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Petition to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

A waiting game!

   The truth about my grandson Darion Levanowitz. My name is Susan Cook, my grandson was lied to by a young girl about her proper age. He was given a harsh sentence and is now serving a 33 months to 17 year sentence in a State Prison. I am asking Governor Tom Wolf for a Pardon. It has been 3 long years, and I think he has done enough time.    This all started in 2013, when he was 17, and met this girl at a Football game. He had a band, and his drummer dropped out, so he was looking for a drummer, and she said she could play. She said that she was 16, and in the 8th grade. He asked her why she was still in 8th grade, and she explained she was held back. He didn't question her any further because she looked 16, and was with people who were that age and older.    He had wanted them to be about the same age because of practicing. She also mentioned that she had a boyfriend who was 17, and asked if he knew him. He said, he did. He gave her his phone number, and said if something changes give me a call, which she did a little over a month later, soon after he turned 18. She texted him and said that her band broke up, and she was available to join his band. So it came down to hearing her play. She made the time and the place.    When he went to her house, she said she had broken up with her boyfriend, and he consoled her and she started to do other things. She invited him back a few days later, this was when he told her he did not want her in his band. She got sad and he made the mistake and give her a hug, and she started things to happen again. He told her that he did not want to continue a relationship with her.     She knew that he already had a girlfriend. He felt so bad about betraying his girlfriends trust, that he broke off his 10 month relationship just days after this.  About one week later he was called into the Police Barracks. He was asked if he was with this girl, and he said yes. He thought something had happened to her.    The Officer told him he had committed a crime, and that he would be arrested for Statutory Rape. He said why she was 16. This is the Legal age in Pennsylvania. The Officer informed him she was not 16 but 13. The Judge told him that he was no longer able to attend his Senior year in school, and he was not able to work. He was put on House arrested for a year, which did not count towards his sentencing.    It was the Commonwealth who pressed the charges, NOT this girl or her family. The whole thing got so misconstrued in the courtroom the first day, that I kept records. I want to get him out of Prison! I think he has done enough time, this was consensual but the law took the consent away. There is no mistake as to age law for someone under 14. And it does not fall under Romeo and Juliet law, because he would have to be 17, and she would have to be under 3 years apart. The State rounds up the years.     This type of case is considered a slam dunk case for the DA. We found this all out when we were fighting for him. I would like to correct these problems, for all who are affected by these bad Laws. If you need to learn more read, NOT Tier Three and Violent at  Thank you, I need to bring my grandson home! His grandmother Susan Cook    

Sue Cook
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Petition to Larry Hogan, Boyd Rutherford

Gov Hogan, please pardon a man for a nonviolent offense over 22 years ago.

 On April 19, 1995, after working 2 full time jobs 7 days per week in Towson Town Center as a cook, pulling more than 100 hours per week in, Steven Johnson decided to take the day off. The night before, he had hung out with other teens in his neighborhood riding around and going to clubs. This was the typical Baltimore life of partying in the mid 90s. The next morning, on his day off , he was headed to the tire shop. On his way he was pulled over by Baltimore City Police. After purchasing a car that wouldn't pass inspection he made a poor choice of putting another tag from a similar car on his car that he had purchased just 2 months before . When the police officer pulled him over he made a choice not to try and flee. He knew that if he had fled from the officer things could have gotten worse . As he was pulled over the officer cuffed him. Steve knew that he would be out that evening because a stolen tag was a misdeamor charge and a fine at best. When he was cuffed another officer opened the ash tray of the car. There, in plain sight was $460 worth of narcotics. The officer announced happily to the other officer that he had found the drugs. After the officer made the announcement aloud, Steve remembered a phone call from his neighborhood associate the night before. His neighborhood friend asked him to come back out around 1am because he had left something in his car that he didn't want to take in the night club. Steve knew that this was a bad decision to leave out at that hour in the morning in Baltimore because of the high crime rate in those hours of the day. When the narcotics officer arrived on the scene he had told Steve these piercing words. " I know this is not your stash. If It was you would have hid it better. You also had a two block jump on the officer that pulled you over and you didn't throw it out. We checked your story on your two jobs and everything affirms. Tell us, whose stash is this ?" Those words will never go away. Steve had to make decision on following a code on the streets or snitch . When he first appeared before a judge that year he was offered 1 year suspended sentence. As he looked at his attorney he whispered and asked if this would stop him from going into the Marines. His attorney stated that he was being charged with felony drug possession and that the only way out is a trial in the circuit courts. When Steve turned down the 1 year sentence he heard laughter in the court room, as if he was the craziest person in the world about to go to circuit court and fight a drug charge that looked guilty with anyone that could read the charge papers. Then that big day came. He stood before the judge months later in circuit court. There, his attorney advised him to take a plea. The plea consisted of 3 years supervised probation, which was a harsher sentence from the district courts. Again, he turned to his attorney and stated that this wasn't supposed to happen . By this time, he had completed his Maryland G.E.D. course and was now a full time student at Morgan State University studying electrical engineering, attending a tractor trailer school on weekends to earn a Class A Commercial Drivers License, and still working a full time job as a security guard. Even still, the judge had no mercy . Take the three years supervised probation or take the chance of going to trial and getting 7 years or greater . In fear and having a defeated mentality, he took the 3 years supervised probation. He was now a convicted felon.  Fast forward 22 years and Steve is still fighting to clear his name. Maryland law states that anyone convicted of felony drug distribution charges must wait 20 years from the last day of parole or probation to file for a pardon that only the governor can grant . 15 years may be considered if the need is urgent. Steve applied for his pardon in January of 2016 and as of August 2017, he has yet to have received a response.  Today , Steve stands with a strong history of volunteering with several agencies in Baltimore to do things such as feeding the homeless, coaching expectant mothers with drug addictions, coaching men with drug addictions, and recently starting his own movement called #PardonMe. Pardon Me is the initiative to stop those who have entered the criminal system from doing so over and over again . Letting them know that the revolving door to jail doesn't have to persist. He does this by providing interview tips and clothing preparation, advising them on expungement , record shielding, and pardons, all while petitioning Governor Hogan for his own pardon.  Currently, Mr. Johnson is a father of 3 children,  holding physical custody of 2 ( the oldest having gotten married ) , has a 22 year truck driving history ( currently employed with the largest package handling company in the world ), and charges himself by pushing the #PardonMe movement to those who have traveled his path and encourging the younger generation to abstain from bad company .  Today , Steven Johnson needs your help. He has created a petition to Governor Hogan for him to be pardoned of his one-time arrest and charge . Having a clean record would help him stand in the gap for young people even more. Imagine a man that devotes his time to inspiring the younger generation to avoid crime, embrace education, and push to pursue their dreams and visions, telling those of the younger generation that if you give it your very best, you can accomplish and too, be pardoned for your offense just like him by volunteering and becoming a positive force to the streets of Baltimore where violence seems to never end. Your signature is needed to send a message to Governor Hogan that you will stand for the same hope and passion that Steve has carried for over 2 decades. Please, add your signature today and be part of the movement in helping those who desperately need it. Thank you in advance and may your joys and passions be fulfilled as well.

steven johnson
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi

Limit President's Power to Pardon In Cases Where He Is A Subject and Impeachable Offenses

It is clear that we are in the midst of a Constitutional crisis of major proportions. The President of the United States has shown that he is willing to circumvent and obstruct justice through the use of his presidential powers. Once the President of the United States becomes a subject of a federal investigation involving crimes against the United States his/her ability to utilize pardon powers as an instrument of organized crime to bribe or threaten witnesses, obstruct justice, must be limited. We run the risk that a president who has fired multiple law enforcement officials, explicitly demanded loyalty over the law, and publicly berated Department of Justice leadership regarding a case in which he is a subject- and now has shown a willingness to use his pardon power without hesitation or deliberation-can obstruct the work of an investigation for which he is a subject and/or be pardoned by a successor to the office. The framers intended impeachment to limit the abuse of pardon power, but strict partisanship means that any president can effectuate a pardon of all co-conspirators, witnesses, and other subjects, while resigning under agreement of pardon with this his successor. The people are left holding the bag of injustice, while a litany of potential criminals are never held accountable. Congress must do everything to prevent this from happening.  At this time, we need a unified, bipartisan, and veto-proof Congress to state in the clearest possible way, as was done in the case of Russian sanctions, that justice is blind, Americans are not. Please pass legislation NOW that states:  1) That a President of the United States may not pardon himself (or herself), any subject, witness, or other legal entity in any case where the President is a subject or witness. The President must obtain official certification from the Director of the FBI and the Attorney General that the President is not a subject, defendant, or witness to the crimes against the United States being pardoned.  2) No President of the United States shall have the power to pardon any previous President or employee of the executive branch for crimes that would have been impeachable offenses during the time they were committed. These two laws preserve the president's broad power to pardon crimes against the United States and clarify the Framer's intent to exclude cases where the President's use of said power is self-serving. Times have changed and it is clear that regardless of party affiliation or ideology, we are unified in our belief that no one is above the law and that there is nothing less American than for the rule of law to be undermined by the very office we depend on to enforce and execute it. Members of Congress, justice is blind. You are not.   

Anthony Jones
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