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Petition to Rob Portman, Sherrod Brown

Stop animal abuse in Ohio, Change Ohio State Law 959.02

We are petitioning Junior Senator of Ohio Rob Portman and Senior Senator, Sherrod Brown. In Ohio, law 959.02 states, "No person shall maliciously, or willfully, and without the consent of the owner, kill or injure a horse, mare, foal, filly, jack, mule, sheep, goat, cow, steer, bull, heifer, ass, ox, swine, dog, cat, or other domestic animal that is the property of another. This section does not apply to a licensed veterinarian acting in an official capacity." But nowhere in there does it say that whomever owns the domestic animal does not have the right to harm, kill, injure, etc. Is this okay? Just because I own the animal does not give me the right to kill, and/or injure it in any way shape or form. The animals need justice as much as the people do Many animal abusers are not given proper punishments, and therefore, the animals suffer. Sometimes much more than the people do.  The fine for animal abusing is at minimum, 300 dollars, no hours of community service, and no days/months/years in jail/prison I believe that for the animals, the punishments for animal abuse should be increased dramatically and the law should be changed, no owner of any domestic animal should have he right to harm and/or injure any animal. This is not right and MUST be stopped, people should not have the right to do that, or even feel like they can even make an animal feel hurt or abandoned in their own house, or even environment! If we win, all animals will have the freedom to feel safe, isn't Ohio supposed to feel safe? Like a soft, warm, blanket? Isn't America supposed to be a free country? For animals and huamans alike? If we lose, this catastrophic law will keep people from paying the proper sentence for a disgusting act that should be illegal. Animals have many rights, feeling safe should be one of them. If we were all to team up to get our act together and change this outrageous law, I think it would look a little similar to this, "No person shall maliciously, or willfully, kill or injure a horse, mare, foal, filly, jack, mule, sheep, goat, cow, steer, bull, heifer, ass, ox, swine, dog, cat, or any other domestic animal, This section DOES apply to a licensed veterinarian acting in an official capacity." Sign to get this law changed and free our animals of this abuse ridden state. Thank you for your time,                                          Megan    

Megan McHie
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Petition to President Varlotta & her Administration

#NotMyHiram Alumni Petition

Dear Fellow Hiram College Alumni, I wish to inform you that President Lori Varlotta’s has an administrative agenda to remove nearly 20% of professors regardless of tenure status from Hiram College. Current Hiram students have formed the #NotMyHiram movement to seek to maintain the integrity of academic tenure, keep our professors teaching at Hiram, and to maintain our liberal arts tradition. Please see for more information. For four years Hiram College was my home. A large part of what made it home was my wonderful, caring professors. I was on a first name basis with them. I would go to their houses for dinner. They’ve given me their cell phone numbers and I’ve called them for advice since I graduated. With the removal of ~20% of the full-time faculty, this is #NotMyHiram. President Varlotta stated in her “Strategic Executive Plan” that she would form the “New Liberal Arts” by increasing “faculty and staff accountability and success.” To do this, the school would “recruit and retain a competent and caring faculty and staff who place students first” and that it would “align faculty and staff expertise with institutional priorities to foster a culture of success and accountability.” By attempting to fire these faculty members, President Varlotta has failed to “recruit and retain” faculty as her “Strategic Executive Plan” stated. It is clear that President Varlotta and her administration is not retaining faculty, nor are they being transparent about their intentions. We, the undersigned, call for the retention of Hiram College’s faculty and to honor these professors’ tenure. If these professors are removed from the college we declare this is #NotMyHiram and will withhold from donating any money to the college in the future.

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Petition to Mike DeWine

Voices for Mackenzie Basham

My daughter Mackenzie Basham pled guilty to 9 counts of burglary in August 2014. She was advised by her attorney to take a deal unethically. She was 19, with a prior of 2 seat belt violations at time of arrest. Allen County Sheriff Samuel A. Crish made a statement publicly of others involved in these crimes in May 2014. No other persons were brought in on any charges associated with this case.Allen County Prosecutor, Juergen A. Waldick, also knew of others involved in these crimes.The head Crime scene investigator on her case was police sergeant Fredrick DePalma. DePalma, 49, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2015 for 35 counts of theft in office and 24 counts of tampering with evidence. He committed the police misconduct on cases in 2014.  DePalma signed every single piece of evidence in Mackenzie's discovery packet against her in 2014. Mackenzie admitted to having stolen property in her apartment and car and being paid to take it to pawn shops. The sentencing judge said aloud that drugs and the "wrong" crowd had put Mackenzie in this situation. In a courtroom full of Mackenzie's family and friends, not one official of Allen County said a word as she pled guilty out of pure fear to every single one of these crimes alone. That would mean 9 burglaries in 3 days, done by one 19 year old girl. She was given a 14 year sentence.  Mackenzie had a 2 year old baby at the time of sentencing, he is now 6 years old.  Please help me be a voice to get Mackenzie a shorter sentence so she can be reunited with her son before 2028. In 2028 her son will be 17 years old, and my daughter will be 34 years old. She has served enough time for her involvement in these crimes and has learned a very difficult lesson. She is now drug free and ready to have a second chance on life. She is a loving mother and a beautiful caring person. She is ready to function in society in a positive way now at 23 years old.  Please help me be her voice on the outside by signing this petition. My goal is to get Mackenzie a commutation of her sentence. This would make her sentence shorter and give an encouraging light at the end of the tunnel for our family who loves her so much. Positive letters of support for Mackenzie can be sent to: Ohio Parole Board Mackenzie Basham #090219 770 West Broad St, Columbus Ohio 43222.

Judy Frisby
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