Recreation' for the Fairways Estate over many years with no park or playground being built in the Estate. In the last 3 years alone QM has sold approximately 150 residential blocks with the majority of those being sold to families or young couples. Further planning from QM indicates that even more blocks will be sold in the Estate and expanding the current local population. From the 2011 census in Kensington Grove, over 30% of the population were children. Under family statistics 60% were in a registered marriage. With these statistics and the high family volume in the area a playground is vital and extremely important.  A playground provides a safe place for children to explore and learn. It will help with social skills, independence, encourage creativity and improve health not only for the children but their caregivers also. As the land sizes here in the Fairways Estate are large at around 4000m2, it is very easy for new mums/dads/carers to feel isolated and alone. There are many families who have re-located to the area and a playground is a great mutual place to connect with the community and fellow neighbours. As a community we would like to see a playground suited for all ages with some sensory incorporations for some of the children with disabilities/learning difficulties in the area. A few swings would be highly desirable as these are lacking at the Bertrand Avenue park facilities. A paved area/bike path would also be welcomed for children to ride their bikes on. There are far too many benefits of what a park/playground provides for the community and after many years of questioning from the local residents about what/where/when a playground will be implemented into the area we hope that the area above is found suitable and a park is built to provide the community with what it so strongly desires.    

Zoe Semmler
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