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Petition to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Greg Abbott, National Rifle Association, Claire McCaskill, Roy Blunt

Stop active shooters at schools! An effective plan to mitigate risks in schools.

All of us are tired of seeing innocent victims being murdered senselessly in mass shooting events. Recently mass shootings have become more frequent and more devastating. Our partisan system is failing to create solutions which would be effective and easily agreed upon by both parties without going against their respective values. We have created a simple plan that would be effective in mitigating risk and/or deterring active shooters all together. We are not presenting this to you as laymen. We both are Army infantry veterans with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively that have training in the military and professional world regarding combating active shooters. This plan can be done. If it is done right we can all sleep soundly at night knowing we are doing all we can to protect our children. We are all tired of endless arguments that have no results. By signing this petition you will be actively supporting a solution.    First, hiring one vetted armed guard for each exit of the school (if too many exits 3-4 guards with any nonessential exits locked from the outside at all times). Each guard should not only have a good resume, but should be sent to an active shooter course in which they get practical application and tune up some of the muscle memory from previous experience. These guards should be paid at least 15 dollars an hour to ensure quality of work. Second, installing doors which can only be opened from the inside with a button pushing mechanism. These are fairly inexpensive and if you want to see a simple one, go to the Exit Room in Lee's Summit. Doors will be able to be opened from the outside, but only via a key held by either security or staff. So, with these two measures in place we can create a solid security plan that does not prisonize the school. We will start off with the opening of the school in the beginning of the day. There will be one entrance accessible, with a low profile guard (pistol belt only) watching the front door. There will be a set time for students to enter the school. If anyone is late they just have to call the security office and be let in by a security officer. Exiting the school will be the same procedure. During classroom hours: all students will be required to stay in the classroom which is locked from the inside unless they have to use the bathroom or have some other circumstance which a rational teacher would allow them to exit. When they need to be let back in the classroom, the teacher simply presses the button after a brief visual inspection of the student (nothing crazy just a normal look being sure that the student is not armed) through the door's window. With these in the place, the only time that a large number of students is vulnerable is during class change, when everyone is in the hallway. During this period of time, guards will take position at each of the exits (which will be locked) and ensure the safe change of classes. If a shooter is intelligent and bold enough to attack at this time he will swiftly eliminated with a heavily minimized casualty count. This would also require that the shooter already have his weapon in the building, which would be difficult to do. In a perfect world we would have a site supervisor or team leader who would man a monitor room. He or she would be able to monitor for suspicious activity, ensure guards are performing their duties as instructed, and coordinate a quick and safe response in the event of a shooter. We understand that this is an expensive plan, but it is less expensive and more effective than a gun ban or confiscation. The simple answer would be for states to receive federal grants which were specifically intended for this purpose to help subsidize the local taxpayers. Please help spread this by sharing on Facebook and/or forward this to any legislator you think will be able to help make this happen if you think this is a good idea. Remember, there are two things that can seriously reduce the effectiveness of an active shooter: response time of armed professionals and minimized access to potential victims.

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Petition to ATF Deputy Director Thomas Brandon

Force ATF Associate Deputy Director Turk to resign in light of collaboration with NRA.

As brought to light by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and reported by CNN, the second-highest ranking official at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Ronald Turk, wrote a white paper in collaboration with an NRA lobbyist calling for weaker gun laws and reduced ATF oversight of gun dealers. The drafting of the report started one week following the 2016 election, and was secretly released the day President Trump was inaugurated. When more than 33,000 Americans are killed every year by gun violence, it is unconscionable for a leader of the ATF to collude with the NRA to advance its “guns everywhere” agenda. ATF Deputy Director Thomas Brandon should relieve Mr. Turk of his duties immediately. In the report, leaked last year to The Washington Post, Associate Deputy Director Turk suggests the ATF should allow gun dealers to sell across state lines, loosen restrictions on gun silencers and more than double the number of crime guns a federally licensed gun dealer sells before coming under ATF scrutiny. All of these policy changes would harm public safety. Although Turk claims these are just his views, as second in command at the ATF what he believes is sure to have an impact on policy. The report carried the agency seal and Turk’s ATF title. It’s clear that Turk’s intentions were to weaken federal oversight of the gun industry. The original title of the report was “Guns in America – Options for a New Administration” and referenced “securing” Second Amendment rights and “support for the firearms industry.” As the federal law enforcement agency that “protects our communities from violent criminals, criminal organizations, [and] the illegal use and trafficking of firearms,” there is no place for a senior official whose agenda it is to support the gun lobby by weakening federal gun laws. Associate Deputy Director Ronald Turk has to go.

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