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Petition to Jim Quinn, HON. BENOÎT BOURQUE, Hon. Andrew Harvey, Don Darling, Wayne Long

Safer and Healthier Port Operations for Saint John Homeowners

For several years, residents have been subjected to routine explosions, plumes of dust, and smoke from the American Iron and Metal facility, located on the port, in the west side of Saint John. Meanwhile, when ships arrive to collect the scrap metal, the Saint John Port Authority continues the practice of 24/7 dumping of scrap metal into ships, making it impossible for many residents in the area to sleep at night.It is well understood that noise and air pollution of this nature can impact the health and safety of families living nearby. We are asking anyone who has been directly impacted to complete this 5 minute survey to help provide factual evidence of the impact the noise and pollution is having on residents in the area: only do these operations impact the well-being of the community, they have a direct impact on the local economy. Since the 2012 expansion of the AIM Scrap metal plant, over 2/3 of property owners near the facility have lost value on their homes, representing a loss of over $3 Million dollars in equity, and over $80,000 in lost property tax revenue each year. See detailed spreadsheet here: Other Ports in Canada have shown a willingness to work with the community to manage noise and pollution. The Port of Vancouver, for example, has adopted a comprehensive strategy to manage noise from the port: We are requesting that the Saint John Port Authority, the NB Department of Environment, the NB Department of Health, and the City of Saint John work together to develop a well-defined strategy to manage noise and air pollution from the AIM Scrap Metal facility, to ensure a better future for families and property owners living in the area.  

Raven Blue
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Petition to Jim Sullivan, Jeff Potter, Warren Slocum (Board of Supervisors, San Mateo County), Gretchen Kelly (Airport Manager), Michael Wentworth (Administrative Services & Airports, San Mateo County)

Surf Air, Inc.: Stop, or reroute, Surf Air flights that are using KSQL (San Carlos) Airport

There has been a substantial increase in noticeable noise from low flying aircraft that are now traversing over Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and other nearby neighborhoods.  The increased noise is mostly the result of new flights from a startup company called Surf Air that has initiated commercial operations into and out of San Carlos Airport (KSQL).   After receiving funding of $65 million, Surf Air has been expanding services and will have up to 21 scheduled arrivals into KSQL.  This is a substantial increase in service from the original 7 flights when Surf Air first began flying into KSQL.   That means the current approach corridor, as approved by the FAA, will see a significant increase in noisy flights over neighborhoods in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton and Redwood City.   This also means a substantial increase in departure noise for Redwood Shores, Redwood City, Atherton and Menlo Park. Many of the affected neighborhoods are located near the Middlefield Road corridor.  In addition, these aircraft fly over or near Encinal Elementary, Walter Hays Elementary and Menlo Atherton High School.   If you find the noise objectionable, OR if you are concerned about the negative impact on your property’s value, OR if you are concerned about potential accidents due to aircraft flying over our homes and schools, then please indicate your objection to Surf Air's flight path into San Carlos airport by signing this petition.   Thank you for your participation and please reach out to your neighbors to get them involved.

Stop The KSQL Aircraft Noise
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Petition to Christina Hobbs, Councilman Brian K. Jones, Angelette Mealing, Shayla Nealy, VR Williams, Naeema Gilyard

NO warehouse development at South Fulton Pkway and Campbellton-Fairburn Rd

Let your voice be heard. A prominent developer is seeking to have 101.79 acres of land rezoned to allow for industrial development on the corner of South Fulton Parkway and Campbellton-Fairburn Road. We believe additional warehouse development is not the highest and best use of this land and will negatively impact the surrounding areas. What’s at stake? A proposed 1.1 Million sq. ft. warehouse will be harmful to the local community Changing the zoning from General Commercial to Town Center Mixed Use will allow for industrial development with minimal buffers to residential properties. Potential Negative Impact of new warehouse development: 1. Increased traffic congestion and tractor trailer traffic. 2. More pollution from emissions. 3. Decreased property values. 4. Increased noise. 5. Negative impacts to the natural landscape and green space. 6. Contrary to the development plans that were to place industrial development further down on the parkway (remember?). What can you do? *6/18 Strategy meeting, 4687 Creekside Cove, Atlanta, GA 30349 @ 7pm*6/19 UC City Hall Council meeting, 5047 Union St., Union City, GA @ 7pmCouncil will vote on rezoning request for 1.1M sf warehouse request at HWY 92Please arrive at 630pm if you want to speak during public comment. We must pack the City Council meeting and tell elected officials: NO MORE WAREOUSES ON SFP!

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Petition to Union Pacific

Stop "Rail Squeal" in Austin's Seaholm District

To share your ideas for how to solve the rail squeal problem, contact Cheyenne Krause ASAP:, or Jason Alexander - This is not a complaint about regular train noise. This is about a specific, sustained, high-pitched ring called "rail squeal" that occurs when trains take on a curve in the tracks.  - The decibel level of the rail squeal in the Seaholm District has, at times, exceeded 100 decibels and into the levels considered traumatic to human hearing—and it's happening sometimes multiple times a day and multiple times a night. This is hurting our local businesses, deterring people from enjoying our outdoor spaces, and making it difficult for people to sleep. - This disrupts public park areas (Seaholm greenspaces, Electric Drive, Pfluger Pedestrian bridge and portions of the Lady Bird Lake trail), the new Austin Public Library, restaurants (Boiler 9, True Food, Trader Joe's, Super Burrito, Whole Foods, Trifecta, Irene's), multiple small businesses (salons, boutiques, dentists, real estate businesses, attorneys, pet supply stores, medical offices), large companies (Umbel, Under Armour, Athena Health), and homes (Spring Condominium, Seaholm Residences, 360 Condominiums, The Independent, Austin Proper Hotel and Residences, Fifth & West, Northshore, The Bowie, Gables West Avenue, Gables Park Plaza, Gables Park Tower, Amli 300). - We have rules in place that prevent trains from honking their horns in our neighborhood during sleeping hours, but rail squeal can be louder than train horns and can last longer -- up to several minutes. All during sleeping hours.     

Stop Rail Squeal
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