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Petition to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, SEMARNAT, PROFEPA, CONAPESCA, CONANP, CONABIO

Save Mexico's Vaquita Porpoise from Imminent Extinction!

The Vaquita: The World's Most Endangered Marine Mammal The vaquita is a small porpoise that can only be found in the Upper Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) in Mexico. The species is listed as “Critically Endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and is facing imminent extinction. The population has dropped from about 600 individuals in 1997 to fewer than 20 in 2018 and continues to decline at an alarming rate. The vaquita may only have a few months left. The Problem: Entanglement in Fishing Nets Vaquita become entangled and drown in gillnets set for a large species of fish, the totoaba.  The totoaba fish are highly sought after for their swim bladders, which in China are used for questionable medicinal purposes. The dried totoaba swim bladders are so valuable that they are referred to as the “cocaine of the sea”, with prices of up to $46,000 per kg on the Chinese black market. Because of the totoaba’s large size, nets designed to catch the fish have a mesh size that is also perfect to catch vaquita. And once caught, they drown within minutes. Gillnets pose a major threat to whales, porpoises and dolphins around the world and kill 300,000 of them every year ─ but because of the vaquita's small range and low numbers, it is particularly vulnerable. The Mexican government has responded with a gillnet ban, a ban on night-time fishing and better controls to monitor fishing activity in the Sea of Cortez. It has also deployed its navy to assist and vowed to step up its enforcement efforts. Local and international NGOs have also been operating in the area for years to remove derelict fishing gear. But none of the efforts to counter the threat have been able to lower the rate of decline, and vaquita continue to drown in nets. Resources for enforcement are insufficient, units deployed to fight the rampant illegal fishery often lack the authority or the means to intervene and poachers are rarely prosecuted. Investigations also revealed cases of government corruption and pointed to the involvement of criminal cartels in the tototaba trade. The Solution: Eliminate Gillnets, Prosecute Poachers Experts agree that the only way to save the species is to take immediate and decisive action:  Remove active and abandoned gillnets from the Sea of Cortez Step up efforts to enforce the existing gillnet ban and prosecute those that violate it to the full extent of the law. Provide alternatives for the local economy, in which fishing still plays a major role. With a new president at the helm, and a new minister of environment and natural resources in charge, it is now absolutely vital to reinforce to the Mexican government that there is no time to take a break. The vaquita will join China's baiji river dolphin and go extinct while the world is watching if the Mexican government does not take its commitment to saving the vaquita seriously. It needs to act today, as the last vaquita may drown in a gillnet tomorrow. “The world is watching as the endangered vaquita porpoise in the Sea of Cortez is approaching extinction. This is our very last chance to prevent the loss of a unique species that is just as important to the identity of the region of Mexico it calls home as it is to humanity and as a piece in the vast and amazing tapestry of biodiversity on this planet. We call on the Mexican government to drastically step up its efforts to take immediate, decisive and effective action to end the gillnet threat once and for all; to put much needed resources towards the strict enforcement of the existing gillnet ban and to prosecute those that violate it to the full extent of the law. Do not wait for others to solve this problem. Do not waste precious time. Every single day counts. Do not let it be your legacy that you let the only cetacean endemic to Mexico go extinct on your watch. ¡Viva la vaquita marina!” You can be the vaquita's voice!Help us save this unique and beautiful species from extinction. Sign and share petition and spread the word! #SaveTheVaquita Find out more about the or Download a PDF version to collect signatures in your community.

Porpoise Conservation Society
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Petition to Farm Boy

Farm Boy: Enough with the excessive plastic packaging!

“The best foods. The best shopping experience. Making life better. This is our vision” We are writing to you because you are not living up to this vision. We are residents of Ontario, who have varying levels of loyalty to your stores. We are proud that Farm Boy is a successful Ottawa-based business. We appreciate the quality and variety of local and organic produce and products available in your stores. Many of us enjoy the shopping atmosphere of your stores, and all of us appreciate the friendly, kind and helpful staff that you employ. We want to support your business but things have to change at your stores. Despite having significant signage and an image that emphasizes Farm Boy’s supposed dedication to sustainability and recycling, we are extremely disappointed with your excessive and unnecessary use of plastic packaging.  In this regard your produce department is among the worst of all the large grocery chains across Ontario. You don’t incentivize customers to bring their own reusable bags, nor do you discourage the use of single-use plastic shopping bags with any plastic bag charges. Furthermore, you don’t have a policy allowing customers to bring their own containers to your stores in order to bring home the products they purchase.   We are deeply concerned about the environmental and health impacts of the plastic waste problem. Plastic production is out of control and intricately linked to climate change because plastics are fossil fuel products. Plastics are killing wildlife. Plastics are killing our rivers, lakes and oceans. Plastics are polluting our food sources and drinking water. You cannot reassure yourselves that Farm Boy often offers recyclable plastic. We know that approximately 90% of all plastics produced are never recycled, and that recycling is not the solution to the problem. Grocery stores have a key role to play in addressing this crisis. Farm Boy has choice and influence when it comes to the packaging of the products you sell and you can become a leader in this regard. Many of the products under the Farm Boy brand are either made in-house or hand selected. These should be available in more sustainable packages. Your stores’ excessive use of plastic packaging and lack of progressive policies regarding waste reduction make your vision hypocritical. You are not “making life better”, you are currently a part of the problem and actually making life worse. “Green washing” won’t cut it any longer. Customers know the difference. Despite this, we believe that Farm Boy has the potential to become a true leader in this area, and have high hopes that you will be making changes to how your stores operate. Here are our requests: STOP using single-use plastic in your produce department. We DO NOT want our fruits and vegetables to be wrapped in plastic. Consider actually promoting, incentivizing and selling reusable produce bags.STOP using plastic packaging in your ready-made department. Find environmentally friendly solutions for items such as hummus, salsa, store-made soups and other sauces.STOP wrapping all of your bread and bakery products in plastic. Offer paper bags as an alternative.START encouraging customers to bring their own produce bags, reusable shopping bags and containers. Establish a fee for plastic bag use or a discount for the use of reusable shopping bags. Train your cashiers to only supply plastic bags on request and offer paper bags as an alternative. START allowing customers to bring their own containers for a variety of in-store products such as at the hot bar, deli counter, etc. We urge you to take our feedback seriously and we sincerely thank you for your time and consideration. (Le français suit) ******************************************************************** “Les meilleurs aliments. La meilleure expérience de magasinage. Rendre la vie meilleure. C'est notre vision." Nous vous écrivons parce que vous n’êtes pas à la hauteur de cette vision. Nous sommes des résidents de l’Ontario dont le degré de fidélité à vos magasins varie. Nous sommes fiers que Farm Boy soit une entreprise qui a vu le jour à Ottawa. Nous apprécions la qualité et la variété des produits locaux et biologiques qui sont disponibles dans vos magasins. Plusieurs d’entre nous y apprécient l’atmosphère et nous apprécions tous le personnel amical, gentil et serviable qui travaillent chez vous. Nous voulons soutenir votre entreprise mais les choses doivent changer dans vos magasins. Malgré l’image écologique que vous tentez de projeter chez Farm Boy nous sommes extrêmement déçus de votre utilisation excessive et inutile des emballages en plastique. À cet égard, votre département des fruits et légumes est parmis les pires des grandes chaînes d'épicerie en Ontario. Vous n'incitez pas les clients à apporter leurs propres sacs réutilisables et ne découragez pas non plus l’utilisation de sacs en plastique à usage unique avec des frais comme le font plusieurs commerces. De plus, vous n’avez pas de politique permettant aux clients d’apporter leurs propres contenants afin qu’ils puissent se procurer des produits de vos divers comptoirs. Nous sommes profondément préoccupés par l’impact qu’ont les déchets en plastique sur l'environnement et la santé. La production de plastique au niveau mondial est étroitement liée au changement climatique car les plastiques sont des produits à base de combustibles fossiles. Les plastiques tuent la faune. Les plastiques tuent nos rivières, nos lacs et nos océans. Les plastiques polluent nos sources de nourriture et d'eau potable. Vous ne pouvez pas vous rassurer que Farm Boy offre souvent du plastique recyclable. Nous savons qu'environ 90% de tous les plastiques produits ne sont jamais recyclés et que le recyclage n'est pas la solution au problème. Les épiceries ont un rôle clé à jouer dans la résolution de cet énorme problème. Nous savons que Farm Boy sélectionne ses produits ainsi que leurs emballages. La plupart des produits de la marque Farm Boy sont fabriqués sur place ou sélectionnés par vos équipes. Ceux-ci devraient être disponibles dans des emballages écologiques. Vous avez ainsi l’occasion de devenir un leader à cet égard. L’utilisation excessive d’emballages en plastique dans vos magasins et l’absence de politique progressive en matière de réduction des déchets rendent votre vision hypocrite. Vous ne «rendez pas la vie meilleure», vous faites actuellement partie du problème. L’«écoblanchiment» n’est pas suffisant. Les clients n’y sont pas dupe. Malgré cela, nous pensons que Farm Boy a le potentiel de devenir un véritable leader dans ce domaine et nous avons bon espoir que vous apporterez des modifications au fonctionnement de vos magasins. Voici nos souhaits: CESSEZ d'utiliser du plastique à usage unique dans votre département de fruits et légumes. Nous ne voulons pas que nos fruits et légumes soient emballés dans du plastique. Envisagez de promouvoir, d'inciter et de vendre des sacs de fruits et légumes réutilisables. CESSEZ d'utiliser des emballages en plastique dans votre département prêt-à-emporter. Trouvez des solutions respectueuses de l’environnement pour les articles tels que l’houmous, la salsa, les soupes faites en magasin et autres sauces. ARRÊTEZ d’emballer tous vos pains et produits de boulangerie dans du plastique. Offrez des sacs en papier comme alternative. COMMENCEZ à encourager les clients à apporter leurs propres sacs de fruits et légumes, sacs d’épiceries réutilisables et contenants réutilisables. Établissez des frais pour l'utilisation de sacs en plastique ou un rabais pour ceux qui utilisent des sacs réutilisables. Entraînez vos caissier(e)s à ne fournir que des sacs en plastique sur demande et à offrir vos sacs en papier comme alternative. COMMENCEZ à permettre aux clients d’apporter leurs propres contenants pour une variété de produits en magasin, notamment au comptoir prêt-à-emporter, au comptoir de charcuterie, etc. Nous vous implorons de prendre nos commentaires au sérieux et nous vous remercions pour votre temps et votre considération.

Eugenie Waters
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Petition to Justin Trudeau


Over the last few decades, straws have become a consequential issue for our environment. In Canada alone, we throw away a whopping 57 million straws every single day. Being one of the most short-lived products to ever be created, most end up in landfills or polluting our oceans, which critically threatens marine life. Countries all over the world are beginning to pick up on this alarming problem, and are tenaciously finding ways of eliminating this unnecessary plastic, as well as other micro-plastics and nano-plastics. As Canadians, we believe it's imperative to set an example, and join in on this common-sense initiative. Justin Trudeau was recently asked about banning single-use plastic straws. "We know that macro-plastics like straws are a significant challenge in the ocean, but we also know that both micro-plastics and nano-plastics represent a real challenge to ocean ecosystems," he told a news conference at the Canadian High Commission. "We are very much looking for approaches that are going to be both substantive and impactful in the way we move forward — not just as a single country, although Canada has the longest coastline in the world, but hopefully as a global economy." While he was less than noncommittal on the question of plastic straws specifically, it's essential that we rise and show our support for the ban of single-use plastic items as a whole. Justin Trudeau, help us take this first, but vital step in ridding our oceans of single-use plastics, so we can catch up to the rest of the world, and create a greener tomorrow for our future generations.

One Two Terra
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Petition to Everyone, Justin Trudeau

Eliminate waste and pollution to our oceans

Ocean conservation was first brought to light in my online class. We had to pick a social change topic to research and create awareness. Ocean conservation was my topic of choice because I knew some major issues regarding this concern. Now that I have a greater understanding of this topic, I am even more passionate about making a difference. People do not understand how big of an impact we make on our oceans and how they are crucial to our life on earth. The oceans filters our air, regulates our climate, aids our economic purposes regarding food and trade, and provides a space for animal life which we benefit off of in medicine, and food consumption. We need and use our oceans for much more purposes than people really understand. I never realized how much we utilize our oceans until I carried out my extensive research. This is a non-renewable beauty of our world that we need to preserve. Plastic in the oceans, by-catching fish, burning fossil fuels, and the use of fertilizers are a few ways we are contributing to the destruction of our oceans. If we could eliminate plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic cups and bottles, it would be a small but attainable step in this journey to conserve our oceans, and protect the organisms living in it. Finding alternatives to daily products we use today is an achievable step that everyone can do. This will help to save animal life and diversity in this beautiful oasis. Preservation and action is key in the conservation of our oceans!

Heather Pollock
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