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Petition to Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, Transport for Greater Manchester

Reduce Metrolink fares for students!

Students traveling in Greater Manchester should be entitled to a concessionary rate for all Metrolink services. Manchester's Metrolink is a highly important service for those who lack alternative means to travel to educational facilities; work; social activities or other essential activities, or those who prefer public transport for its environmental and economic benefits. Students are amongst those who most rely on Metrolink services, with the abundance of services connecting residential areas to schools; colleges; and the universities. However, options for a reduced student fare are drastically lacking and young people are forced to meet the ever-increasing ticket prices.  Whilst an Igo pass allows children to rightfully buy child tickets; this lasts only until they finish Year 11. From then on, young people must pay an adult's fare, despite being considered a child by law. Whilst people of this age are not entitled to adult’s pay in the world of work; they are expected to pay like adult’s elsewhere. This contradiction is unacceptable. Those who support themselves with a job alongside the education that is compulsory until the age of 18 also juggle switching roles between adult and child, and travel becomes extortionate. The Scholar’s Pass is another option for concessionary travel; available for 16-19 year olds in full-time education. However, this pass applies only to journeys on the specific stops between one’s permanent residence and their school or college for tickets purchased before 9am in term time. This immediately fails those who live outside of Greater Manchester; university students above the age of 19; and students who travel after 9am. Moreover, the Scholar’s Pass deems students’ journeys to anywhere other than school or college unworthy of a discount. This is unfair. Students may need to visit libraries during revision periods for study, or visit places in Greater Manchester to aid their learning. Leisure and social activities are also key accompaniments to education and imperative for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and should be made more accessible with affordable travel. I believe that Metrolink should offer reduced ticket prices to anyone in possession of a National Union Of Students (NUS) card; an NUS Extra card; an International Student Identity Card; or valid ID from an educational institution.

Matilda Wigley
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Petition to Minister Sajid Javid

Malia Bouattia is not welcome at Holocaust Memorial Day events

Malia Bouattia is the President of the UK National Union of Students She has called Birmingham University a "Zionist outpost"She has said “With mainstream Zionist-led media outlets… resistance is presented as an act of terrorism”. She has criticised peace talks for strengthening “the colonial project”. She said “Israel as it behaves is problematic to me.” "Never Again" - Israel is the Jewish People's greatest protection from antisemitism. If Israel had been created ten years earlier, millions of lives might have been saved. More Holocaust Survivors live in Israel than anywhere else. Bouattia's presence at the UK's national HMD event on 26 January 2017 was a kick in the teeth for them, for all Survivors, for their families and for Kol Am Yehudi, the entire Jewish people.  And an insult to the memory of those who perished. She should have stayed away and sent an alternate.  Or been disinvited.The Minister, Sajid Javid, was at the event. He said on 18 January "We have to call out bigotry and racism whenever we see it and wherever we see it. What’s certain is that if we don’t speak out against hatred and antisemitism it will become normalised." Minister - we ARE speaking out. Here.  We ask you to ensure that Bouattia is not invited to the 2018 national HMD event!

Campaign Against Hate Speech
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