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Petition to Franklin Township - Warren County, Traci Stivers, Beth Callahan, Ronald Ruppert, Brian Morris

Remove Confederate Monument of Robert E. Lee from the city of Franklin, OH

To the city and Township of Franklin, OH, In the wake of violent racism recently in Charlottesville, VA, and continuous racial violence, it is clear that Confederate monuments should not have any space for them to be celebrated. Ohio is a northern state known for fighting against the Confederacy during the civil war, yet it currently honors Robert E. Lee in a public space on the corner of Dixie Highway and Hamilton-Middletown Rd. Many residents in this state and country do not feel safe due to racial violence, and these monuments cause additional and unnecessary pain.  This monument was put in place to celebrate a man that was known for commanding the Confederate army, and supported the continuation of slavery. Lee himself was a slave owner, and we have a responsibility to confront that fact and the evil that he fought to maintain. The mayor and city of Franklin, Ohio has an opportunity to do the right thing and remove this monument as a small step towards racial healing.  We cannot come together as a country until we decide to stop celebrating these symbols of slavery and hate. History should never be forgotten, and these figures should instead be remembered in our history books and museums. They should instead serve as somber reminders of our past, not in the celebratory manner that this one currently does. Let us come together and demand this monument be removed.   

Jordan Etzel
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Petition to Barbara Sears

Use the medical transportation company of choice

Up until last week I was able to use a company called Scenic View Transportation to get to medical appointments that are located in Northeast Ohio. This company has went above and beyond to provide me transportation. They are not any ordinary transportation company. The drivers are on time. The service is good quality service. They have educated themselves about my  very complex medical condition. They know what I need if a problem should arise.  Last week MTM/United Healthcare abruptly ended their contract with Scenic View Transportation. With the contract being interupted I lose access to quality transportation that has helped me remain stable in my community.  Scenic View has helped me stay out the hospital by providing quality transportation. The amount they charge is a little bit more than other providers. This is because it's worth the amount they charge. Drivers are on time, they are close by when I need picked up, they are able to accommadate my power wheelchair. They also go outside of Summit County for appointments that I have.  In my local community there are very few companies that travel outside Summit County for people in wheelchairs. I have reached out to Summit County NET program about this issue. I was told that Scenic View can't get a contract with them until 2019. This leaves me with only one provider in my whole county that could meet my needs. However this one company cannot do that as they are booked up. In the last year there has been a greater need for NET Providers to pick up transportation needs for others around the county because of cuts to DODD services through local county board. So other service providers had to pick up the slack. Unfortnately that left me with no one to help. Scenic View came to my rescue. Without Scenic View I lose the ability to get to doctor's appointments for specialists that I see for Dysautonomia, Mast Cell and other disabling conditions. The loss of transportation puts me at risk for frequent hospitalizations, lack of access to medical care and much more. It also would force me to have to make six hour long commutes on a public bus. This would take away my ability to have home care services. As it would have me spending the majority of my day traveling. My health cannot handle this amount of time on the road or traveling. As I have conditions that are disabling.  I'm asking the Ohio Department of Medicaid Director to consider my request for a contract with NET or Ohio Medicaid that would allow me to use them as a provider for my transportation needs. Even more so for the contract with United Healthcare and MTM to be renewed for myself and others who use Scenic View Transportation.   

Alicia Hopkins
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