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Petition to The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Do NOT relicense the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is applying for a license renewal from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to operate their aging Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant for another 20 years unless we voice our opposition.  Here's why we are petitioning to prevent the plant's relicensing: The plant sits on or near 2 MAJOR ACTIVE fault lines and at least 11 other fault lines.  Former Nuclear Regulatory Commission Diablo Canyon Chief Resident Inspector Dr. Michael Peck has testified that the seismic design of the plant is inadequate, based on PG&E's own seismic studies. The plant is located in the tsunami hazard zone in the seismologically active state of California. The plant has numerous design and construction flaws, including one recently discovered flaw in the critical electrical system. Seven NRC engineers have filed a 2.206 petition within the NRC that calls for the shutdown of all nuclear plants in the US that contain this design flaw, including Diablo Canyon.  The plant lacks cooling towers, contributing to ocean water warming and causing 80% of loss of marine life on the California coastline.  More than 6 Million pounds of highly radioactive spent fuel is stored on site, and there is no permanent repository designated by the US government. Radioactive waste may remain onsite up to 300 years. If the nuclear waste canisters leak or crack, they would release millions of curies of radiation into the environment. Emergency plans in the event of a meltdown which would force the evacuation of communities in and around San Luis Obispo County are completely inadequate. If the plant melted down, the radioactive fallout would spread throughout California and into the Pacific Ocean, affecting millions of people, making the area uninhabitable, and destroying the major agricultural region of California. Nuclear radiation is a man-made toxin that causes cancer in all living organisms and would will turn our coastline into a contaminated "look only" zone.  The plant is licensed to operate until 2024 and 2025, which is when it was originally scheduled to decommission. Pushing it another 20 years would be a huge risk to the environment and the living beings who call it home. PG&E has had history of negligence and is in litigation on several charges, including in the loss of human life due to fires caused by faulty and old gas lines in San Bruno, as well as Calaveras County. Please sign and share this petition to help decommission the plant as well as to dismantle the power structures that continue to try and operate this dangerous technology on the coastline of California. Let us radiate love and good energy. Thank you.    

Radiation Filters
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Petition to Steve Schweigerdt, Lauren Faccinto, Robyn White

Let the water flow to Nimshew park again!

Since time immemorial, water has flowed down Middle Butte creek in Magalia, California.   Shortly after the start of the California Gold Rush, a flume to carry logs was put in from De Sabla to Butte creek and a large valve was put in it to allow some of the water to be diverted into Middle Butte where a thriving mining camp existed in the town of Nimshew (near Nimshew and Skyway roads).   After many decades, the flume leaked so badly that the new "owner" PG&E (the Northern California quasi-public electric utility) was able to shut the valve but the flow of water down Middle Butte was mostly uneffected.Near Nimshew and Skyway exists a public park commonly known as the "Nimshew Park" by the locals (but actually is "Loch Lomond Glen" park) where the creek water feeds a several acre pond, waterfalls, wading pools, and a water wheel.   The park also has a retro playground including a "zip line," trampolines, picnic/BBQ areas, etc...Some years ago the proprietor of the park following all California Dept of Fish and Wildlife and Dept of Water Resources guidelines/permits, accidentally got some silt in the water and shut the water off for a few hours and the local District Attorney, Michael L. Ramsey, plus his hired gun commission paid environmental attorney out of Sacramento, Hal Thomas prosecuted said proprietor mercilessly for several years treating him as if he were a paper mill dumping dioxin in the water (when later Fish and Wildlife's own permit officer admitted no permit should have EVER been given to work in/around that creek because with the ultra-fine clay soil it would be IMPOSSIBLE to not get some silt in the water) eventually charging him with felonies and threatening his elderly mother with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines (since she appeared as co-owner on the title as she was doing a private finance sale to her son).   Eventually it ended up in tens of thousands of dollars in fines plea deal to save his elderly mother from the stress (and by the way, drove her all the way to the other side of the country to get away from this corruption) which the County of Butte still is seizing money out of said proprietors bank account to this day even though the property has long since been donated into the park's non-profit foundation.Last summer, PG&E completed its repairs of the flume which completely STOPPED THE FLOW OF WATER down middle Butte creek and into the park/pond.   No one at any of the agencies can answer how or why they were able to do this in spite of the stated policy of the State of California that there will not be any more losses of streams!   Perhaps it was to divert as much water into Butte creek to lower the water temperature for the downstream fish's sake.   However, this last winter had record rainfalls (and local runoff did refill the pond and ran the creek for a bit) but still there is no flow.   This creek used to run year round!This is a blatant lack of equal protection of the law.   When the little guy, following all the government directions, shuts off the water for a few hours hundreds of thousands of dollars of resources and a small army of corruptocrats can be sent to crucify him, but when a giant corporation does the SAME THING 1000 times worse with NO authorization, those SAME corruptocrats can't seem to find their rear ends with BOTH HANDS!Please sign the petition and pass this on to EVERYONE you know so we can show these clowns the whole world is watching their hypocrisy and cowardice.An old adage goes "the law is like a spider web: it catches the fly but lets the eagle go right through."It sounds like an outrageous statement, but without your help it will be true, and a sad commentary on the powerlessness of the little guy (and lots of little kids) who just want to have a nice place to go swimming in the heat of the summer!Thank you!

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