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Petition to Honorable Henry McMaster

SC Governor needs to annul a judgment of no-fault eviction against an innocent homeowner

 Please do not contribute money to this cause. I am a 73-yr old medically disabled retired civil servant & still practicing Christian minister who a judge in N Charleston SC court suggested to the Mobile Home Park owner, after he lost his first attempt at eviction for bogus reasons in December 2019, that he should try the expired lease agreement clause as his new legal reason for evicting me; which he did and to which, unsurprisingly, she approved     And, many months & several hearings later decides she states it would be absurd to think a landowner couldn't evict a blameless person like me of my home of 23 years on this very narrow interpretation of the 30-day notice agreement.  She believes it would be more absurd to allow me to stay until I violate one of the eight conditions for eviction.  Even then the law allows a 14-day period to make amends.    This is clearly not a just reason for an unwanted eviction of an elderly disabled minister.  The 3 other laws that specifically relate to eviction say there has to be a violation of 1 or more of the 8 rules found in a standard mobile home lease.    These rules say a reason is needed for an unwanted eviction and 14 days to remedy the problem before eviction is enforced. The landlord demands I sign his new lease which denies me my former freedoms.    The court should not allow him to treat me like I'm on parole for a crime I committed by demanding my agreement when the law doesn't require it in order for me to stay.   I am in very poor health and the stress of this is literally killing me.  All confirmable details are available within the ensuing updates.  Thank you for your compassion.

Russell Thomas Crawford
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