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Mountain Bike Trails in Door County

Please sign this petition if you would like to see purpose built, single track mountain biking trails in Door County!   Door County Silent Sports Alliance maintains that recreation is important for all aspects of life and indeed forms a lifestyle.  In Door County we are blessed with a multitude of parks and waters to recreate on.  However, one of the major silent sports is noticeably absent on the peninsula, and that is mountain biking. DCSSA is currently working with national and regional trail building and advocacy experts, and local property managers and officials, to establish a county-wide purpose built trail system in Door County that will appeal to everyone. Even though mountain biking is the driving force behind these trails, the majority of trails planned would support and appeal to multiple user groups such as walkers, hikers, runners, snowshoers, and fat bikers.   Mountain biking has stimulated the economy in numerous areas where high quality trail systems have been built. There are several areas in the Midwest that have benefited substantially from this approach by establishing and executing on plans to draw mountain bike tourists. A few of these are Duluth (MN), Marquette (MI), Copper Harbor (MI), and the Cable (WI) area trail systems, all of which have earned IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) Ride Center designations which are recognized and promoted world wide. Door County already has the all the existing infrastructure and attractions to capitalize on the enhanced tourist visits. Door County residents, tourists, and businesses could benefit greatly from the added tourist draw, especially since these types of trails will draw tourists in the critical shoulder and winter seasons.    Not only are the trails instrumental in redirecting local young people from inside to outside and healthier pursuits, but also to the local business owner, who will see the dramatic effect that a high quality, well planned trail system has in increasing tourism. Benefits of a trail system are many, and effect a wide spectrum of the local population.   Whether you are a parent concerned about you children’s health, a teen who wants to be able to bike on fun, purpose built trails, or someone who would use the new trails for walking or snowshoeing, please help spread the word. Business owners, add your support and help draw bike tourists during the critical shoulder seasons and attract winter fat bike and snowshoe tourists.   YOUR support is critical in the success of our mission.  Please sign this petition if you would like to see more purpose built, single track mountain biking trails in Door County!

Chris Miller
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Petition to Bloomington, MN City Council, Tom Landwehr - Commissioner - Minnesota DNR

Stop the plan to put a paved trail in the Minnesota River Valley between the Bloomington Ferry Bridge and the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge.

Many of us are concerned about the future of the trails that currently exist along the banks of the Minnesota River.  We would like to see these trails preserved in their current natural state, improved and expanded into a network of natural surface trails.  Please read the following statement and consider adding your name in support.  The petition will be presented to the various government land managers and elected officials who will soon be deciding the fate of the river trails. STATEMENT OF SUPPORT:  We believe that the Minnesota Valley Trail from the vicinity of Old Cedar Avenue to the former Bloomington Ferry Bridge trailhead should be designated, developed and preserved as a natural surface multi-use trail open to hiker, runners, cyclists and nature lovers.  The only needed improvements to the already existing natural surface trail should be restroom facilities as well as bridges, culverts and boardwalks to provide environmentally acceptable stream and drainage crossings.  Some minor re-routing and surface maintenance work may also be required to minimize rutting, erosion and pothole formation in the trail surface. Improving and maintaining the existing natural surface trail would have almost no environmental impact and there would be only minimal costs associated with such a trail.  We believe that a natural trail would be more appropriate for the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and more in keeping with the activities of the users of the entire area.  This area is subject to periodic severe flooding and any asphalt, graded gravel or crushed limestone surface would require frequent and expensive re-building with adverse effects on the Refuge and the environment.  

Stephen Boyd
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Petition to Louisiana State House, Louisiana State Senate

Louisiana Public Elementary Students Need Recess

We would like to petition the Louisiana State Legislators to pass a bill that would guarantee all Louisiana public school students in preschool, kindergarten, and grades one through six have recess periods of supervised, unstructured activity time, preferably outdoors, 5 days per week, for a minimum of 20 minutes a day (as recommended by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention). The benefit that this would provide for our students is undeniable. Some Louisiana schools do provide a break during the day but many do not. I find this to be unacceptable, not only for my 8 year old daughter who has only had two free-play breaks so far this entire school year, but for all of the elementary students in our state. Louisiana children as young as 3 and 4 are being denied free play time in school. This is not just ill conceived, it is potentially extremely harmful. The American Academy of Pediatrics, Council on School Health issued a policy statement in 2013 about The Crucial Role of Recess in School. According to the statement, they are very concerned about the widespread reallocation of daily activity time in school in favor of additional academic instruction. They believe that “recess is a crucial and necessary component of a child’s development and, as such, it should not be withheld for punitive or academic reasons.” “Just as physical education and physical fitness have well-recognized benefits for personal and academic performance, recess offers its own, unique benefits. Recess represents an essential, planned respite from rigorous cognitive tasks. It affords a time to rest, play, imagine, think, move, and socialize. After recess, for children or after a corresponding break time for adolescents, students are more attentive and better able to perform cognitively. In addition, recess helps young children to develop social skills that are otherwise not acquired in the more structured classroom environment. “ The American Academy of Pediatrics<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Of course, the AAP is not alone. This 2014 policy brief from the CDC on Supporting Recess in Elementary Schools is pretty clear about their position on the subject as well. “Recess provides students with a needed break from their structured school day. It can improve children’s physical, social, and emotional well-being, and enhance learning. Recess helps children meet the goal of 60 minutes of physical activity (PA) each day, as recommended by the US Department of Health and Human Services. National organizations (e.g., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics) recommend that districts provide at least 20 minutes of daily recess for all students in elementary schools.” <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Thank you for considering the proposed legislation. It truly would be beneficial to the young children of our state. ______________________________________________For additional information and research supporting the value of recess for young students please view the following sources. Recess and Social DevelopmentEarly Childhood News <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>   Does Better Recess Equal a Better School Day? Robert Wood Johnson Foundation <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Recess – It’s Indespensable!The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> School Recess Offers Benefits to Student Well-being Stanford Report <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>  

Jaime Havard
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Petition to Tom Casperson


This petition is regarding Lumber Sale Number: 12-064-16-01 (Bear Camp SBW) The Picture above is the Forest Scheduled to be CLEAR CUT, it is growing lush and green, hardly a forest devastated by the bud worm. Michigan's DNR is CLEAR CUTTING/DE-FORESTING Thousands of Acres of Public Lands in Upper Michigan in the name of PROFIT. They claim that they need to clear cut harvest the lumber while there is still value. I understand that the spruce bud worm damages balsam fir and may also damage and feed on black spruce, tamarack, pine and hemlock trees when they are in stands with balsam fir or white spruce, but these species generally suffer less damage.  I see no reason why the DNR is CLEAR CUTTING: ASPEN, BIRCH, CHERRY AND MAPLE. There is NO reason for this type of Deforestation in the year 2016.   There are many ways to manage the forest other than CLEAR CUTTING it just takes a little thought and a comprehensive plan.  The Real Value in Michigan's Forests is not the timber value but rather in their beauty and what that beauty brings. CLEAR CUTTING Michigan's Forests may put some short time money in the states pocket but in the long term it will cost the State (especially in the U.P.) millions of dollars in lost tourism, and hunting and fishing revenues, not to mention the lost beauty for generations of Michigan Property Owners. The deforestation of this area will also diminish the Property Values of all property owners as we depend upon hunting, fishing and beauty of  Upper Michigan to bring Hunters, Fisherman, Boaters, Tourism for the Colors etc...  I want be able to enjoy the beauty of Upper Michigan with my children and grandchildren to in a natural forest with large trees not just new growth pine trees and brush which resembles a tree farm.  Deforestation also lowers the animal population in the natural forest environment and forces deer, bear, etc.. into populated areas where they can become a nuisance and cause real property damage thus costing farmers and residents thousands of dollars each year.  Wildlife in populated areas also causes many auto accidents and even the loss of pets from coyotes and wolves. All I am petitioning the Michigan State DNR to take the time to conduct Responsible Forest Management and not to CLEAR CUT the forest.  There is no reason for the removal of hardwoods and/or ASPEN, BIRCH, CHERRY and MAPLE trees do to Spruce Bud Worm damage. The DNR can easily  re-write the bid specifications and leave the hardwoods and other trees unaffected by the spruce bud worms. The Forest that you are about to CLEAR CUT is the year round home to many Deer, Moose, and Black bears, Grouse, Woodpeckers and many other animal and bird species and without this forest they will be gone for several generations. Sportsman, Nature Lovers, Environmentalists, and anyone who just enjoys the Natural Woods, Please endorse this petition.  Sincerely, David Rassel

David Rassel
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