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Petition to David Hurley

Don't let Michael Guider sexually abuse or kill any more little girls.

I was drugged, abused and photographed as a child by a man who was my babysitter. The monster that did this to me was charged with over 60 counts of child abuse related crimes against many victims. His name was Michael Guider.  While in prison for these crimes he admitted to and was convicted of the killing of Bondi schoolgirl Samantha Knight. Guider has never admitted to the location of Samantha's body, robbing her family of any sense of closure.  Now, Michael Guider is due to be released from prison and will walk free without having to reveal the location of Samantha's body. I think that's appalling.  In the news, and every time I open up my Facebook, I am constantly faced with headline that reads "pedophile released into community" along with a long and horrific list of their crimes against children!! Enough is enough! We will change one law at a time to ensure NO pedophile or child killer is released! That's why I am fighting to stop the release of Michael Guider, and any other child killer, who won't give the victims families closure by providing them Samantha's body to lay to rest. I believe any child killer who is convicted, either of the murder or manslaughter of a child, should never be allowed freedom if they withhold the location of where they dumped the body of their victim.  I want to pass this law to honour Samantha Knight by calling it Knights Law. Let's keep child killers out of our community and behind bars where they belong. In the case of child killers, there should be no question. No body, no release. Please, sign my petition and share it widely. Thank you.  #knightslaw 

Chantelle Hamilton
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Petition to Gladys Berejiklian MP, Gladys Berejiklian

#StandByMe to ensure that people with disability in NSW have a voice

It can be difficult for people with disability to get a fair go and speak up. Sometimes they need someone to help them when things go wrong. Advocacy organisations help people with disability speak up and get a fair go. The government wants to cut all funding to advocacy organisations. This means many people will not have a voice or get help when they need it. Please sign your name to tell the government not to take their voice away and to stop funding cuts from advocacy organisations. We all want to belong, to be included and to have the same opportunities to fulfil our potential. People with disability are no different, but it can be a whole lot harder. In April this year the NSW Government extended funding until 2020, however they have no plan to fund disability advocacy, information or representation beyond this time. These services exist to ensure that people with disability have a voice and can overcome those challenges; that we have input into and control over decisions that affect our lives. We want the NSW Government to stand by advocacy, representation and information services so they can stand by me. This means fully funding disability advocacy, representation and information services. When that happens, everyone benefits. Advocacy, representation, and information services have achieved a lot for people with disability. We have supported students with disability when they have been abused, we have successfully campaigned for better access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and we provide independent information to navigate the myriad of systems that affect our daily lives. The Productivity Commission states that independent advocacy is still vitally important alongside the NDIS. The Victorian Government is continuing to fully fund independent disability advocacy, information, and support as a core essential service because it understands the NDIS won't cover these things. Join us in calling on the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, to commit the NSW Government to ongoing funding for NSW independent disability advocacy, representation and information to the tune of $13 million per year. Now and always! Premier Berejiklian, don’t take our voice away. As community run, non-profit organisations we already do a lot with very little, and we're experts at stretching out a dollar. People with disability trust us to stand with them. We need to be fully funded into the future or it will have dire impacts on people's lives. #StandByMe Premier Berejiklian and don’t ditch disability advocacy.

NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance
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Petition to Gladys Berejiklian MP


We the undersigned have previously registered our strong opposition to the demolition and rebuilding of these modern stadiums, as an obscene waste of taxpayers’ money. We insist that the government must have higher priorities than providing elite money-making sport-businesses which pay no tax with state-of-the-art infrastructure, while so many other things in NSW are crying out for precious government support. We do not accept the transparent nonsense that this award-winning stadium risks turning into another Hillsborough – which the pro-Stadium forces have only raised when all their other arguments have been demolished. We reject the notion that will benefit the economy, noting that the best the government’s own number-crunchers can predict is a return of 95 cents on the dollar. We note that neither the Premier, nor any of her  Cabinet Ministers would invest their own money on that predicted return, and ask why then are they investing our money on this folly? We are now just a fortnight out from the election where the people can decide, in a democratic fashion, whether they accept or reject the government’s arguments. Under these circumstances, we maintain that to begin the serious demolition now would be outrageous, and they must Stop the Bulldozers, until the people have had their say. Peter FitzSimons and the undersigned. (Image via Pinterest)

Peter FitzSimons
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