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Petition to Virginia Governor, St francis hospital, Medicaid

Get my case heard for neglect

On 3/12/17 I was at home talking to my sister on the phone when my water broke I said it's time so me and my family got prepared I called labor and delivery and was told to be omw when I got there I was hooked up to monitors and checked maybe 30 mins later the nurse said my water didn't break but I didn't feel comfortable with that she offered another test so as I was waiting for the results I was checked by a doctor who said I wasn't ready the second results came back and I was discharged not feeling right at all I went the next day to my ob who also claimed felt membrane so I was already scheduled for induction on 3/16 that Thursday we went to the hospital ready for Aasim at 6:56am Aasim heart rate dropped drastically for 8 mins I was so afraid the on call doctor said she wanted to break my water when she did she asked when did my water break I said what does that mean so she got a ultrasound machine and confirmed I had no water at all I begged for a c-section nobody would listen I had to lay on my right side they wouldn't allow me to even sit up and get a epidural I kept saying if yall that worried why not call a c-section mean while Aasim heart is doing fine 155 to be exact around 1:00 pm his heart rate dropped again I begged but once again Nothing my doctor said he is fine we got his heart rate back up and u should be fine 5 mins went by it dropped again and I cried so bad I said please help me and he finally called it I was rushed to the operating room and put to sleep when I was awoke I was told he didn't make it a healthy innocent angel no cause of death they discharged me the next morning with no resources at all was told the morgue was full so to push my dead son in another empty labor and delivery room let anyone walk in my room no privacy just totally cruel experience 

tyra reyes
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Petition to Mark Dayton, Kurt Daudt, Joyce Peppin, Ron Kresha, Melissa Hortman, Jon Applebaum, Paul Marquart, Rena Moran, Paul Gazelka, Gary Dahms, Bill Ingebrigtsen, Eric Pratt, Michelle Fischbach, Warren Limmer, Thomas Bakk, Jeff Hayden, Susan Kent, Carolyn Laine

To establish a Shared Parenting presumption in the State of Minnesota

Minnesota is lagging the rest of the United States in passing family law reform that supports children having equal/equitable access to both parents when being raised in a divorced or unwed parental environment. Minnesota passed legislation in 2012 that would have increased time spent with both parents by an OVERWHELMING BI-PARTISAN majority only to have the bill VETOED by GOV. MARK DAYTON. (HF0322 & SF1402) Since 2012 many other states have made MAJOR strides to reform their laws to establish shared parenting. Four Shared Parenting bills are currently pending this 2017/2018 legislative session in Minnesota: HF2545/no Senate companion: short bill that changes 25% parenting presumption to 50% HF2699/SF2413: Same bill as 2012, changes parenting presumption to 45.1% HF2413/SF2141: changes parenting presumption to 40% HF2603/no Senate companion: Defines what "maximize" means in the current legislation to provide stronger presumption towards equal parenting time The Citizens of Minnesota demand their voices be heard at the legislature and family law reform is enacted to establish a Shared Parenting presumption. As Minnesota's leadership, please move swiftly and with purpose in passing family law reform this legislative session for the future well-being of our youngest generation because all current peer reviewed research is clear: children of all ages thrive best when both fit, loving, and healthy parents are in their lives as fully and equally as possible.

Shared Parenting for Minnesota
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Petition to CSUF Associated Students Inc.

Install Diaper Changing Stations on CSUF's Campus

As peers, friends, and classmates, we are called to speak out on behalf of parenting students at California State University, Fullerton. We believe that parenting students should feel welcomed and supported by our school community and that our school community should advance efforts to expand and install the resources that they need to successfully participate in our school community while also balancing the needs of their children. Parenting students face unique challenges as both students and caretakers, and at times, those roles intersect right here on our campus. Unfortunately, we have noted that the campus lacks designated diaper changing stations (aka diaper decks) available for these students to address their young children’s basic needs. The Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation (BABIES) Act was signed into law on October 7th, 2016. This bill mandated that government-owned and government-financed buildings provide “safe, sanitary, and appropriate” baby changing facilities in both men’s and women’s restrooms and that such facilities must also comply by reasonable accommodations set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. While this legislation impacts federally associated entities, it sets an important standard for our country- a standard that we would like to meet here at California State University, Fullerton. Diaper changing stations would benefit parenting students, employees with small children and visitors to campus and would thereby make our campus a more welcoming environment for all families. In support of marginalized parenting students at CSUF, we urge you to respectfully consider this petition for diaper changing stations. We hope that stations may be placed in at least one men’s and one woman’s bathroom on each floor in every building of campus.    We are ready and willing to work to make this a reality. Thank you for standing with parenting students at CSUF.

Brooke Paz
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