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Clemency for Father of Medically Fragile 12 year old Daughter.

Mystika Harlie Sky Wallace is a very happy, inquisitive 12 years old girl who lives on a farm in North Dakota. Shortly following birth, she was diagnosed with spastic Cerebral Palsy and today relies on a wheelchair and needs help with all her daily needs.  She loves her father, Larry Wallace, who has been in federal prison for a nonviolent drug charge since 2006. He writes Mystika letters and sends her drawings and funny pictures which delight her and make her laugh. But the last time she was able to visit him was 2007 because he is far away in Colorado.  Larry was convicted of Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance. His role in this drug crime was fronting for others involved in the same conspiracy, but he was never caught with any drugs himself. He was told by the prosecutor that if he did not plead guilty the federal government would seek a life sentence. He received a sentence of 21 years in prison because the government used a 7 gram marijuana sale from 13 years earlier to enhance his sentence. Otherwise he would have received a sentence of five (5) years (which is the average sentence length for his crime) and not an ADDITIONAL SEVENTEEN YEARS and would be free by now! There’s no reason Larry Wallace should spend the next 10 years in prison. After 11 years he has paid his debt to society and keeping him in prison, away from his daughter, and at the expense of taxpayers, makes no sense. But in order for him to be released to get to know and care for his lovely daughter, he must receive clemency from President Trump. Mystika lives right now with her wonderful grandparents who love her and take great care of her. They have cared for her most of her life because her dad is incarcerated and her mother died in 2013 due to her Type 2 diabetic health condition of uncontrollable blood sugars. Once released, Larry wants to be the best father possible for Mystika and care for her and raise her.                                       Please sign and SHARE this petition to help Mystika bring her father home to take care of her. She loves her father so much and wants to live with him and know him as her father.                To read more information about Larry's federal legal case and circumstances, please visit CAN-DO Clemency which advocates for those seeking clemency:  

Jean McDonald
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Petition to Donald Trump

Please Grant Clemency to Robert Shipp

In 1993, at the age of 20, my brother Robert Shipp was indicted and charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribution of cocaine base and cocaine. In 1994, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. He was involved in the drug conspiracy for only 5 months. This was Robert’s first drug offense and he doesn’t have a violent history.  At his sentencing hearing, Robert’s judge repeatedly verbalized his objections to the sentence that he was forced to give Robert. He explained that he had no choice but to give Robert a life sentence based on the Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Guidelines. He further explained that the law didn’t allow him to use discretion in the sentencing. He also noted that the cocaine suppliers plead guilty and received 12 and 14 years for supplying the cocaine in this conspiracy.   While Robert takes full responsibility for his participation in the criminality that resulted in his incarceration, I think it is important to share with you what led this honor student down this path. When Robert was in high school our brother was stabbed to death at the age of 19. Our brother’s untimely death devastated Robert and he began acting out in a negative manner. As a teenager, Robert’s inability to cope with this tragic loss ultimately and regrettably led to his risk-taking/criminal behavior. Our brother’s murderer was sentenced to 20 years and was released after serving 10 years. It is unbelievable that Robert received a life sentence for his 5 months involvement, in a nonviolent drug conspiracy, and our brother’s murderer only served 10 years. Robert should have been punished for his involvement in the conspiracy; however, a life sentence is excessive. Robert’s daughter was almost 2 years old when he was incarcerated. She has unfortunately experienced the all too familiar pitfalls of growing up without a father, and is now a single mother of four. In February 2015, due to a retroactive amendment to the federal sentencing guidelines Robert's sentenced was reduced to 30 years.  My brother is now 45 years old, but hasn't given up on life.  He spends his time reading, mentoring, speaking, and securing all possible certifications and college credits. My children have never seen their uncle outside of the visitation room; however, they look forward to spending time with him, as he shares with them the importance of making the right choices in life and reminds them that bad choices have consequences and could very well mean giving up their freedom. He also encourages them to do well in school, respect others, and take responsibility for their actions. The unexpected death of our father on July 17, 2012, remains difficult for all of us; and is compounded by what we know was our father’s unending hope to secure Robert’s freedom. As our father laid helplessly, on his death bed with weary eyes, I promised him that I would continue to fight for freedom and justice for my brother. Because Robert wasn't allowed to attend our father's funeral, he wrote a letter, entitled, "A Letter to my Dad," and asked that I read it on his behalf. It was by far one of the hardest things I had to do in my life. If Robert is released, his family and loved ones will provide him with emotional and financial support to ensure that he is given a fair chance at becoming a productive citizen. We will also assist him with his desire to mentor youth that are at a crossroad, just as he was as a grieving young adult. Robert has much to offer society, if given the opportunity. Please sign my petition asking President Donald Trump to grant my brother Robert Shipp's petition for clemency. He has more than paid his debt to society for his 5 months involvement in a nonviolent drug conspiracy at the young age of 20. Robert has been in prison for 24 years now...over half of his life. He was sentenced to life before his young life even really got started. 

Veda A.
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30 Years is TOO Long ~ President Trump: Free William Underwood

It's been 30 years since William Underwood was sentenced to LIFE in prison without the possibility of parole, with his first and only felony, under mandatory minimum sentencing as a drug offender. Without clemency from President Trump, he will DIE in PRISON.  WATCH: #FREEWILLIAMUNDERWOOD By Ebony Underwood ~ Daughter of William Underwood: My Dad's name is William Underwood. He is a devoted father of four and a grandfather of three and a former music industry executive who promoted, managed and jumpstarted the careers of top R&B and pop stars of the 80s and 90s. But he wasn't perfect and made mistakes by selling drugs before his music career. What originally was a way out of poverty when he was a teenager, and for so many others, eventually became a one-way ticket to prison. Prosecutors, hoping to get a lengthy sentence under the 1980's War on Drugs, painted him as being a part of a narcotics enterprise. Prior to his arrest, he had never been convicted of a felony. Although he once was a part of the negativities of drug street life culture, he had positioned himself legitimately in the music industry as a highly regarded manager, publisher and advisor who was in constant demand by artists and labels requesting his work. Indeed, his involvement in criminal activity had ended years before his arrest, as evidenced by the fact that the FBI closed his case “due to lack of activity’. However, 2 ½ years later, in 1988, he was arrested and charged with a continuing leadership role in a narcotics conspiracy, despite being engaged in a full-time career in the music industry. In 1990, as part of the first round of drug convictions made under the newly enacted federal Sentencing Guidelines of 1987 and the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, he received (3) mandatory minimum  sentences of 20 years on drug conspiracy charges plus, life without the possibility of parole. This was my Dad's first and only felony conviction. The life without parole sentence was the result of a decision by the judge, not a jury. As of 2008, my Dad has already completed the concurrent 20-year sentence on Counts 1,2&3. He now seeks commutation of the life without parole sentence of Count 4, a totally non-violent offense. Despite being incarcerated for 30 years, my Dad has never received any infractions and has a pristine institutional record. He has no substance abuse issues and is long and far removed from the negative influences that plagued his younger years. Any tie he may have once had to any type of criminal activity is buried in the distant past. Now, instead of influencing promising young artists in the music industry, he mentors imprisoned youth about their choices in life. My Dad's love for his children has never faltered throughout the 30 years of his incarceration. He calls my siblings and I almost everyday, sends birthday and holiday cards and emails, but more importantly he has developed an incredible relationship with his grandchildren despite never once meeting them outside of prison walls. He is an amazing grandfather! At 64-years my Dad is a changed man and has accepted responsibility for actions that led to his incarceration. He deeply regrets the negative impact the behavior in his prior life has had and yearns for the opportunity to reunite with his family. He poses absolutely no threat to society and he has the family and community support systems necessary to make his transition from imprisonment to outside society smooth. However, a sentence of life without the possibility of parole has meant that -- no matter how long my Father lives, no matter how much my Father's life has changed, no matter what steps my Father has taken to better himself, no matter how much his family yearns for his return, no matter how many laws have changed -- he can never, ever, leave prison alive. Such a life without parole sentence, devoid of hope and compassion, is inhumane and akin to a living death. Thirty years away from his family has been punishment enough.  Today, the laws that were used against him have all been overturned but, unfortunately, because the laws have not been made retroactive, he remains trapped behind prison walls. Our only hope for Dad's release will be through a Presidential Commutation of his life sentence. For more info, go to: Please sign my petition asking President Trump to grant my father clemency.  #HOPEFORFATHERSDAY  

Ebony Underwood
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