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Petition to Senator Eunício Lopes de Oliveira

No More Blood Oil

  No More Blood Oil.   Basta ao Petróleo Sujo de Sangue. In the Middle East and Africa ruthless rulers and militias get rich by selling oil—and use the money to fight wars, to fund terrorists, to enrich themselves, and to commit atrocious violations of human rights. We are complicit in these atrocities, because we buy oil from these countries. But we can change that. Today Brazil is leading the revolution that will to make it illegal to buy blood oil from these men. Because of the visionary leadership of Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, a life-long champion of human rights, the world has its first 'Clean Trade' bill. If Brazil’s ‘Clean Trade’ law passes, our own politicians will have no more excuses. Brazil is world’s 5th biggest country—if Brazil can ban blood oil, we can do it too. Please join us in supporting Brazil’s ‘Clean Trade’ law today. Our signatures will show that we stand against corruption and terrorism and militarism, and that we stand for decency and justice and peace. Banning blood oil is one practical step we can all take together, to make the world safer for everyone. Please sign to support Brazil’s ‘Clean Trade’ Law, Senate Bill Number 460. -------------------------------Português---------------------------------- Basta ao Petróleo Sujo de Sangue. Em muitos países, regimes opressivos e violentas milícias ficam ricos vendendo petróleo – e usam o dinheiro para financiar guerras, terrorismo, e cometer violações atrozes de direitos humanos. É o chamado petróleo sujo de sangue (“Blood Oil”) Nós somos cúmplices nessas atrocidades, pois compramos o petróleo sujo de sangue desses países. Mas podemos mudar isso.    O Brasil é o primeiro país do mundo a iniciar um projeto de lei para acabar com a importação do petróleo do sangue. Junte-se a nós e apoie a “A lei do petróleo limpo”, Projeto de Lei do Senado n. 460.  Essa lei vai acabar com a cumplicidade que temos com a corrupção e a violência do petróleo sujo de sangue. O Brasil pode liderar o mundo nessa campanha por mais justiça e paz no mundo.   “A força do direito deve superar o direito da força.” Rui Barbosa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brazil Senate Bill 460 (English) Brasil Projeto de Lei do Senado 460 (Português)

Clean Trade
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Petition to Stephen Sanderson UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC, Neil Ritson Solo Oil PLC, Paul Vonk Angus Energy Ltd, David Lenigas Doriemus PLC

I pledge non-violent direct action against any drilling for oil & gas on the Isle of Wight

PLEDGE TO TAKE NON-VIOLENT, DIRECT ACTION against any attempt to drill for oil or gas on the Isle of Wight On 17th December 2015, the Government announced it's award of 200sq km of the Isle of Wight as a licence for oil & gas exploration and development to UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC in partnership with Solo Oil PLC and Angus Energy Ltd.  We believe it is unconscionable in 2016 to drill new oil and gas wells, given all that we know about the negative health, ecological, climate, economic and social impacts of fossil fuels on a local and global scale. The world's leading scientists have given stark warnings about the planetary emergency we're facing. The impacts of climate change are here and will get worse unless we take action now. The International Energy Agency has said that to stay within 2°C of warming,as agreed upon by the world’s governments as a “safe” upper limit, we can build no new fossil fuel infrastructure from 2017 onwards. It would be irresponsible, therefore, to proceed with any new oil and gas drilling projects on the Isle of Wight. We cannot rely on our Government to do the right thing.  Despite broad opposition in the UK (and across the world) and despite promises made at COP21 in Paris to act for the air we breathe, the water we depend on and the quality of the environments in which we live - the government is pushing through plans to fulfil it's commitment to the gas and oil industry lobbyists regardless. Rules are changed, opposition silenced and voices even of medical professionals ignored.  The Government are doing everything in their power to strip away the rights of local authorities to act in the best interests of their communities, so it is down to us to act in defense of our environment for the sake of generations to come. . You are needed... Please pledge here by signing to agree to take YOUR own non-violent direct action, alone or in a group.  Direct action includes any action to actively oppose this industry, such as lobbying your MP, handing out information, attending a demonstration or march, visiting a protection camp, helping out your local group or for those limited by health or responsibilities, sharing this and other posts to inform others. The ONLY rule is that your action must be NON-VIOLENT. I, the under-signed, PLEDGE TO TAKE NON-VIOLENT, DIRECT ACTION against any attempt to drill for oil or gas on the Isle of Wight.

Frack Free Isle of Wight
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