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Petition to United States House of Representatives, Wake County Public School System, United States Senate

Walk Out Wake County. Your Voice Matters.

Just within recent months, Wake County has been engulfed in alarming threats placed upon both our schools and its students. Just to name a few -- Heritage, Enloe, Garner, Sanderson, Wakefield, and many more -- and it is in grievance and tragedy that we, students of Wakefield High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, strive to influence a revolution within our school system. No longer can we remain silent and simply neglect the existence of gun violence, but we must challenge the very ideals it is built upon. No longer can we dismiss the countless lives that are lost due to the imposing capitalistic ideals that encompass the National Rifle Association and their precious weapon industry. We must champion stricter anti-gun legislation, advocate for the safety and protection of students everywhere, and begin to understand that guns DO hurt people. We call you, Wake County Board of Education, to listen to our concerns, recognize the passion and support Wake County students feel for this cause, and publicly back our walk out on either March 14th or April 20th at 10 am. We call students and faculty to walk out of school for 17 minutes and protest the right to feel safe, to enforce stricter regulations on guns in America today, and to show the nation that students have had enough. Wake County, National Rifle Association, and other political figures -- in the words of Emma González -- WE CALL B.S.! We have had enough and it is time to take a stand. Be with us and sign this petition NOW! We are with you Parkland.   

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Petition to Eddie Ray

Lets Induct Music Star David L Cook Into The NC Music Hall Of Fame Where He Belongs

David’s contributions to the music industry are without question. He has been on stage since the age of 5 singing with his families group and Grand Ole Opry stars, The Cook Family Singers. As an independent artist, his body of work has garnered him an impressive 18 Emmy Award nominations and 7 wins. He has been inducted into three musical Halls of Fame. He has had multiple number one songs, written and performed many television theme songs and produced musical scores for various television series. Among his performance titles he has been named "Christian Entertainer of the Year", "Male Vocalist of the Year" and "Comedian of the Year." He has penned over 3,000 songs and produced songs for iconic legends such as Terri Gibbs, Gloria Gaynor, Dee Dee Sharp and Chubby Checker. He has written under various pseudonym and ghost names since he was a child.  He holds a degree in law, music & psychology. He is the founder and current CEO of the Artists Music Guild, a network base company that connects artists with industry professionals advising and leading them into the proper course for career mapping. He has mentored and developed several young artists including Marlana VanHoose who has stepped onto the worldwide stage under his development and sang for both the RNC’s national convention as well as the National Day of Prayer during the inauguration of Donald Trump.  Finishing its 7th year in existence The Artists Music Guild has grown to be a company known for giving back to the community. It provides book bags and school supplies to under privileged kids in the public-school systems. Facilitating musical and entertainment legends into the classrooms for arts education and mentoring. The Guild just finished its 7th AMG Heritage Awards, which airs nationally into 17 million homes across the country. To date David has been the executive producer each year which included many of his celebrity friends such as Chubby Checker, Billy Gilman, Bucky Covington, Clifton Davis, Freda Payne, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. It is the most impressive thing I have ever been able to take part of. The Guild brings these legends to the kids of today and makes their careers relevant by reinvention. David is an educator and role model for all people. His greatest joy is working with kids and providing continued arts education to the public schools and their classrooms.  As displayed, David is an impressive person, liked by millions around the world and is an iconic legend himself. He deserves to be put in the North Carolina Musical Hall of Fame, I encourage each of you to sign the petition, and encourage others. He truly deserves this great honor.       Photo Credit: David Lee Photography 

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Petition to Jim Trogdon, Gregory Phipps, James Mitchell, Debbie Smith, Liz Babson, Charlotte City Mayor's Office, Vi Lyles, WBTV News, Carlenia Ivory, John Fryday, Jim Puckett

Install a 4-way traffic light @ Old Statesville & David Cox Rds. Charlotte, NC 28269

Please sign your support of this petition to demand that the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to improve the intersection of David Cox / Lakeview Rds. and Old Statesville Rd. (hereafter known as "The Intersection") Charlotte, NC 28269 by 1. adding a four-way red/yellow/green traffic signal; 2. adding additional traffic improvements to The Intersection as determined by a new traffic count, factoring into the count the recent development.  Let's take action by signing this petition to help prevent a serious accident or death at The Intersection.   The Intersection is consistently one of the highest accident rate intersections in Mecklenburg County. See the Charlotte Observer article naming The Intersection as the 9th highest accident rate intersection in Mecklenburg County.  The Intersection borders Charlotte City Councils Districts 2 & 4.  Charlotte City Council District 2 Representative is Carlenia Ivory (email: ; District 4 Representative is Gregory Phipps (email:  At-Large Representative James "Smuggie" Mitchell lives near The Intersection (email:; The Intersection is with Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, District 1, Jim Puckett (email: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Zoning Committee (Planning) has approved and allowed for increased commercial traffic at The Intersection since 2013 and has NOT improved the two-way single lane roads, nor improved The Intersection.  Since 2013 Planning has approved new building construction and expansion of commercial businesses utilizing The Intersection for many businesses including, but not limited to - Lowe's Corporation; Tire Wholesale Warehouse; Spectra Metal Sales; Adams Electric; Perforated Metal Plus; Atlantic Forklift Service; Preferred Pump; Coca-Cola Bottling Customer Care and others. CDOT has stated that all roads at The Intersection are NCDOT responsibility and out of scope for CDOT and directing all concerns or requests to the NCDOT.  Both CDOT and NCDOT have been unresponsive to correcting the accident prone nature of The Intersection since 2010.  CDOT has listed The Intersection as "Intersection improvement project traffic signal project funded" since 2016, still no traffic light has been installed, not begun to date (Dec. 1, 2017). Thank you

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