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Petition to U.S National Park Services, Charlie Baker, Ed Markey, Environmental Protection Agency, Marty Walsh, Stephen F. Lynch

Save Peddocks Island

Hi everyone. My cousin and I started a page called “Save Peddocks Island” on Facebook. For those of you who don’t know, Peddocks island is one of the Boston Harbor Islands. It is an island rich in history and biodiversity. It has recently come to our attention that an organization by the name of Boston Harbor Now has formed a plan to develop on the island. They have already begun tearing down historical structures. In partnership with the National Park Service and Massachusetts Department of Recreation and Conservation, Boston Harbor Now plans or proposes to build hotels, restaurants, etc. on Peddocks. We vehemently disagree with this proposal. Development WILL detract from the history of the island and have a huge environmental impact. The city of Boston and surrounding areas are already overdeveloped. We NEED this green spaces to be preserved as they are extremely important to the environment, and serve as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. So please, if you have an attachment to Peddocks or even if you just care about the environment and conservation, SIGN this petition. SHARE it with friends and family. It is time to start putting the environment FIRST over profit. Check out our Facebook page “Save Peddocks Island” for more information as it is our main platform. Thank you!

Robert LaChance
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Petition to City Council, Christina Shea, Anthony Kuo, Melissa Fox, Farrah Khan, Michael Carroll, Anthony Kuo, Susan Emery, John Russo, Planning Commission, Dustin Nirschl

Protect the Rights of Irvine Residents; Demand the City put its People *BEFORE* Developers

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FINAL UPDATE 6/26/19:  After months of discussions with the City, SCE, and TIC to ensure the Safari Substation is responsibly relocated, we are proud to announce that on June 25, 2019 we received official confirmation that the substation relocation plan was successfully completed and construction is now underway. We would like to thank Mayor Shea, Mayor Pro Tem Kuo, the Irvine City Council and staff, the Irvine Planning Commission, the Spectrum 5 community, and of course all of our loyal supporters. We couldn't have done it without you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 6/13/17:  Thanks to our supporters, significant progress has been made!  The Irvine Company has proposed to move the Safari Substation to an alternative site that is acceptable to both the City of Irvine and the Spectrum 5 community (  We are now asking Southern California Edison to agree with the proposal.  Please SIGN OUR PETITION and come to the Safari Substation Public Discussion on Tuesday, 6/27/17 @ 4:00PM to show your support.  For more information, please read the Petition Updates posted below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Call on the Irvine City Council to continue taking decisive action on behalf of the people of Irvine! The Spectrum 5 community originally came together to stop Southern California Edison (SCE) and The Irvine Company from dropping a high-voltage electrical substation in the middle of our fully built-out community.  After nearly 1-1/2 years of petitioning the Irvine City Council and Planning Commission, we have obtained the support of the City Council. Now both The Irvine Company and SCE are speaking to us about alternatives for the Safari Substation.  This is the kind of resident-city-utility-developer dialogue we have been asking for since the beginning. Please sign our petition to let the City Council and City staff know that we appreciate and support their initiative in getting the Safari Substation moved to a safe and compatible location. WEBSITE:           www.NoSubstation.comFACEBOOK:         #NoSubstation Original petition content...
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Petition to DC Office of Zoning, Nancy Darlene Jones (ANC 5E10), Bradley Thomas

Deny zoning variance for 416 Evarts St NE

Dear Neighbor, Please join us in opposing the Special Exception to the Zoning Laws requested by the developers who recently purchased 416 Evarts St NE:   "Application of Preservation DC LLC, pursuant to 11 DCMR Subtitle X, Chapter 9, for a special exception under Subtitle E § 5201 from the minimum closed court requirements of Subtitle E § 203.1, and under Subtitle E§§ 205.5 and 5201, from the rear addition requirements of Subtitle E § 205.4, to construct a third story addition and a three-story rear addition to an existing four-unit apartment building in the RF-1 Zone at premises 416 Evarts Street, N.E. (Square 3638, Lot 82). " Preservation DC LLC wants to: Construct four ~2400 sq ft 4-bed/4-bath condos (the existing four units are ~750 sq ft each) Add a rear addition (48 feet longer than allowed) Add a third story with a rooftop deck Remove most (or all) of the trees Dig out a basement level Avoid having the required size of a closed court (outdoor space) Provide only 4 parking spaces for potentially 16 people  The Zoning Rules exist to protect neighborhoods by making sure developments don’t negatively impact their neighbors and their quality of life and to preserve a neighborhood’s character.  If built, this enormous building would: Cause privacy issues (multiple windows and a rooftop deck overlooking neighbors' patios and backyards)  Block sunlight and cast shadows over patios and backyards Possibly cause drainage issues Remove several trees Potentially create a parking shortage on the street due to the large number of tenants Negatively affect neighboring property values  Open the door to overdevelopment in our neighborhood. The Zoning Board (BZA) hasn't ruled on a variance like this in our neighborhood before. We want development to happen, but we think that it should follow the specific zoning laws that our city has established. The rules are there for a reason. To review the plans go to: (Enter Case #20022) We can take action to make sure this development is not approved! There are several ways your voice can be heard: Sign this petition. Submit a letter to the BZA (recommended). It will become part of the record: Be sure the subject reads: "Comment in Opposition: Case #20022 - Preservation DC LLC".  Include your name, address, phone number and a comment as to why you oppose the development. Attend the ANC meeting on Tuesday, June 18th at 6:30pm at the Inspired Teaching School, where the developer will be giving a presentation. If we can demonstrate to the ANC that there is real opposition it can submit a recommendation against the proposal to the BZA. The BZA gives special weight to the ANC's opinion. Express your opinion at the BZA Hearing on June 26th

Dori Hadar
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