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Petition to Indian Dietetic Association, Prime Minister of India, Health Minister of India, JP Nadda, Sushma Swaraj

Stop Self Proclaimed Dietitians from Misleading People & Playing Havoc with their Health

We are Graduate + Post Graduate in Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University & also Life Time Member of Indian Dietetic Association. Yesterday We came across a Facebook live Video of a Dietitian followed by 60,000 Indians. She was advising them lethal diet advises which is not backed by science.Examples of her diet advise (Exact Wordings), We tried to correct her but she didn't agree. 1 crystal of sugar has 4 Kcal, so 1 spoon of sugar has 100 crystals which make it 500 Kcal. (Fact: 1 tsp of Sugar contains 5 gms of sugar which give you 20 Kcal, Source- IFCT 2017) She said protein & fats are micronutrients (Fact- They are macro nutrients) And many more..attaching the video along. Kindly watch the video ( Link -  All the sources she gave us were from google search & no authentic book or website was followed by her. When we asked an explanation, she removed us from her group. She is also giving 1000 Kcal genric Weight loss diet plan without considering the factors like age, gender, physical activity & co-morbidities. (No disclaimer was given to patients) FACT- Ideally, we follow RDA 2010 given by Indian Council Of Medical Research. For weight loss of 1 kg per week we subtract 1000 Kcal by Diet or Exercise or combination of both & as per the guideline we cannot prescribe a diet below 1200 Kcal as this much calories are essential to sustain normal metabolic activities. By her vague statements, she is misleading the general public, playing havoc with their lives of People. Because of free services, people are getting tempted including diabetics & kidney disorder audience, they are blindly following them which can prove to be lethal for them later on. This is just one case we came across with proof, there are many more such SELF PROCLAIMED DIETITIANS OUT HERE IN INDIA, as there is no regulation by Indian Govt yet on anybody practicing Alternative therapies. Although IDA came up with its guidelines that states difference between Dietitian & Nutritionist but this concept is still not clear amongst general public & govt support is needed to spread awareness. (IDA GUIDELINES - ) By this Petition, We request Indian Dietetic Association, Prime Minister Of India - Mr. Narendra Modi, Health Minister of India- Mr. JP Nadda to take action & regulate the norms by giving us Registered License like doctors & make it mandatory for us to write that on our Prescription pads & boards. Patients should have right to know qualifications of the health professional they go to & they should have open access to govt website that allows them to verify the degree & other details of their Health professional.  I want my country to be Healthy & disease free. Also, our Indian Population should have the right to know about the person's qualification in whom hands they are putting their lives in. 

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Petition to FreshBox

We believe every child has the right to nutrition.

Child malnutrition is a life sentence. FreshBox is a social business committed to sustainable reducing child malnutrition by supplying healthy food to at-risk children. FreshBox does this by donating 1kg of healthy food to at-risk children for each 1kg sold to subscribing customers (WWW.FRESHBOX.CO.ZA). Nearly two billion people suffer from malnutrition each year. Over 10 million children in South Africa are currently at risk simply because they lack access to healthy food. They are at risk of falling through the cracks for good! Children under the age of four are particularly vulnerable to nutritional disorders that drastically impact learning capabilities and ultimately have longer-term social and economic consequences. It is estimated that countries may suffer up to three percent of GDP loss from deficiencies in iron, iodine, and zinc alone. A malnourished child is 10 times as likely to die from an easily preventable or treatable disease as a well-nourished child; who completes nearly five more grades in school, and goes on to earn 21% more in wages and are more likely to have healthier families of their own. According to the World Bank, malnutrition increases the risk of children dying in the first few years of their lives – causing nearly half of all child deaths. It leads to about 11% cost in GDP in Africa annually - with the majority of loss coming from poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days - as many affected children are unable to contribute to their country’s growth due to poor physical and cognitive development, and a loss in resources from increased health care costs.

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Petition to Theresa May MP

Make it compulsory for restaurants to display carbohydrates on their menus for Diabetics

A lot of Type 1 diabetics are Dafne trained, which means they inject themselves with insulin after calculating how many carbohydrates are in each meal they consume. Most diabetics know their insulin to carb ratio because it has been worked out for them by their diabetes care provider. For instance, some diabetics may need to inject one unit of insulin for every 10 grams of carbs they consume whereas others may have to inject more than 1 unit for every 10 grams. When working this out for food that has a label, this process is fairly easy.  However, a lot of diabetics struggle when they are eating out because they may order an item from the menu and have no idea about the carbs it contains. For example, a curry in one restaurant may have a different number of carbohydrates than a curry in another restaurant, since it may be prepared using a different method or with different ingredients.  It is even more complicated if a Type 1 diabetic is eating at a buffet restaurant, as they would need to google every item they consume or second guess how many carbs are in each item. You may be thinking, why is it so important for a person with diabetes to inject the correct amount of insulin? If a diabetic injects too much insulin they are likely to have a 'hypo' which means their blood sugar will drop below the normal range (which is 4 to 7). If this happens and the low blood sugar is not treated, the person may become unconcious. An extremely low blood sugar is dangerous and could lead to the sufferer going into a coma or even dying. On the other hand, if a person incorrectly guesses how many carbohydrates are in a meal and under injects, their blood sugar could rise. As you may already be aware, high blood sugars are the leading cause of many health issues including: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attacks and strokes. In addition, poorly controlled diabetes can lead to other serious issues such as kidney failure, nerve damage, blindness and amputations.  A simple solution to help diabetics keep their diabetes in check - regardless of their age, gender, colour or background - would be to provide them with the carbohydrate content of each food and drink item on a menu in every restaurant, cafe or bar.  If this information is readily available for diabetics, they can enjoy eating out without having to worry about second guessing the carbohydrates in their meals and it will also help parents whose children are diabetic. Moreover, this information would help Type 2 Diabetics who treat their diabetes by controlling their diet or taking tablets, since they will be aware of the carbohydrate content in their food. Another problem that this method could solve could be obesity; people will feel encouraged to make healthier decisions about what they are consuming. Please support this petition. A simple change could make a huge difference to the millions of people who are battling diabetes in the United Kingdom.           

Ess Nayyar
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