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Gas Rebates for Wisconsin Residents

As I watch the price of gas go up daily, I can't help but observe how this is affecting so many people in my local city and around my county.  People are having to decide on either getting gas or getting the food they need for their families.  The Federal Government is all talk but no show on any attempt to resolve the sky rocketing costs of gas.  The current administration and their agenda to go green, is not doing enough to make the much-needed changes that middle class families need now.  I understand that the Ukraine war has affected our ability to purchase gas from Russia, but if we stayed the course of being energy independent, we wouldn't have to deal with purchasing gas from Russia and supporting a communistic country with a dictator as a leader.  If the Federal Government thinks that rising the cost of gas will push people to buy electric cars, they have another thing coming.  No one is going to go out and spend 75K and over to purchase a new electric car especially when the electric costs are also getting higher because of inflation.   Where does this end? So this petition is to encourage our state officials to send out a gas rebate to all Wisconsin residents of $100 per month, until the costs get back to 2.93, which was the average cost of regular gas a year ago for the state of Wisconsin.   My goal is to get 100,000 signatures so that we can push our local state officials to adopt this new change.  See additional data for gas prices in Wisconsin below: Current Avg.   Regular: $4.893  Mid-Grade: $5.202  Premium: $5.623  Diesel: 5.305 Year Ago Avg. Regular: $2.893  Mid-Grade: $3.222  Premium: $3.599  Diesel: $3.086

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