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Petition to Minister Sajid Javid

Malia Bouattia is not welcome at Holocaust Memorial Day events

Malia Bouattia is the President of the UK National Union of Students She has called Birmingham University a "Zionist outpost"She has said “With mainstream Zionist-led media outlets… resistance is presented as an act of terrorism”. She has criticised peace talks for strengthening “the colonial project”. She said “Israel as it behaves is problematic to me.” "Never Again" - Israel is the Jewish People's greatest protection from antisemitism. If Israel had been created ten years earlier, millions of lives might have been saved. More Holocaust Survivors live in Israel than anywhere else. Bouattia's presence at the UK's national HMD event on 26 January 2017 was a kick in the teeth for them, for all Survivors, for their families and for Kol Am Yehudi, the entire Jewish people.  And an insult to the memory of those who perished. She should have stayed away and sent an alternate.  Or been disinvited.The Minister, Sajid Javid, was at the event. He said on 18 January "We have to call out bigotry and racism whenever we see it and wherever we see it. What’s certain is that if we don’t speak out against hatred and antisemitism it will become normalised." Minister - we ARE speaking out. Here.  We ask you to ensure that Bouattia is not invited to the 2018 national HMD event!

Campaign Against Hate Speech
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Petition to Megan Dunn

Stop the NUS from encouraging the abandonment of Gay Men's Reps in LGBT+ Societies

This isn't just about students this is about the whole community whether you identify as LGBT+ or something else, we're all equal and should all be represented.  At its annual LGBT+ conference the National Union of Students (NUS) have passed a motion which claims ‘Gay men don’t face oppression as gay men within the LGBT+ community.’ The conference, which was held in Sheffield, accuses ‘cis gay men’ of ‘misogyny, transphobia, racism and biphobia.’ The motion called Motion 408: Defending Safe(r) spaces and No Platforming was passed with the conference making a recommendation to ‘encourage LGBT+ societies that have a gay men’s rep to drop the position.’ This comes despite NUS research in 2014 entitled Education beyond the Straight and Narrow in which it acknowledged ‘persistent levels of homophobia’ across UK campuses and ‘a lack of procedures to protect students from homophobic and transphobic behaviour’ being common place at UK universities. The 2014 research also found that gay men experience more harassment and abuse on the grounds of their sexual orientation than lesbian and bisexual women. 20.7 per cent of gay men reported having experienced name-calling compared to 18 percent for lesbian and bisexual women respondents. This decision by the NUS will isolate gay men within the LGBT+ community, further marginalise gay men from racial minorities and divide a community which should be united in its goals.  Join me in petitioning the NUS to reconsider its position on Motion 408 and to stop its encouragement of dropping Gay Men's Reps.   

Liam Kelly
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