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Petition to Dr. Renu Khator, University of Houston

Provide more online courses at the University of Houston

Online classes are essential for many of us who live far from campus, have to work extra hours, look after family at home, or cannot attend class due to the rising Covid-19 cases (which many students or those who live with us are vulnerable to). There are many classes that seem to never have an online option (with online exams). You may think, "Those online classes probably ran out of space and are therefore closed." That is not the case. Those classes never existed in the first place. I mean that they never have any online classes for some courses open up at all. They don't exist. You can look up certain courses and find that they don't have any online classes at all, open or closed.  Many of these classes seem to have little to no options for those who need to take the class without being in the actual classroom, or some of the higher level classes have plenty of online classes available, but the prerequisites are only available as in-person or hybrid classes, which is absurd.  This school does a great job with providing students online options for getting their degree, but I wish they did this for more degrees. It depends on the degree you get. Some degrees require certain classes that are never available 100% online, when they can clearly be done online, because all of the assignments can be done on a computer. This means that if you can't go to the actual campus, you can't get certain degrees, because some of the classes required for that degree don't offer online classes at all. This needs to be fixed, so that more classes are accessible to those who can't go on campus for lectures or exams.  I think that we need more online classes than ever, and perhaps in general. Even before Covid-19, online classes have been essential for many adults. 

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