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Petition to Pitzer Board of Trustees

Counter the Board of Trustees' Anti-democratic Revocation of Pitzer Senate's BDS Amendment!

Petition in Support of Palestinian Human Rights at Pitzer College:    On April 30th, the Pitzer College Student Senate amended Article III (Student Activities Funds), Section 2 (Restrictions) of its Budget Committee Bylaws.  The amendment, Paragraph VI, "prohibits the use of Student Activities Funds for…payments on goods or services from the following corporations and organizations associated with the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories, as first delineated by the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement:   A. Caterpillar B. SodaStream C. Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories D. Hewlett-Packard E. Sabra."    The amendment passed with overwhelming support: twenty-five in favor and nine against. Claremont Students for Justice in Palestine celebrated this amendment as a crucial first step in ending our complicity in the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. We want to know that our tuition dollars are not funding companies that violate the basic rights and dignity of Palestinians.   We were deeply disturbed to find out that a month and a half later the Board of Trustees decided to unilaterally rescind this amendment.  In its own letter to the Pitzer community, the Board acknowledges that their legislative intervention breaks with Pitzer’s 54-year history of “Student Senate autonomy over the funds allocated to it by the College.”  It is particularly revealing that the Board rescinded the amendment during the summer break, when students were not present to form a democratic response.   In their letter to the Pitzer community, the Trustees claim that they are applying a so-called neutrality rule in relation to restrictions on the uses of student activity fees. However, the Student Senate has an established history of instituting restrictions on student activity fees as a means of protest.  In 2006, the Student Senate passed a boycott of products purchased at Wal-Mart stores, which was never publicly challenged by the Trustees. We see the roles of the companies on this list in the violation of Palestinian human rights as being fundamentally similar to the role of Wal-Mart in human rights violations via the widespread use of sweatshops. The repudiation of this amendment is therefore clearly a discriminatory act based on its pro-Palestinian viewpoint.   Additionally, the letter states that the point of view expressed in the boycott “does not align with Pitzer's commitment to inclusion and respect for diverse viewpoints.”  Yet, the amendment was passed after spirited debate in the Student Senate, a discussion that included vocal proponents and opponents of BDS.  After this debate, the elected representatives of the Student Senate democratically endorsed Paragraph VI.  This is a legislative embodiment of Pitzer’s community value of action, whereby students, “see [our core values] evidenced, hear them named, debate their integrity, and demand change on their behalf.”  As representatives, the Student Senate has decided to take a principled stand in support of Palestinian human rights.   In the words of South African freedom fighter and vocal supporter of the BDS movement, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” The decision of the Trustees in this situation legitimizes the heinous violations of international law of the Israeli state.   We call on the Pitzer College Board of Trustees to: 1) Respect the democratic decision of the Student Senate to amend the budget bylaws as stated above, and 2) Implement safeguards to ensure student autonomy in relation to all matters under the jurisdiction of the Pitzer Student Senate.   * See attached document detailing why we chose to include these companies in particular:  

Claremont Students for Justice in Palestine
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Petition to حملة اغلاق متاجر الحيوانات, Ramallah Municipality, Palestine Authority

حملة اغلاق متاجر الحيوانات Shutdown Petshops in Palestine

English follows الظروف التي تعيش فيها الحيوانات في محال بيعها في فلسطين تكشف عن معاملة قاسية ولا إنسانية، فهي تعاني يوميا من البرد القارس أوالحرارة المرتفعة، لذلك يجب على البلديات في مختلف المدن وضع قانون لرعاية الحيوانات في محاولة لإيقاف هذه المعاملة السيئة حالياً ومستقبلاً. بالإضافة إلى ما سبق من الضروري اتخاذ إجراءات قانونية ضد أصحاب هذه المحال، بسبب الظروف القاسية التي يفرضونها على الحيوانات. ونحن في جمعية الرفق بالحيوان دعونا وندعو هذه المتاجر في عين مصباح وبيرزيت وقلنديا إلى تغيير ظروف المعيشة، وما ندعو إليه هو التالي: عدم تعريضها للجوع والعطش توفير ظروف راحة مناسبة العلاج الصحي وحمايتها من الأمراض عدم تعريضها للخوف أو مضايقتها حرية التعبيرعن السلوك الطبيعي ------------ The conditions of many pet shops across Palestine reveal horrifically cruel and inhumane treatment of animals. These animals are suffering daily, in the freezing cold or sweltering heat. Palestine city municipalities should put an animal welfare law into effect in order to stop these cruelties and prevent the suffering of future animals. Legal action should be taken against these pet shop owners in order to make them change the disgusting and inhumane conditions in which they force animals to live. We are directly calling on the pet shops in Ein Misbah, Birzeit, and Kalandia to change the conditions. We are fighting for these 5 freedoms for the pet shop animals:  Freedom from hunger and thirst Freedom from discomfort Freedom from pain, injury and disease Freedom from fear and distress Freedom to express normal behavior ​---

Danielle Williams
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Petition to Chris Rock

Chris Rock, boycott apartheid Israel

We know that you're opposed to being regarded as a role model, but it's also undeniable that your voice reaches wider than most. We write to you, asking that you heed the Palestinian call and cancel your show in Israel.In the past two years, Israel has executed over 400 Palestinians in the streets of the West Bank. Approximately a fourth of them were children. Mass arrests have risen to over 6000 prisoners at any given time, including over 200 child prisoners, and 500 prisoners held without charge, trial, or release. All Palestinian prisoners in Israel's prisons are subject to systemic ill-treatment, arbitrary fines, medical neglect, beatings, and torture. House demolition has doubled since last year, including whole villages, leaving over a thousand people homeless, over half of them children. Gaza is still under a debilitating siege. Two million people, over 50% of them children, crammed into 365 square kilometres, with power outages of up to 18-22 hours a day, 95% of the water undrinkable, civilian infrastructure devastated, including hospitals, schools, places of worship, and other institutions. Over 40% are unemployed, 80% of the population rely on humanitarian aid to cover their very basic needs, including food, basic education, basic health care, shelter, blankets, mattress or cooking stoves. The United Nations has declared in July 2017 that despite its public predictions that Gaza will be 'unliveable' by 2020, it has in fact been unliveable for years. 'Unliveable' has been defined by the UN as "effectively not enough resources for people to survive". Israel's restrictions on movement trap the population inside, without recourse to search for better living conditions than it is providing. Within Israel itself, Palestinian citizens- over 20% of Israelis- are subject to a system of over 60 discriminative laws, decades-long processes of systematic, de-development, gentrification, ghettoisation, and impoverishment that results in an infant mortality rate three times as higher than Israel's Jewish citizens. Persecution of Palestinian political parties, parliamentarians, and public servants, escalates, while Israeli-Jewish politicians and public figures continue their unabated incitement to genocide against the indigenous Palestinian minority, with brutal results often meted out by Israeli civilians as well as armed forces. Lastly, Israel has denied Palestinian refugees- the biggest group of refugees in the world- their right to return to their homeland, in accordance to international law and international resolutions, all the while continuing, to this day, to seize their land, and expel them from their homes. Chris, it is Israel's explicit policy to use culture as a tool for state propaganda. Part of this is paying international artists unheard of sums of money in order to polish its image abroad and distract from its massive crimes against the indigenous Palestinian people. We don't ask you to do anything extraordinary, nor do we ask you to lead. We only ask you not to lend your name to Israel's apartheid.

Boycott from Within
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