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Petition to Lake Oswego City Council

Let's create Hallinan Nature Park - Lake Oswego, OR.

Hallinan Woods is an existing, 3.75-acre natural area owned by the city, just north of Hallinan Elementary School in Lake Oswego. Every day, dozens of children and residents walk this path, listening to the creek flow and the birds chirp. Residents young and old say they love this little natural corner of the neighborhood. It offers a daily dose of nature, which research shows increases happiness, improves health, and extends lifespans.  But the experience at Hallinan Woods is at risk, due to a proposed housing development on 2 acres that border the woods. Building houses on this property, right next to Hallinan Woods, would degrade Hallinan Woods and the natural experiences people have in the woods. This property is perfectly situated to serve a higher purpose. Join us in asking the Lake Oswego City Council to slow down and consider adding the property to the existing Hallinan Woods. In doing so, we would create a nearly 6-acre natural area that provides more opportunities for children and adults to get into nature and learn about wildlife, native species, and ecology via classes, kiosks, and stewardship events. Instead of rubber stamping more houses in an area flush with houses but low on open space and natural learning opportunities, join us and ask Lake Oswego City Council to slow down and listen to neighbors. Sign our petition to create the Hallinan Woods Nature Park – for our children, for wildlife, for water, and for our Lake Oswego way of life. Learn more at 

Natalie Bennon
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Petition to Oregon State Senate, Oregon State House, Kate Brown, Sara Gelser

Oregon students want common sense gun control before another shooting

I am a second-year student at Oregon State University, and on February 27th, 2018, a former OSU student made violent threats on Twitter against the university. In light of the shooting in Florida barely two weeks ago, my peers, professors and I were terrified at the possibility of a repeat of the appalling shootings we've seen in the U.S. over the past months and years. I hope it doesn't take knowing a victim personally to show us that we must act. I am asking for common sense gun legislation so that I can pursue my education without worrying about someone performing an attack on my campus, or at any institution in my state. With Congress split along party lines, I am calling for leadership in the state of Oregon to recognize the gravity of this issue. The Oregon legislature already passed a ban on sales to domestic violence offenders, but we need to prioritize further restrictions, especially on assault rifles, namely AR-15s. A list of policies I would like to see implemented are: 14-day waiting period No sales by private owners No sales at gun shows 10 rounds magazine limits No bump stocks No cranks Licenses for all arms Child lock requirements Minimum age at purchase at 21 Assault rifle ban I hope we don’t need to see any children or students die from another shooting here in Oregon, or anywhere else, before we decide that we can make changes to save lives. In the land of the free, I should be able to pursue my education without fearing senseless murder. Please sign and share this petition for the students and educators of Oregon.

Madeleine Smith
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