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Petition to SONY

Sony Computer Entertainment: Let Us Change Our PSN Online ID's

Over the years, Sony Computer Entertainment has brought us so many games and exciting new consoles. Playstation has revolutionized the whole gaming industry, epic consoles, so many epic game titles, and most of all, the power of epic online play on the Playstation Network.  The Playstation Network is the best way to play online. With epic titles like Grand Theft Auto 5, Call Of Duty and Need For Speed, it is truly a epic experience like no other. With the ability to have your own username and own custom profile, it makes it more easy to find new friends to play with. It also makes it feel like your own little space on the Playstation Network. With all of that said, we as loyal Playstation fans would like to ask for some change. We would like the ability to Change Our Playstation Network ID's. When we first sign on to the Playstation Network, we make our usernames, but overtime, we would want to change it to something else. Some people also have there names as something funny, but later find it no longer funny. Some people would like to change there names to something that makes them feel professional, not look like there 12 years old. I know that it's there choice at first, but everyone deserves a second chance to show there maturity.  Maybe you could charge us for a new name change. We would be fine with paying any fee to have us change our Playstation Network ID's. Just think of how much money you guys would bank in. Sony, If you would let us change our Playstation Network ID's, we would be very grateful. Since we have been here since the beginning and will always be here, would you please consider this minor new change? Thank You    

Bob Nickles
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Petition to Tim Lebel, Joe Lawandus, Jordan Weisman

Bring back Nanovor!!!

Nanovor was my childhood back in 2009-2010 along with many other 8-13 year-olds. Sadly, the company that founded the game and supported it, Smith and Tinker, went bankrupt along with all the online servers for Nanovor. Since all the servers went out, so did the online game Nanovor and its 2 Million players.  I remember waking up as an 8 year old being so excited  to play Nanovor that I had a jittery feeling just thinking about playing it.  Nanovor is a massively multi-player online card battle video game developed by Smith and Tinker.  In the game you could collect, train, and evolve your Nanovor.(think of it as a revamped Pokemon with more a of  real and scientific feel).Nanovor Wiki Page  Trailer Many people want Nanovor back.  If you go to any site that has the subject Nanovor and the comment box, there are tons of people who want this game back, to relive their childhood as a teen or young adult. How you can help Help me contact members of the Nanovor staff and see if they could give us some parts and pieces of the game and the download file for Nanovor (Game and Installer) so we can rebuild it.  Where you can find some of the staff for Nanovor Tell your friends about it.  Show them some of the 2009 trailers.  I know it may not look the best graphic-wise but the concepts of the game is amazing.Trailer Sign the Petition.  If you could click the button below, that would be amazing.  That would bring me and thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of teens and kids alike, one step closer to reliving our childhood! Spread the word!!!  We want Nanovor back! Goal Me and many others, would like to see this game return or at least a spin off of the the game at some point. With your help, we could hopefully have some portion of the game returned -- such as the solo campaign and the game itself.  We want to show the original creators that we still want the game and they should try their hand at the game again.   Thanks for reading and hopefully signing -Ben :)  

Ben Khuu
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