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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump

Help struggling Parents/Grandparents. "PARENT PLUS LOAN PROTECTION BILL."

GOAL: To raise awareness and bring relief to parents/grandparents whose children have used Parent PLUS educational loans, have "stiffed" their parents, and refuse to help them pay back the loans.   Hello, my name is Richard Misner, and I was instructed to take out Parent PLUS Loans for my two children to go to college.  At the time, I was told by the loan officer that if I didn't sign for the loans, they wouldn't be able to attend college. My intentions were honorable and I was planning on paying what I could to facilitate their educational needs. However, I fell onto hard times, and the loans were deferred. Upon both children graduating from college, neither one helped pay on the Parent PLUS Loans. Years have passed, and a bankruptcy and foreclosure have not discharged the loans and I continue to struggle to pay them. I am 64 years old, a Vietnam Era veteran, and have been with the same employer for 42 years. Unfortunately, I will have to continue working and paying on these Parent PLUS Loans until I die, which at that point they will be forgiven. I have sought various loan forgiveness programs to no avail.  I have reached out to my children, whom both have professional careers, and they have refused to assist with paying for the loans. I also find it disturbing that many non-citizens can obtain student loans with no payback required, while I live from paycheck to paycheck.  The bill I propose, is to make students who benefit from Parent PLUS Loans, bear some of the responsibility of paying back these loans. My bill would propose that the loan companies should mandate that the benefactor of the education loan shall pay half of what is owed, with the parent/grandparent being responsible for the other half. This way, the loan could be payed back in a quicker amount of time and would ensure that the children would have a vested interest in seeing that the loans get paid back sooner. The second half of the bill, is to form a list so that all deadbeat students names would be placed on a national register, and would remain there until the loan arrangements have been met. This list should be available to all major corporations, credit bureaus and government entities to use for vetting new employees. This practice is currently being used by the federal government to ensure that contractors do not owe money prior to getting a government contract. I believe that this bill would protect parents/grandparents credit, and enable them to retire as they were intended to. This would also make students more responsible for their actions. 

Richard Misner
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Petition to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Alert WIC to the Need to Recognize Baby Led Weaning in addition to Purees

Baby food purees arrived on the parenting scene hand in hand with physicians of the early 1900s convincing parents that formula was superior to breast milk. As physicians convinced mothers to schedule feedings, even breast feeding (which caused their milk supply to diminish and fail), baby's became ravenous in the meantime. And so baby food purees were introduced as a means to feed the babies solid foods before they were ready to sit up and chew. Capitalists went to work convincing mothers that their purees in jars were safer and healthier for their babies than what moms would have normally prepared for their child at home. Parents trusted the advertising, they trusted their pediatricians and thus, a completely unnecessary product found a strong hold. Because while there is at least some need for formula for those moms who have no breast milk supply or can't stay with their children, baby food purees literally have no actual use or need. In fact, it's been found to cause developmental delays in some children as they don't learn to chew their food and therefore will choke when solid foods are introduced at a later time. This is because early on, a baby's gag reflex will cause them to spit out food that's too big to swallow, but later on that gag reflex diminishes and unchewed food becomes a major choking hazard. And just like we're finding now that formula fed babies have higher rates of childhood obesity, the same is holding true for puree fed babies. It's because those products do not allow the child to be the master of their own mealtime fate. Formula and purees are forcefed and therefore teach children to ignore fullness from a very, very early age which is a lesson that is difficult to unlearn. So how in the world did babies eat prior to the invention of baby food purees in the 1920s? They were simply fed softer foods. That's it. They ate the same foods as their families. While WIC has made great strides in promoting breast feeding and reducing the influence of the capitalist greed of formula companies within their ranks, they have not made any changes whatsoever when it comes to pushing baby food. So while they have lactation consultants on hand to help moms feed their baby the first 6 months, after that, they become pushers of baby food. Literally, pushing baby food onto families whether they want it or not after the first 6 months. I inquired at my local office and they didn't even know what baby-led weaning was, let alone did they offer an option for me to decline baby food jars in favor of an extra produce check so that I could provide my son with healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. I was essentially told I could take the baby food checks...or leave them. And the whole reason I'm going to WIC for assistance is because our family needs assistance. Much like every other family that walks into a WIC office. So I take those jars of baby food. And I'm forced to get creative finding ways to bake with them and prepare other foods for my son that he can eat, and more importantly, chew. And sadly, my husband and I seem to be eating more of it than he does because when I bake a loaf of banana bread, my son isn't going to eat it all by himself before it goes bad. What my son benefits from the most is the produce check that WIC offers. But there's only one of them for the entire month. And so if I spend my check on fresh fruits and vegetables (because the frozen and canned versions have salt that I'm trying to keep out of my son's diet), they only last about 10 days on average. So there's still another 20 days in the month that I'm buying produce out of pocket so that my son can eat. This petition is to bring attention to the need for change, and acceptance of the age old practice baby-led weaning. If they can recognize that formula is a modern capitalist invention, then they also need to recognize that so is baby food purees. And they need to allow mothers to make the choice that's right for their family--especially when it's allowing a healthy option that has been shown to have lower rates of childhood obesity, less likliehood of serious choking incidents, and promotes hand-eye coordination.

Alyssa Petrella
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