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Petition to Lothian Buses

Parents Need to Use Lothian Buses Too

Lothian Buses has launched its new fleet of 100-seat double-decker buses to maximize passenger capacity. Yet in doing so it has moved backwards in terms of access and inclusion. Until now many of the operator’s buses in Edinburgh have been child-friendly – with both a dedicated wheelchair space and an additional pram/buggy space provided. However, the new fleet has only one available space for either a wheelchair or (if unoccupied) a pram/buggy or other users, for example, people using walking aids or accompanied by guide dogs. While parents with young babies have no specific protection under the law, Lothian Buses’ decision in this case shows a lack of commitment to ensuring access for all members of the community – including parents or carers with children. Parents and carers need to get to the GP; to support groups; to breast-feeding clinics; to nursery; to work. If these single spaces are full, these passengers must either wait for another bus, or fold up their pram and carry their child on board. Multiple complaints have been made to the operator about long waits for buses with available spaces – waits that parents and carers can often ill afford. Nor can passengers predict which type of bus will arrive and whether it will have available space on it. Moreover, in some of the new models, an unfolded pram blocks one or two of the three available side-facing seats, meaning that there is often only space for one seated passenger to sit next to a buggy, which is a downgrade compared to the two seats available in some of the operator’s previous models. Folding a pram/buggy, meanwhile, is not as straightforward as it seems. Foldable forward-facing pushchairs are unsuitable for babies under six months old, as they do not provide sufficient spinal support and may compromise breathing. Nor is folding a pram/buggy always practical – indeed, those who suggest that it is ‘easy’ should be required to spend a day boarding a busy (and often moving) bus whilst trying to hold a baby or a toddler in one hand, and folding a pram with the other. For example, a parent travelling to/from work with two children (of which one is in a pram) may potentially have to juggle holding onto a changing bag, a work bag, a toddler and a baby while folding a pram. Moreover, much of the new fleet has very little luggage or storage space for a folded pram/buggy – calling into question yet again the extent to which parents and carers have been considered in the design and requisition process. This lack of access is particularly important given many of the routes used by these new buses are heavily trafficked, making it more likely that passengers will need access to both wheelchair and pram spots. Neither disabled passengers nor parents/carers benefit from a reduction in accessible bus space. This also has environmental implications, highlighting the contradictions of the work Edinburgh City Council and the Scottish Government/Parliament are doing to combat climate change whilst the bus company owned by the council is driving parents and carers away from public transport (and towards car ownership). We therefore call on Lothian Buses to do the following: Commit to a review of its conditions of carriage with regards to pram space, and provide a commitment to a designated pram/buggy space in addition to a dedicated wheelchair space on all buses in the fleet; Modify the 100-seat buses with only one wheelchair/pram space to add another bay area that can be used for prams/buggies (for example, by removing some existing seats); Modify the bus tracking system and app with clear information about whether buses are pram/buggy-friendly, and (if possible) whether the accessible spaces are occupied. Establish a parent/carer service user consultation group or experience forum that should be included in discussions on future design and service changes.     Photo courtesy of Lothian.

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Petition to Surrey County Council, Epsom and Ewell Council

Ashley Centre car park - Parent and child spaces

Epsom is a lovely town with a community of all ages from newborns on shopping trips with their mummy's to the elderly enjoying a coffee with their Chums. But....there's one small problem, the Ashley centre car park, simply does not cater for all of these ages. There are PLENTY of disabled spaces - and rightly so, but what about us mums, with children struggling with pushchairs up and down the ramps fighting for the nearest space to the lifts. I recently queried this lack of mother and baby spaces and the only option I was given was to park in a DIFFERENT car park altogether on the other side of town and walk in... really??   Having that extra space around the car means you can walk either side between cars with your child in a pushchair and safely get in and out without a struggle, I've lost count how many times ive had to physically lift a pushchair up and over just to get to my boot, or even actually pull the car out of a space in order to open the passenger door wide enough to lift a small baby's car seat in and out. If your a mum words can even describe that struggle as it's a physical impossibility to suck that tummy in!!  So...PLEASE PLEASE sign this petition to get some mother and baby spaces allocated (hopefully more than just a few) near to the lifts. ****DONT FORGET TO SHARE**** The more signatures we get the more likely this will happen Thanks so much Kirsty Zambourides 

Kirsty Zambourides
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Petition to Starbucks, Costa coffee, Cafe Nero

For Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero to add baby change facilities in the men's toilets.

I love being a dad but one of the things that frustrates me is that whenever I go out and about it’s often so hard to find a place to change my baby’s nappy. In many places I try, I am told that the only facilities were in the female toilet and that I couldn't use them. The lack of changing facilities in men's toilets means that I have sometimes had to think twice about where I went out with my baby alone. I have been forced to change my baby's nappy in dirty toilets without a clean surface and publicly on restaurant tables, picnic benches and even in the boot of my car.  Three years ago I decided to try and change things and launched a campaign calling for change and we won -- Strada, the Italian restaurant, pledged to add a baby changing unit for everyone (not just mums), in every one of their UK branches! Sadly no-one else followed in their footsteps so everyday dads who want to look after their kids have to make the choice of leaving their child in a dirty nappy, asking a stranger to change their nappy or trying to change in an unsafe way. I’ve created a community of dads called TheDadsnet and we hear, all the time that others haven’t had access to safe and clean places to change their baby’s nappy when out and about in public, including some of the world's biggest coffee shops. Here’s an example: “When we arrived at the hospital my son needed a nappy change. I checked the men’s and disabled toilets for changing facilities to find none. I asked at the information desk where baby changing was and was told it was only in the ladies. I asked where dads were expected to change their babies and was told to ask a nurse to use a side room but not to bank on them allowing it. I ended up changing my son’s nappy on the floor in a corridor.” Dadsnet Member. This isn’t OK - it’s 2019! It’s time for other big companies to follow in Strada’s footsteps and do the right thing - by making gender-neutral changing facilities in every public restaurant, coffee shop, shopping centre, cinema, cafe, pub, sports centre. I’ve created this petition to start with four of the coffee shop giants to install a baby-changing unit in every one of their male toilets across the UK. Please join me….

Al Ferguson
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