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Petition to CNN , SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Jerry Brown, California State Senate

Help seaworld's orcas!

Captive orcas definitely need more space than they have, as there are multiple issues that their current tanks have which could be harming their mental and physical health. But, as sea pens have the same contaminants as the ocean (which most of the orcas have never experienced before) has, a good idea would be to make large,manmade saltwater lakes at marine parks. Unfortunately, the current options are limited for Orcas living in captive environments. This petition is a proposal for new enclosures for Orcas living in captivity at Seaworld (just saying, one wouldn't actually be at seaworld). Seeing as this is a multifaceted issue with many key players, no one size fits all approach is guaranteed to work. Here are two plausible solutions. The first approach would be to build large lagoons at seaworld that replicate the wild and make the orcas feel a little less claustrophobic. The second approach is a backup plan which would happen if seaworld does not accept to build these lakes (which is quite unlikely as I have some financial plans below) which would be a giant, saltwater lake somewhere in Dover county Delaware. As you probably need more information on this project, here is a google docs link to a five page proposal to all of the people who I am petitioning (but I have to warn you, you have to read the whole thing for it to make sense): Basic cost analysis: Concept art: Please, show compassion to the orcas and other animals at seaworld by signing this petition, as it is the only way for the orcas to finally gain what they deserve and not have to sit in their current concrete tanks for the rest of their lives. It might seem silly as this might seem silly as it is still "captivity". But just remember, this is literally the only way for them to even partly experience how it is like for them in the wild. 

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Petition to Joel Manby, Brad Andrews, Chris Dold, Dan Brown

SeaWorld: End Your Dolphin Breeding Program!

SeaWorld has announced that they will be ending their captive orca breeding program. We applaud them for their decision and thank them for doing the right thing. We now urge them to end their dolphin breeding program, and keep heading in the right direction to a captive mammal-free park (with the exception of TRUE rescue)! Dolphins in captivity live in sterile crowded environments, often forced to perform several times a day for food. Some of the dolphins at SeaWorld are also forced to participate in swim-with programs. [Click here to learn more about swim-with-dolphin programs and why they are bad for dolphins AND people.] Dolphin captivity also teaches children that it is okay for us take large, intelligent mammals and force them to do what we think is best. We should be teaching our children about conservation and protection instead, as well as the many threats that all marine-life face in our dying oceans. SeaWorld claims that their breeding programs help to save dolphins from the drive-hunts in Taiji, while partially true as currently do not purchase these animals from Japan, they are still participating in holding these animals captive. SeaWorld is setting an example to other captive facilities around the world by breeding and keeping these animals in tanks. They should be showing the rest of the world that they can change their business model and be successful! We are asking SeaWorld to give the same treatment of their captive orcas to the dolphin breeding program. It's time to phase out the dolphin shows and the breeding program. They are continually making amazing drastic steps to improve the parks and the well-being of the animals in their care. We would love to see them include dolphins in any future plans. Some of the dolphins could also be released back into the wild, which would further promote their rescue and rehabilitation plans. It would truly speak volumes to see them do the right thing again! As we said in our last petition regarding the orca program, the only true way to end captivity is to end the breeding program! Please do the right thing for the dolphin in your care! Sources: Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project Animal Welfare Institute  Captive Animals Protection Society

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Petition to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Texas Governor, Florida Governor

Seaworld Bring Back Orca Breeding to San Antonio and Orlando

Last year on March 17, Seaworld announced that it would stop its breeding program across the United States. This has made activist happy but they are not satisfied. As a result, they wont stop protesting against Seaworld and continue to make efforts for the public to not go to the parks. These are obviously negative effects that the decision to stop breeding has caused. The decision has also caused a negative effect on Seaworld supporters. They feel as if all the hard work to defend Seaworld was a wasted time. This has resulted in even Seaworld's own supporters not going to the parks. This decision has not only had a negative effect on attendance but also in research. Scientist that would study killer whales in your parks will not be able to do that in the future. As Noren said in respect to a study that she was going to publish about killer whale births; "It's really difficult to publish with one. I really was hoping for a couple more, but that is what it is." I do not believe our scientist should have to settle for less in respects to research. We, as supporters, are satistfied with the change of the theatrical shows to more educational orca encounters,but we are not happy with breeding being stopped as it is the animal's own right. I know that breeding in California is illegal so this is why I, and many supporters, are asking you to please change your decision in your Texas and Florida parks. We guarantee that you will see an increase in attendance by Seaworld supporters,be thanked by scientist and researchers, and be able to inspire the next generation of aspiring animal care takers around the nation. Thank you for reading my petition.  

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