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Petition to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Bring back Hachi's Buy and Sell group with 970k members the largest buy n sell in Facebook

I’m one of the admin of the largest buy and sell community group here in Facebook “Hachi’s Buy and Sell”, with 970,000 members.It was deleted last July 12, 2017 without notice and it comes back again July 13, 2017 after we made a plea for injustice deletion, and now it was deleted AGAIN without a notice, NO CHECKING has been made by one of your staff. Our group is a buy and sell community and we don’t allowed any illegal or posts that will violate Facebook’s community standards, terms and policies. We always follow your guidelines, if such violation has been made by a member which we have no consent, the specific post of such member should be the one that will be deleted, NOT THE ENTIRE GROUP. Hachi’s Buy and Sell has been in Facebook for around 5 years, and it already made a name here in Facebook Philippines interms of Buy and Sell Community. Members of the group have an online businesses and it’s the only place where they post their items and services, and one of your staff in Facebook deleted it like it was nothing! The group is not just for us, but for our members who do business, look for items and services in our group. If you really want to help people to connect with each other, you shouldn’t delete the things that would connect with them, and Hachi’s Buy and Sell is one of that, with 970,000 members, their online businesses will reached all the people all over the Philippines. Now lots of members are asking me why the group has been deleted and I have no answer to reply because I don’t have a power to bring it back again, and you guys only have that. Online businesses and services depends only in our group. If our group won’t be back, lots of businesses won’t get income or would get less buyers like they used to.

Hachi's Buy and Sell
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