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Petition to Hawaii Governor

Stop TMT Construction and Arrests of Mauna Kea Protectors

 Aloha Governor Ige, We, the undersigned, are in support of the letter submitted to you by the Mauna Kea Hui dated April 1, 2015.  We accordingly urge you to do the following: • Immediately halt all TMT-related construction on Mauna Kea.• Immediately stop all arrests and other interference with those standing in protection of Mauna Kea. • Upon thorough review of the facts presented to you, revoke the CDUA that was wrongfully issued to the TMT project, and protect Mauna Kea from further destructive development from here on. We urge you to act in the spirit of ALOHA, in accordance with the laws of the State of Hawaiʻi and international standards protecting indigenous peoples, the environment, and Mother Earth, to take expedient action in this matter. Truly respecting the host culture of this land means respecting the sacred places that that culture has held in reverence for millennia.  Doing so lays a good foundation for genuine healing of the longstanding historic wrongs that continue to affect the well-being of everyone in Hawaiʻi.  You have an opportunity to begin a great healing process right now, and to turn the future of Hawai'i toward one that is truly pono. We urge you to take this opportunity, for all of Hawaiʻi and the world. Please protect Mauna Kea.Additional Links:Online Photo March, showing worldwide and local support for Mauna Kea.Kahea Resources and Documents relating to Mauna KeaCease and Desist Request filed on March 31, 2015 by E. Kalani FloresLetter to Governor Ige from Mauna Kea Hui delivered on April 1, 2015List of Online Information Links for Mauna Kea (continually updated)

Protect Mauna Kea
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Petition to Zionsville Plan Commission

Vote no to a PUD at 2nd and Sycamore in 2016 - read on for 2019 update

**2019 UPDATE  - there is another PUD being proposed for the same location, but larger with more apartments.  To oppose this development please visit:   A PUD request has been filed with the Zionsville Plan Commission to build commercial and multifamily units on 4.32 acres in the neighborhood area of the Village of Zionsville. The 55 foot high apartments and houses in "200 West" are expected to generate more than 2000 trips daily on these streets (W. Sycamore between 2nd and 3rd Streets). How would that affect traffic on 1st Street and Zionsville Road? Granting a PUD allows the builder to create whatever they want, with no additional plan approval or need to adhere to town policies. It’s carte blanche.  The plan commission will meet again on June 20. While requests have been made to see examples of the developer's other projects, none have been provided. There have been four public meetings about this project and the developer has attended only one. What can you do? 1) Please sign the petition to ask that the plan commission vote “no” to this. 2) Write a letter to the Plan Commission and submit to: Plan Commission Members, c/o Town Hall, 1100 West Oak Street, Zionsville, IN 46077. 3) Attend the meeting Tuesday, June 20, at town hall at 7 pm 4) Visit for news about the project, the definition of a PUD and more.  

Zionsville Neighborhood Action Group
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Petition to Tom Tidwell

Stop the destruction of Wolf Creek Pass, an irreplaceable Colorado treasure

Wolf Creek Pass in southwestern Colorado forms the pristine headwaters of the Rio Grande and San Juan Rivers. Bridging the South San Juan and Weminuche Wilderness Areas, the pass is beloved for stunning vistas and ample opportunities for backcountry recreation along the Continental Divide. It is also one of the most biologically-important areas in the Southern Rockies, providing habitat and migration pathways for elk, deer, black bear and the threatened Canada lynx. In fact, Wolf Creek Pass hosts some of the best remaining, critical and high-functioning lynx habitat in the state. Recently, the U.S. Forest Service approved a land exchange with a private developer, which will set the stage for a large scale development – 8,000 year round residents in over 1,700 units -- in some of the most important wildlife habitat in the heart of West. Impacts of the proposed development threaten local businesses in nearby Archuleta and Rio Grande Counties, unspoiled backcountry recreation opportunities along the Continental Divide, water supply and water quality for downstream communities, rare and ecologically valuable fen wetlands, one of the most critical wildlife corridors in the Southern Rocky Mountains, and the scenic beauty of our Colorado wild spaces. Please tell USDA Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell to stop the destruction of Wolf Creek Pass, an irreplaceable Colorado treasure.

Rocky Mountain Wild
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