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Petition to Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO President)

Urgent Call on the AFL-CIO: Reverse Support for the Dakota Access Pipeline

As trade unionists and social justice activists, we urgently call on the AFL-CIO to reverse its disgraceful support for the Dakota Access Pipeline. DAPL continues more than 500 years of settler-colonialism, dispossession, and genocide against indigenous people in the Americas, who are defending the Earth's vital resources against the same corporate greed, state violence, and repression that violate workers' rights on a daily basis. Like the Black and Brown Lives, Immigrant Rights, Palestinian, and other freedom struggles, the courageous Sioux resistance at Standing Rock has become a worldwide beacon for all who fight injustice. In solidarity, numerous trade union bodies -- including the Amalgamated Transit Union; California Faculty Association; Communications Workers of America; Industrial Workers of the World; IWW Environmental Unionism Caucus; National Nurses United; New York State Nurses Association; National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981; United Electrical Workers; SEIU 503 OPEU; Border Agricultural Workers; and the Labor Coalition for Community Action, which includes the A. Phillip Randolph Institute, the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, the Coalition of Labor Union Women, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, and Pride at Work -- #StandWithStandingRock. Workers' rights are inseparable from indigenous rights. We need decent union jobs that protect, rather than destroy, the Earth -- there are no jobs on a dead planet. An injury to one is an injury to all: #NoDAPL! Labor for Palestine, September 17, 2016 This petition will be delivered to:AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka [When signing, please list trade union and/or other affiliation in the comment box -- then amplify your voice by sharing on social media and promoting on] ===== Labor for Palestine Co-Conveners:Suzanne Adely, U.S.-MENA Global Labor Solidarity Network; Former Staff, Global Organizing Institute, UAW Michael Letwin, Former President, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325 Clarence Thomas, Co-Chair, Million Worker March; Executive Board, ILWU Local 10 (retired) Jaime Veve, Transport Workers Union Local 100, NYC (retired) =====See also:  From Standing Rock to Occupied Jerusalem: We Resist Desecration of our Burial Sites and Colonizing our Indigenous Lands (Palestinian BDS National Committee, September 9, 2016) Open Letter from U.S. Trade Unionists to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: Boycott Apartheid Israel (Labor for Palestine, December 4, 2009) ===== info@laborforpalestine.net =====  

Labor for Palestine
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Petition to Governor John Bel Edwards

Ban Fracking in Louisiana Wetlands

“Where nature performs miracles” is the motto for beautiful Abita Springs, Louisiana. Legend has it Abita was a Native American princess who was healed by the area’s pristine spring water. Now, this water -- the sole source of drinking water for miles around -- and some of the nation’s most sensitive wetlands are in jeopardy because a permit has been granted for fracking just outside our idyllic town. Helis Oil & Gas wants to drill a vertical test that would require filling three acres of wetlands. If the well is fruitful, it will begin drilling horizontally, wiping out far more of some of the last remaining unpolluted waters in Louisiana. Wetlands provide natural buffers to both flooding and drought, and protect against coastal erosion. This is important not only for us locals, but for all Americans. We saw what havoc Hurricane Katrina wrought. We saw it in New York with Sandy. Now is not the time to fill our natural storm buffers with sludge and toxic chemicals. Louisiana has long been an oil and gas state. It has brought many of us money and jobs, and we appreciate it. But fracking comes with extra concerns: let us not forget the well blowouts in Texas. The burning faucet water in Pennsylvania. The earthquakes shaking Oklahoma City. To choose to engage in such dangerous activity on our nation’s precious wetlands is downright irresponsible. America’s last remaining wetlands are a national treasure that belong to the people, not oil and gas. We, the residents of Abita Springs, will not stand by and allow our natural resources to be destroyed. We are urging Governor John Bel Edwards to ban hydraulic fracturing on all of Louisiana’s wetlands. Right now, Louisiana loses a football field’s worth of land every hour, and much of this is due to oil and gas development. According to Abita Springs’ Mayor Greg Lemons, the state agencies that okay-ed the drill site are funded by oil and gas permits. They are not neutral arbiters of what’s best for the people and our environment. We have made several legal attempts to block this permit, but the oil and gas industry are powerful and only one suit remains active in the state’s 1st Circuit Court of Appeals. While that appeal is pending, all work is on hold at the drilling site. But a decision is expected any day now, and it will determine the future of our children, and grandchildren. We have suffered through Hurricane Katrina and the ravages of the BP Oil Spill. Please join us as we fight for our right to drink uncontaminated water, breathe unpolluted air, and protect ourselves from storm damage. Please urge Governor Bel Edwards to ban fracking on precious Louisiana wetlands.

Voices of St Tammany Against Fracking
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Petition to North Dakota Governor, North Dakota State House, North Dakota State Senate, John Hoeven, Kevin Cramer, Heidi Heitkamp, Terrry Dwelle M.D., M.P.H.T.M. State Health Officer, Chuck Hyatt, Doug Burgum

Protect Theodore Roosevelt National Park From Oil Refinery Complex

The National Park Service, National Parks Conservation Association and Coalition to Protect America's National Parks oppose what is perceived as a direct threat to Theodore Roosevelt National Park's Class 1 Air Quality Standards, water quality and image.The Meridian Energy Group has convinced North Dakota's elected officials to rezone more than 725 acres of farmland, located off the eastern border of TRNP's southern unit, to industrial use in order to house their proposed petroleum refinery, a pipeline to this refinery and a BNSF loading terminal.Pictured above is a view of the proposed refinery site from within TRNP southern border, upon Buck Hill. A view many visitors of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota's top tourist site and favorite destination of Teddy himself, enjoy. The only thing keeping smoke stacks from billowing within this view is a final approval from the North Dakota Department of Health. An approval Meridian is confidet in recieving within "120-150 days."The NPS, the CPANP and NPCA not only appose the construction because it would threaten TRNP's Class 1 Air Quality Standard, which is protected under the Clean Air Act. They also fear the refinery, along with the industrialization of the area, will destroy the atmosphere the park offers. Truck traffic will also increase, most certainly adding to traffic accidents and other dangerous situations. In turn, they say it will likely effect the image, feel and visitation of the park in a negative way.Please join these organizations and many others in standing up to Meridian Energy. Stop this refinery in its tracks before it's too late! 

Zachary Kreps
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Petition to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Army Corps of Engineers

Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

When the Standing Rock Youth first started their campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, no one had even heard of it – yet they went on to inspire hundreds of thousands of people to take action to stop a project that threatened their community. Today, I want to tell you about another equally dangerous pipeline that is threatening our water and animal life in Florida and neighboring states. Please sign my petition to ask the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline. I recently finished up a campaign to run for Congress in Florida, during which I spent many months talking to voters in the state. Since then we launched Progress For All, a community action group committed to protecting our environment. You know what has stuck with me most from these collective efforts? The hundreds of conversations I’ve had with Floridians about their commitment to protecting our beautiful state from projects that prioritize profits over our safety and planet. Projects like the Sabal Trail Pipeline. This pipeline will span more than 500 miles across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. It will run right by the Crystal River, a crucial sanctuary for endangered manatees, and the Suwannee River, also home to several endangered species. Not only that, but the pipeline’s construction could also damage the fragile limestone which surrounds the Floridan Aquifer, one of the largest freshwater aquifers in the world. Help us stop this project before it hurts Florida’s natural resources. A few months ago, Governor Rick Scott’s administration changed our state’s water quality standards, opening the door for fracking and possibly more pipeline construction in Florida – all of which pose an even greater threat to our aquifer. But I know for a fact that Floridians are ready for a move away from these destructive industries. More and more cities and counties across Florida have passed resolutions to ban fracking. Voters recently passed a statewide referendum for solar energy and voted to protect state support for solar energy power. I’m worried that some of Florida’s most precious natural treasures won’t be around in twenty years – all because politicians are defying the will of the people and pushing for fracking and more pipelines. This is unacceptable. Please sign our petition and take action against this dangerous pipeline.

Tim Canova
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