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Extend Thanksgiving Break

Festive periods are the absolute best every year no doubt. But usually they are a bit sort and not immense. Thanksgiving Break should be extended to a 2 week break period. This will be necessary due to the fact that a majority of students and workers are constantly overworked in either classrooms or at  their daily jobs, and for the most part we all need an extensive time to rest and recuperate. For example I go to school 5 times a week for 12 hours (8 hours of school + 4 hours of soccer practice) so in total I am occupied at school for approximately 60 hours a week. And with that being said I barely have time to conversate or hang  amongst my family on a consistent basis, I am full on homework and more. So with this break we are imposing it will bring upon a better/ longer time with your family and especially more time for yourself and relaxation. Breaks are very key to your body and your brain. On []states that breaks reduces stress and increases productivity, as well as boosts the function of the brain, helps develop social skills. About eight in 10 Americans say they frequently (44%) or sometimes (35%) encounter stress in their daily lives. Just 17% say they rarely feel stressed, while 4% say they never do. This is from [], stress is  very common among loads of people. So with the 2 week Thanksgiving Break it can help folks relax and ease their mindsets from any on going stress. The cite [] says that the benefits of breaks helps, refocus on your goals, and a creativity boost. Actions are doing are that the Student Government Association Senate passed on Jan. 17 supporting a two day extension to Thanksgiving Break. The problem with this is that it is proposing that Monday and Tuesday are off which affects the students/ workers  sleep schedule. As well as it’ll cause a low attendance rate the following day when the students come back on Wednesday. With students being absent also means they miss out on critical learning and now they are behind on the topic. The 2 week break will mean students/workers will come back on Monday the beginning of the week ready to go with a fresh mentality and somewhat  stress free

Deegan Doucoure & Armon Cole
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