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Petition to Victorian Parliament

Increase government funding for palliative care in Victoria

Palliative care supports people with a serious illness and their families to live, die and grieve well. It’s about quality of life and quality of death. It’s about having choices. Right now there is a shortage of palliative care services and palliative care doctors in Victoria. Not everyone can get palliative care when and where they need it. We are asking the Victorian Government to provide an extra $65 million a year to improve access to palliative care services across Victoria. Palliative care is helpful for people of all ages who have a serious illness that cannot be cured. It can be provided at home, in aged care facilities and in hospitals. Specially trained staff provide expert help with pain and other symptoms. They also provide help with emotional and spiritual needs. They focus on what matters most to the ill person and provide support to their family. Without palliative care, people may experience more pain and stress. They may not be able to receive care or to die where they want to be. Their families may not receive the support they need. Because Victoria’s population is growing and ageing, the shortage of palliative care services will get worse without more funding. Please support our call to the Victorian Government for an extra $65 million a year to improve access to palliative care. Palliative care should be available to all Victorians, when and where it is needed.

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Petition to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Councillor Vicki Howard, Councillor Adam Allan, Councillor Julian Simmonds, Councillor Angela Owen Taylor, Councillor Jonathan Sri, Councillor Shayne Sutton, Councillor Fiona King

Allow children with life limiting conditions access to trees at Hummingbird House

There are over 3700 Queensland children affected by life limiting conditions.  This means they may not reach the age of 18, and for most, their lives are much shorter. Hummingbird House has been built as Queensland’s only children’s hospice and will provide respite and end of life care for children affected by a life limiting condition and their families. The opening of Hummingbird House is currently on hold pending resolution of an issue regarding the fence line on Curwen Terrace, a non-arterial, suburban street that culminates in a dead end. The fence line of the land on which Hummingbird House has been built has been in place for nearly 80 years.  Its current position allows the Hummingbird House backyard to encompass a number of large mature trees in which children can climb and families can picnic underneath. The existing fence line helps create a private and restful environment in which families may spend the final days with their much loved children.   Despite extensive appeals on our part, Brisbane City Council are opting to enforce a new fence line that will result in the loss of significant green space or ‘backyard’, and stop all access to the trees for the children and their families.  While we have the utmost respect for the importance of city planning, we feel it is imperative that common sense prevail in this instance and we invite the people of Queensland to show their support for the future families of Hummingbird House. Please sign this petition to call upon Brisbane City Council to allow the Hummingbird House fence to be built on the fence line that has existed for nearly 80 years.  This will allow children and families to engage with the simple pleasure of connecting with nature in a safe and supportive environment, so they can make every moment count.   To find out more about Hummingbird House and the children and families we support visit:

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