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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, Peter Milczyn, Eric Hoskins, Michael Coteau, Deb Matthews, Patrick Brown, Andrea Horwath, Mike Schreiner

Make Ontario a world leader in social assistance and income security!

Poverty costs taxpayers an estimated $32-to-38-billion per year. It is expensive because those living in poverty have higher rates of chronic disease, mental health, injury, involvement in the criminal justice system, and lost economic productivity. Unfortunately, our social assistance programs are both dysfunctional and inadequate to address the issue. Our social assistance programs leave Ontarians in poverty. In 2014, a single adult on ODSP received on average a total benefit income of $14,028 per year; that is $6,783 below the poverty line. A couple with one child on OW received only $25,936 per year, which is $15,686 below the poverty line. On top of this, the system is complex, outdated, and exceedingly challenging for applicants to navigate. In 2016, the provincial government formed the Income Security Reform Working Group and assigned them the daunting task of providing recommendations to transform the social assistance system in our province. On Nov. 2, 2017 the group released its recommendations in the form of a 10-year road map that, if implemented, could make Ontario a world-leader in income security policy. Highlights include: adopting a minimum income standard, expanding and extending universal health benefits for all low-income persons, and transforming the culture of the social assistance program. Even though this report was commissioned by the Liberal government, there have been no promises to follow through on the recommendations. We are asking you to sign this petition today to send a message to Kathleen Wynne, her cabinet leadership, and the leaders of the other provincial parties that it is time for them to collaborate and use these recommendations as a framework for building legislation that will end poverty in Ontario! Its the right thing to do for our budget, our economy, and most importantly out of compassion for those living in poverty every day. Income Security Reform Working Group full report:

Health Providers Against Poverty
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Petition to Mayor's Office, City of Toronto, Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne

A Permanent Solution to Address Food Insecurity in Toronto

Food insecurity is defined as “the inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints" Food Insecurity is a developing public health issue in Canada. "It negatively impacts the physical, mental, and social health of Canadians, and costs the Canadian healthcare system significantly."  In Toronto, Food Insecurity impacts 1 in 8 households.  Traditional methods of food banks, community gardens and cooking classes are often confused with solving the issue of food security. Although helpful to create access to food and skill change, they do not solve the underlying root of the problem, which is poverty. We need a permanent solution Please sign this petition to urge Mayor John Tory to create a lasting solution to those affected by food uncertainty.  Such as:  Expanding the Ontario Basic Income Pilot to Toronto Affordable housing and childcare Providing Higher education and/or job training in the workplace for those who need it Implement a Food Waste Ban to Supermarkets and restaurants Decrease the cost of tuition for University/College students  In an affluent city such as Toronto, it is shocking that almost 13% of households suffer from food uncertainty, Those affected by food Insecurity, are uncertain if they will have food that day; because often times they must pay for rent, medication, babysitting and other expenses. Or even if they get food, it oftentimes is not nutritious, does not meet their dietary needs or is expired. Implementing these initiatives will benefit Canadians and the economy in the long run A nutritious and proper diet is essential for being healthy. Canadians should have access to affordable, accessible and nutritious food no matter their household or level of income.  By signing this issue we are one step closer to creating a permanent solution to the food Insecurity Crisis in Toronto And hopefully, give all Canadians access to safe and nutritious food.   Works Cited:    

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Petition to Hon Kathryn McGarry, MPP, Hon Chris Ballard, MPP

Meridian Brick plans to clear-cut Burlington's forest. Stop them.

PLEASE STOP THE CLEAR CUTTING OF FORESTS IN BURLINGTON, ONTARIO Meridian Brick (formerly Forterra Brick) plans to clear-cut approximately 40 acres of prime forest to expand its commercial shale quarrying operations (the east cell) beside the residential Tyandaga neighbourhood in Burlington, Ontario. I believe that our forests should be protected. I believe that our at-risk and endangered species should be protected. I also believe that quarrying activities contribute to soil erosion, potential health risks, loss of habitat and the degradation of the watershed.  Above all, I believe that our cities and towns should be designed to provide clean and safe environments for all. It is clear to me that residential neighbourhoods should not be built beside quarries and that quarries should not operate beside residential areas because the inhalation of quarry dust can damage the respiratory system. I therefore respectfully urge the Honourable Kathryn McGarry (Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry), and, the Honourable Chris Ballard (Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change), to revoke Meridian Brick’s permission to quarry their east cell. By revoking the permission to quarry this land, the government would demonstrate strong leadership in correcting planning oversights that were made decades ago, long before an understanding of fair and just environmental principles emerged in Ontario law and before the possible health hazards associated with quarry operations were fully appreciated. Cancelling the 44-year old “sleeper” permission to quarry land held by Meridian Brick would save an important and healthy forest, protect habitat for all species, flora and fauna - including those that are at-risk and endangered and help protect Ontario’s watershed and residents’ health.  For more information please visit  and follow us @TECburlington

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