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Stop the sale of Colne Valley’s Peter Brook Centre (the Cottage) in North Wales

Decision makers at Colne Valley High School are attempting to sell the much loved Peter Brook Centre in North Wales, also known as the “school cottage.” The PBC is a Field Studies Centre in North Wales held in trust for the school and young people of the broader Colne Valley. Many of the current pupils and their parents are not even aware that Colne Valley High School has access to this valuable and unique resource due to shameful neglect over recent years. Friends of the PBC are strongly against this disgraceful action and are fighting for it to be reinstated to its original purpose. To sell this cottage is to directly and consciously deprive young people of the community of their heritage and wider educational experience. It will deprive pupils from lower income families of a valuable low cost recreational asset. Help us retain this legacy for current and future generations. *************** Use of the PBC by CVHS pupils declined from 2001; this coupled with neglect and failure by the Trustees to maintain the facility led to the Centre being closed in 2015 on Health & Safety grounds.  Nothing has been done by the Trust since the closure to address the Health & Safety issues and they have recently stated it is their intention to sell. This denies even the few local youth groups who were aware of this incredible asset the ability to use it. The Peter Brook Centre was purchased in 1974 through the fundraising efforts of pupils, staff and the people of the Colne Valley to commemorate a member of staff who was tragically killed in a climbing accident. It can accommodate 15 people and additional staff and is located close to Snowdonia National Park. It was extended and improved in 1983 by the addition of a classroom named after Ian Roberts, another member of staff who died climbing in the Dolomites. For a regular comprehensive school in the state sector to have such a facility is rare and something in which to take pride. For more than 30 years trips ran regularly allowing all pupils the opportunity to visit. There were subject-specific field trips and it was also used by Duke of Edinburgh award participants. The cooperation and goodwill of staff enabled thousands of Colne Valley pupils to experience a residential visit, and because the Centre is owned in Trust on behalf of the school and young people of the Colne Valley, costs are minimal allowing EVERYONE the opportunity to benefit, not just those from higher-income families. There are pockets of significant social deprivation in the Colne Valley area with some postcodes being amongst the 10% most deprived in the whole of England and Wales based on government data. People here have limited disposable income to pay for the kind of residential trip run by commercial providers that many schools use. Accommodation costs for a directly owned centre can be as low as £15 per learner per day making this a much more affordable option for many families. The PBC once provided the opportunity for affordable school trips – and could do so again. To sell this cottage is to directly and consciously deprive pupils from lower income families of a valuable part of their education. It further directly contradicts the spirit in which the PBC was founded. *************** Friends of the Peter Brook Centre is an organisation of enthusiastic volunteers with a range of skills, talents and experience who wish to assist CVHS in retaining, reinstating and maintaining this asset; bring the Centre back into full use; enhance and continue the facilities for the education and recreation of the people of the Colne Valley. For further information on the aims and activity of this group please see The Friends of the Peter Brook Centre on Facebook. Please help us ensure that future generations are not denied their legacy.  Please sign our petition and support our call for change: Stop the sale of Colne Valley’s Peter Brook Centre in North Wales Demand the current Trustees of the Peter Brook Centre engage in bringing the centre back into use Insist that additional Trustees be appointed to ensure a positive and sustainable future for the legacy they have been entrusted    

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Petition to Peter Box CBE

Wakefield Council - Keep The Managers on Wintersett Lakes

In the grand scheme of things, our cause is not an important one. (Natural disasters, wars, life threatening illnesses etc:)  But a lovely guest asked me to set up a petition here too - so that people have all sorts of ways to let Wakefield Council know that having the opportunity to come stay here is very important to them. They  (you) care about the right to spend time in the countryside in a safe, welcoming way.  The current planning system has lots of hurdles to jump through, designed to protect green belt. We all want that.  The planning system is not there however to make it 'impossible' for people like us to provide access to green belt in ways that you want.  Green belt  belongs to us all, and sharing the privilege of living here,  in a way that respects others and allows us to try and make the  experience  of staying here as good and safe as we  possibly can  is what the planning system can facilitate if local Councils want to support it. We need  to stay here in  our mobile home to enable others to stay here in that safe,welcoming way. The Council have the power to make the decision to support or  oppose us in providing this essential quality service for you. You - our guests and potential guests  have presented them with very robust justification of why we need to be here on site, on hand  for you  and  for Wakefield's reputation as a supporter  of quality tourism. Wakefield Council call themselves a listening Council - You are asking them to listen to you!

Jackie Avison
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