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Petition to Donald Trump, Bono, The 1997 Denver Broncos

President Trump: Please do not get me vaporized

Mr. President, I understand that "vaping" is all the rage nowadays, but perhaps you've taken your considerable affinity for fiery polemic and bull-headed decision making too far; we, the people of earth, would prefer not to be vaporized ourselves. Your antagonism toward North Korea as of late is disturbing to say the least, especially considering their ever-expanding nuclear arsenal and the stubbornness of the extant regime. I'm sure you can relate.  I think I speak especially for our Asian friends, allies, trading partners, the people of North Korea, and the citizens of this world when I say that we are all wholly uninterested in this enterprise. I certainly don't envy your position; this is undeniably a long-festering, difficult, and complex international situation that will require even-handedness, nuance, planning, patience, and wisdom in order to achieve an agreeable and minimally destructive solution. For these reasons, Mr. President, we urge you to just sit this one out. Whereas your impulsive decisions and rhetoric might prove self-servingly effective domestically, the majority of main stream media outlets, politicians, and Twitter personalities don't have a nuclear arsenal with which to respond to your vitriol, nor would they have the inclination to do so were they so armed.  And while you are transparently using North Korea as a distraction from your administration's own internal apocalypse, there's surely no need to gear up for a real one to force your own well-deserved woes into triviality. Even vacuous posturing surely serves only to further complicate the situation at hand, though I must admit that I too am quite taken with stirring up geopolitical drama while on vacation; last week I told Angela Merkel Oktoberfest was a poor man's St. Paddy's.  Though true conflict with North Korea seems distant, pushing us blindly toward such an event is unacceptable, regardless of what Fox & Friends or your insane Evangelical advisors have told you. Even if an armed conflict is not in our collective future, the political ramifications of your bluster will only make an agreeable political resolution more difficult to attain. For once I ask that you think of someone other than yourself and approach the situation at hand with calm rationality instead of childish bravado.  Let me put it this way: if you get me incinerated, I'm going to be pretty upset about it. Truly, Earth     

Christopher Rampolla
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Petition to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Eject Star NBA Player Dennis Rodman from the Hall of Fame

The North Korean regime is one of the most brutal communist dictatorships in the world, starving its people, constantly threatening nuclear war, and now, murdering an American citizen. Almost unanimously, the world’s leaders continue to come together to condemn the regime while a select few attempt to humanize Kim Jong-un and praise the “respect” he receives from his people.     While those sort of attempts are expected from fellow dictators it is appalling that they come from a once household name in American sports. Former NBA star and Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has embraced North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as a “friend for life” and asserted “I love him” as he defended his human rights record. Rodman continued this one-man PR campaign for North Korea even as his fellow American Otto Warmbier fought for his life.  Rodman has long been known for his eccentricities, but this has gone too far. As a professional athlete and an NBA Hall of Fame member, Rodman is called to be a role model and set an example for the next generation. Individuals that praise murderers have no place being idolized by America’s youth or in any Hall of Fame in the United States. According to the Hall’s Board of Trustees, a candidate may be removed if he or she “has damaged the integrity of the game of basketball.” Clearly, Rodman’s actions have tarnished the name and reputation of basketball and it is time that he is removed from the Hall of Fame. Doing so will send a message that all facets of American society, from sports to politics, will stand firm for our shared values and reject the shameless coddling of murderous dictatorial regimes.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation
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