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Petition to Blue Apron

Blue Apron’s ice packs go to landfills, tell them to make an ice pack recycling program

Those two-pound ice packs Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and countless other meal prep companies use cannot be recycled or disposed of in a responsible way. It’s unclear if there is a more ecological option to the current ice-packs. But one thing is for sure: Blue Apron is the largest meal prep company. They could lead the way for the entire meal prep industry by creating an easy ice pack return and reuse program. Tell Blue Apron to take a big leap for the environment, create an ice pack return and reuse program. For Blue Apron alone, these ice packs create an estimated 192,000 tons of waste every year. That’s the equivalent weight of 100,000 cars. All ice packs use a sodium polyacrylate powder that can absorb 300 times its weight. It’s used in diapers and for surgical sponges. It can’t be recycled, and it should not be dumped down the sink or a toilet - since it would cause serious plumbing issues. Instead these ice packs overwhelmingly end up in local landfills. Most of our waste ends up in the oceans. By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the seas if nothing is done. Blue Apron could lead the way in environmental stewardship. Tell Blue Apron to save oceans and ecosystems - make an ice pack return system. Blue Apron does offer a complicated return system for ice packs, but they do not provide any information on the number of meal prep subscribers who use their current program. Blue Apron could institute a ‘milk man’ style ice pack return system; where staff pick up used ice packs, or customers can easily ship back ice packs through included return postage. Meal prep companies are booming in popularity, over the next decade it could become a $5 billion industry. That boom would come with an increased amount of waste. Blue Apron could save thousands of tons a year in waste and create a new industry standard. Tell Blue Apron to create an ice pack return and reuse initiative that works for customers. Blue Apron was founded on the principle of improving food systems and preventing food waste. Tell Blue Apron to stand up for environmental stewardship, create an ice pack return and reuse program.

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Petition to Dunkin' Donuts, Nigel Travis CEO

Dunkin Donuts: Adopt a Plastic Straw Upon Request Policy

Our names are Amanda and Sophia. One day in science class, we came upon an article on plastic straws. The article stated that Americans use more than 500 million straws a day- and throw them away. That is equivalent to 125 school buses filled with plastic straws. We also learned that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Those numbers concern us. So when we joined the Earth Club at our school, the leader suggested using, which is how we came upon this website. All 500 million of these plastic straws end up in a landfill or worse, the ocean. When plastic straws get into the ocean, the fish mistake it for food, eat it, and get sick or die. In fact, science shows that when you eat fish, you might as well be eating plastic! We both think that Dunkin Donuts is a very tasty and an influential company. By choosing this business, we hope to make them take this issue very seriously. These shops have a lot of people coming in every day, almost all of them getting cold beverages containing plastic straws. However, those straws add up to the landfill and get into the ocean. Dunkin' Donuts is a very successful company, so if they stopped giving out straws (and retained some available for customers with disabilities), won’t others follow their lead? So please sign this petition and share it with your friends to help the environment, and the world we all live in. Remember, #StrawsSuck! Thank you!  

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Petition to Taylor Energy

Demand Taylor Energy plug this 14-year old oil spill

It’s the largest oil spill you’ve never heard of. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan sank an offshore oil rig owned by Taylor Energy. It’s been oozing oil into the Gulf of Mexico ever since. Soon it will surpass Deepwater Horizon as the worst offshore oil spill in American history. Taylor Energy has plugged one third of the wells, but has left the rest to leak into the Gulf. Now they are trying to get back $450 million they put into a trust and walk away from this crisis. Tell Taylor Energy to plug this oil spill, today. Adding insult to injury, the Trump Administration is planning to expand offshore oil leases along hurricane prone coasts. Spills like this could be our new normal if companies aren’t pressured and held accountable for negligence. Tell Taylor Energy to put a plug in it, this oil spill cannot continue. Located just 12 short miles off Louisiana’s coast, the Taylor Energy spill has been leaking roughly 10,000 to 30,000 gallons of oil everyday for 14 years. It’s spilled as much as 153 million gallons of oil to date. For perspective, Deepwater Horizon spilled between 134-206 million gallons of oil over an 87 day period. This September, the Department of Justice even had an independent study done to better understand the scope of the spill. It found that Taylor Energy had significantly underreported on the extent of the oil spill and overall damage. There’s a deadzone in the Gulf of Mexico that’s size of New Jersey. It’s the largest deadzone ever recorded. Offshore oil spills create fish die offs. It also harms Louisiana’s coastal economies like tourism and fishing. Pollution like this decreases the oxygen in waterways, suffocating all life in the Gulf. Demand Taylor Energy clean up this mess, plug this oil spill.

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