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Petition to Johns Creek Planning Commission

Reject proposed residential development at 11085 State Bridge Road in Johns Creek, GA.

We, residents of the city of Johns Creek, request the city to deny a proposal to put in a new 12-home subdivision at 11085 State Bridge Road. The proposal will have a direct and negative impact on the Long Indian Creek neighborhood. The planned development also runs contrary to the city's adopted 2030 comprehensive plan for the Ocee Community of Johns Creek. We ask that the city protect the area's aesthetics and value by rejecting the plan based on the following concerns: 1) The plan seeks to greatly reduce the city's current minimum of a 40-foot perimeter setback to just 5-feet along the eastern property line. For current homes along Braided Blanket Bluff and Indian Village Drive this would mean having to look out at 3-story residences directly behind their properties. This could have a severe, negative impact on the property values of these lots.  2) The proposal seeks to allow for 4.16 dwellings per acre. According to the city's own adopted 2030 comprehensive plan for the Ocee Community, "New infill housing developments should be limited to single-family detached units up to three units/acre and three stories in height. This proposal, therefore, violates the city's comprehensive plan.  3) The request asks the city to reduce the spacing between the new homes from the current minimum of 14 feet to 10 feet. There is no valid reason for the exemption to be granted except to 'jam' in more homes. 4) With additional vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the intersection of Indian Village Drive and State Bridge Road will become even more hazardous. During peak traffic times it is often difficult to exit Indian Village Drive onto State Bridge. This will also likely increase the number of u-turns at this intersection as residents of the new subdivision traveling westbound would have to make a u-turn at the intersection in order to enter the development. Additionally, there are no pedestrian crosswalks or safety measures currently in place for pedestrians to cross State Bridge Road at this intersection. 5) In a 2013 interview with Johns Creek Patch, Mayor Mike Bodker stated "With our current tax base currently weighted so heavily towards residential uses, it is difficult to make long term investments in our city that will not force us to consider raising taxes to fund. I have fought against and continue to fight raising taxes and feel that the best way to avoid that outcome is to focus on economic development with an eye toward bringing more non-residential uses to Johns Creek. Economic development can come in the form of expansion of existing businesses as well as carefully focused effort to attract new businesses that ideally will enhance what is offered to our residents" Rezoning this land from C-1 to R5-A runs directly counter to that argument. Therefore, we ask that the city deny this proposal and act in the best interests of its residents. Further Resources: Development Plan: Site Plan: Public Input Meeting: Thursday, October 4 at 7 PM – 8 PM11445 Johns Creek Pkwy, Duluth, GA 30097-1519, United States Planning Commission Public Calendar Contacts:  Johns Creek Planning Commission (  Johns Creek City Council ( City Case Planner, Yang Chen

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Petition to Dave Eggers, Pat Gerard, Janet Long, Charlie Justice, Karen Williams Seel, Kenneth T. Welch, Jay J. Beyrouti


The developer of the self-storage building WITHDREW their request to re-zone the property due to our community’s overwhelming outrage. HOWEVER, we still want to ask the County to purchase the 5 acres of natural land for a passive park. Please attend the meeting on Tuesday, August 21st, so we can make a persuasive request while we still have their full attention. We will be speaking under the “Citizens to be Heard” section of the Commission meeting. Please be there by 2:30 pm.  The Commissioners have received over 300 letters, 866 signed petitions and nearly 1800 online petitions supporting this effort. If we do nothing, the land could be developed by someone else. The community wants this greenspace. Let’s make it happen. Thank you. ===============The following was the previous situation============= On July 12, 2018, the Local Planning Agency UNANIMOUSLY denied the request from Bayou Development Inc. who wants to build a 3-story 40-foot high 121,920 S.F. Self Storage on 5-acres of land between the Sutherland Bayou Boat Ramp and Missouri Avenue.  Over 2,674 people signed petitions (online and hardcopy), wrote emails and/or attended meetings to express their opposition to this change in zoning from Residential, which allows up to 25 homes on the parcel, to Light Manufacturing and Industrial, to allow for the building of a large Storage Facility. HOWEVER, the final decision will be made by the Board of County Commissioners on August 21st, 2018 (at the Assembly Room, 315 Court Street, 5th floor, Clearwater).  At this meeting, the community will ask the County to purchase the land for a passive park. The proposed gigantic building would forever change the small town community feel of Old Palm Harbor, Crystal Beach and Ozona.  There are no other 3-story Industrial Building along the PinellasTrail from Dunedin to Tarpon Springs. If this is passed and built, it will set a precedent for all types of industrial properties to be built on residential properties in the future. Only residents within 600 feet received a mailed, written notification of these proposed changes. (The County did post it in the paper and does have small signage on the parcel.)  We believe that the larger community should be made aware of this pending change since it could have a detrimental impact on our community.  We would like to see the County purchase the property and turn it into a passive park. The community is encouraged to attend this final meeting.  The community is still encouraged to email letters and comments to ZONING@PINELLASCOUNTY.ORG or fax letters to 727-453-3256 by August 7, 2018.  You must Reference: Case No Z/LU-12-06-18   Contact the Planning office at 727-464-3583, if you have any questions.  #nostoragebuilding

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Petition to Tommy Hunter, Chuck Warbington, Jeff Tullis, Charlotte Nash

OPPOSE-rezoning of 161 townhome/single home development off of Hwy 124 near Mill Creek

Hello All, As you remember, we started a petition community wide back in December 2016 to fight a 230 Townhome (TH) Development on the corner of Spout Springs and Hwy 124. That request for rezoning was denied. Now, a new revised Development has been submitted to the county. The new project has been filed for a 161 mixed unit of townhomes & single homes in a subdivision in the same location. Along with the mixed-use housing, the revised plan has omitted the use of Spout Springs Road as a thoroughfare and allowing only the use of Hwy 124 as its entrance and exits. Please keep this in mind when looking over the new revision. Read & sign the petition and share on your Facebook with the community.  DENY rezoning request of Case# RZR2018-00006 We as a community are signing this petition to show our opposition for the Proposed Development of 161 mixed unit Townhomes and Single-Family homes with an entrance/exit at 4278 Braselton Hwy. We strongly oppose the addition of 112 Townhomes and 49 Single Family homes on 28.94 acres.  We also oppose the precedent that the approval of townhomes will set for this area. Some negative effects on our community are listed: High density housing does not fit in this area, we do not want to set a precedent for more townhomes and apartments 5.55 homes per acre is not acceptable.  R75 and R100 is the predominant zoning in the area Burden on subdivisions entering and exiting Hwy 124 Increase in traffic on Hwy 124 and surrounding roads and infrastructure Burden on an already overcrowded Mill Creek Cluster Burden on Water and Sewer systems Please sign this petition and add a comment, so the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners can read your opinions, they will receive a copy. Copy and paste or click on the link to see the full rezoning application: IMPORTANT DATES: March 23rd: People within 1000ft of rezoning will receive notification letter and yellow sign will go up on propertyMarch 23rd-April 2nd: Department of Planning & Development will submit their recommendation and Project DataApril 9th: Public Meeting, Monday, April 9th at 7:00pm                                   Meeting Location:  Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center                                75 Langley Drive                                Lawrenceville, GA 30046 IMPORTANT EMAILS: Tommy Hunter - District 3 Commissioner                                                           Email: Chuck Warbington - Chairman, Planning Commission District 3                        Email:  Jeff Tullis – Planning Commission District 3            Email:  Charlotte  Nash -Chairman, Gwinnett County Board of CommissionersEmail:

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