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Petition to Tommy Hunter, Chuck Warbington, Jeff Tullis, Charlotte Nash

OPPOSE-rezoning of 161 townhome/single home development off of Hwy 124 near Mill Creek

Hello All, As you remember, we started a petition community wide back in December 2016 to fight a 230 Townhome (TH) Development on the corner of Spout Springs and Hwy 124. That request for rezoning was denied. Now, a new revised Development has been submitted to the county. The new project has been filed for a 161 mixed unit of townhomes & single homes in a subdivision in the same location. Along with the mixed-use housing, the revised plan has omitted the use of Spout Springs Road as a thoroughfare and allowing only the use of Hwy 124 as its entrance and exits. Please keep this in mind when looking over the new revision. Read & sign the petition and share on your Facebook with the community.  DENY rezoning request of Case# RZR2018-00006 We as a community are signing this petition to show our opposition for the Proposed Development of 161 mixed unit Townhomes and Single-Family homes with an entrance/exit at 4278 Braselton Hwy. We strongly oppose the addition of 112 Townhomes and 49 Single Family homes on 28.94 acres.  We also oppose the precedent that the approval of townhomes will set for this area. Some negative effects on our community are listed: High density housing does not fit in this area, we do not want to set a precedent for more townhomes and apartments 5.55 homes per acre is not acceptable.  R75 and R100 is the predominant zoning in the area Burden on subdivisions entering and exiting Hwy 124 Increase in traffic on Hwy 124 and surrounding roads and infrastructure Burden on an already overcrowded Mill Creek Cluster Burden on Water and Sewer systems Please sign this petition and add a comment, so the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners can read your opinions, they will receive a copy. Copy and paste or click on the link to see the full rezoning application: IMPORTANT DATES: March 23rd: People within 1000ft of rezoning will receive notification letter and yellow sign will go up on propertyMarch 23rd-April 2nd: Department of Planning & Development will submit their recommendation and Project DataApril 9th: Public Meeting, Monday, April 9th at 7:00pm                                   Meeting Location:  Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center                                75 Langley Drive                                Lawrenceville, GA 30046 IMPORTANT EMAILS: Tommy Hunter - District 3 Commissioner                                                           Email: Chuck Warbington - Chairman, Planning Commission District 3                        Email:  Jeff Tullis – Planning Commission District 3            Email:  Charlotte  Nash -Chairman, Gwinnett County Board of CommissionersEmail:

Liz Lockard
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Petition to Residents of Washington Township, Mark Hackle, Karen Spranger, Candice Miller, Kathy Bosheers, Lawrence Rocca, Peter Lucido, Dan O'Leary

Remove Dan O'Leary from Washington Township Office

Supervisor Dan O'Leary is not respecting the will of the people. Not only is he using his position to act as a real estate mogul rather than an elected official, but the community is outraged with his environmental violation of wetlands that he failed to disclose to residents for over one year, his continued involvement with Giffles Engineering despite multiple employees being charged with corruption, his obscene amount of legal bills that he has put on the taxpayers' which is now reaching upwards of $35,000 (stemming from when he allegedly sexually harassed a township employee), his multiple failed attempts at suing the Romeo library (losing twice) and racking up over $40,000 in legal fees, his development of the community in a way that is not sustainable, drying out residents' wells without their knowledge, his lack of traffic studies, poor treatment of citizens who attend meetings, and his self-proclaimed "asshole" persona and lack of professionalism. Let's send a message to our local Supervisor that he should step down from his position or be recalled. It is not appropriate for elected officials to act in such a matter that is fiscally and ethically burdensome to the community.  We are asking Mr. O'Leary to step down from the Supervisor position. If he does not step down we will seek a recall once he has hit the one year mark of his term. We will need physical signatures from the community. 

Concerned Washington Township Residents
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Petition to City Council, Donald Wagner, Lynn Schott, Melissa Fox, Jeffrey Lalloway, Christina Shea, Anthony Kuo, Susan Emery, Sean Joyce, Planning Commission, Dustin Nirschl

Protect the Rights of Irvine Residents; Demand the City put its People *BEFORE* Developers

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 6/13/17:  Thanks to our supporters, significant progress has been made!  The Irvine Company has proposed to move the Safari Substation to an alternative site that is acceptable to both the City of Irvine and the Spectrum 5 community (  We are now asking Southern California Edison to agree with the proposal.  Please SIGN OUR PETITION and come to the Safari Substation Public Discussion on Tuesday, 6/27/17 @ 4:00PM to show your support.  For more information, please read the Petition Updates posted below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Call on the Irvine City Council to continue taking decisive action on behalf of the people of Irvine! The Spectrum 5 community originally came together to stop Southern California Edison (SCE) and The Irvine Company from dropping a high-voltage electrical substation in the middle of our fully built-out community.  After nearly 1-1/2 years of petitioning the Irvine City Council and Planning Commission, we have obtained the support of the City Council. Now both The Irvine Company and SCE are speaking to us about alternatives for the Safari Substation.  This is the kind of resident-city-utility-developer dialogue we have been asking for since the beginning. Please sign our petition to let the City Council and City staff know that we appreciate and support their initiative in getting the Safari Substation moved to a safe and compatible location. WEBSITE:           www.NoSubstation.comFACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:         #NoSubstation Original petition content...
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