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Petition to US/EPA , Heidi Harmon, Mayor

Ban Oil/Gas Fracking in San Luis Obispo County, CA & underground pipeline in Nipomo, CA.

Fracking is an inherently dangerous threat to our air, water and health. Ban Oil/Gas fracking now in San Luis Obispo County, CA. Why is this important?Fracking is a toxic method of oil and gas extraction that involves blasting vast quantities of water and toxic chemicals deep underground and it's endangering countless Californians' health, safety and livelihoods. Big Oil/Gas has plans to massively expand fracking in a huge section of the state roughly 1,750 square miles from Southern to Central California, from Modesto to San Diego County--putting our precious water, our farms, and our health at risk. In the last ten years, fracking has expanded rapidly in states like Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Texas and Colorado. Residents living near fracking operations suffer from constant noise and light pollution, endless diesel truck traffic, toxic spills, contaminated water, dangerous air pollution, increased crime, and falling property values. If fracking continues to expand, it could spell ruin for California farmers. Appallingly, even in times of drought, the fracking industry regularly outbids farmers for water rights, increasing the price of water and directly jeopardizing their livelihoods. And the toxic chemicals and heavy metals associated with fracking operations can contaminate the soil, air and water, leach into crops, and kill livestock. But despite the clear risks posed to Californians by the oil industry's plans to frack our state, legislation that would have placed a moratorium on fracking died in the Assembly and Governor Brown appears eager to encourage the expansion of this toxic industry. That's why we have to take matters into our own hands and ban fracking at the local level. Cities and counties in California have broad authority to ban fracking, and we should pressure our elected officials to step in where the state government has so far failed to act. Local bans on fracking may also be one of the most effective strategies for winning change at the state level. If a wave of cities and counties in California reject fracking, it will put increased pressure on Governor Brown to ban fracking in all of California. Hundreds of communities across the country, from New York and New Mexico, to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Colorado, have successfully passed local bans or moratoriums on fracking in order to protect their homes and pressure state officials to act. Ban underground pipeline project construction at the public park in Nipomo, CA. Now it's up to us. Please sign my petition and help me ban fracking in our community. Together, we can pressure our elected officials to act. Sources: San Luis Obispo County Pending. 7/2017 Santa Barbara Becomes First California City to Pass Resolution Against Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling. 7/26/2017 Monterey County is California’s first major oil-producing county to ban fracking. 11/29/2016 Alameda Becomes 5th County in California to Ban Fracking. 7/20/2016 What Banning Fracking in Butte County Taught Me about Grassroots Organizing. 6/17/2016 Election win puts rural San Benito County on anti-fracking map. 11/29/2014 Mendocino County is first California community to enact ban. 11/5/2017 Beverly Hills Becomes First City in California to Pass Fracking Ban. 4/24/2014        

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Petition to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jo-Ellen Darcy, Colonel John W. Henderson

Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

I’m 13 years-old and as an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, I’ve lived my whole life by the Missouri River. It runs by my home in Fort Yates North Dakota and my great grandparents original home was along the Missouri River in Cannon Ball. The river is a crucial part of our lives here on the Standing Rock Reservation. But now a private oil company wants to build a pipeline that would cross the Missouri River less than a mile away from the Standing Rock Reservation and if we don’t stop it, it will poison our river and threaten the health of my community when it leaks. My friends and I have played in the river since we were little; my great grandparents raised chickens and horses along it. When the pipeline leaks, it will wipe out plants and animals, ruin our drinking water, and poison the center of community life for the Standing Rock Sioux. In Dakota/Lakota we say “mni Wiconi.” Water is life. Native American people know that water is the first medicine not just for us, but for all human beings living on this earth. The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline would transport 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day, across four states. Oil companies keep telling us that this is perfectly safe, but we’ve learned that that’s a lie: from 2012-2013 alone, there were 300 oil pipeline breaks in the state of North Dakota. With such a high chance that this pipeline will leak, I can only guess that the oil industry keeps pushing for it because they don’t care about our health and safety. It’s like they think our lives are more expendable than others’. So we, the Standing Rock Youth, are taking a stand to be the voice for our community, for our great grandparents, and for Mother Earth. Join us, and sign to ask the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Sincerely, Anna and the Standing Rock Youth Learn more about our campaign at

Anna Lee, Bobbi Jean & the Oceti Sakowin Youth
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Petition to Lou Anna Simon

MSU Students Shut Down Line 5

Background Underneath the crystal blue water of the Straits of Mackinac lie two 20-inch pipelines owned and operate by a Canadian-based oil transport conglomerate, Enbridge Energy. Each day 23 million gallons of oil pump through the heart of the Great Lakes within these pipelines. Enbridge has a pipeline network that is among the largest in the world. For Michiganders familiar with the devastating oil spill in the Kalamazoo River in July 2010, Enbridge’s failures have hit home. The pipeline rupture near Marshall, MI spilled about one million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River system and was the largest and most costly inland oil spill in American history. Between 1999 and 2010, Enbridge has been responsible for 800 spills in North America, dumping nearly 6.8 million gallons of oil. This is the company responsible for protecting the Great Lakes from what would be a catastrophic rupture in a 63-year-old pipeline in an area of the state that is home to tribal fishing grounds, drinking water for millions, shoreline parks, robust Pure Michigan tourism and historic Mackinac Island.  Concerns When Line 5 was constructed in 1953 across the five-mile wide Straits of Mackinac, it was considered a major engineering feat of its time. But as a 2014 University of Michigan study concluded, the Straits are the “worst possible place” for an oil pipeline rupture. Extreme, unpredictable currents that were unaccounted for in 1953 create destabilizing washouts along the lakebed where Line 5 rests. These swift and fluctuating currents could quickly flush any oil spilled at the Straits into Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. What You Can Do  Right now, you can make your voice heard by signing our petition to let President Simon know that MSU Students support the decommissioning of the Line 5 pipeline. We will keep you informed and let you know when it’s time to take more action in support of the Great Lakes and ending the flow of oil in the Straits of Mackinac.  Spartan Sierra Club The Spartan Sierra Club is a group of students on Michigan State's campus that work on various environmental issues. This year, our club has been spreading awareness of the Line 5 issue and hosting events to get students involved.  You can contact us at

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