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Petition to City of San Rafael

Prevent one of the largest bars in Marin County from opening in Sun Valley School District

BREAKING NEWS:   City of San Rafael didn’t follow ABC norms! This location is 50 feet from homes. ABC will not license a new retail location within 100 feet of a residence unless the applicant can establish that the operation of the proposed premises will not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of the property by residents. (Section 23789 and Rule 61.4).  Beer Garden under a home??? San Rafael is a special place, it is safe, has a great quality of life and is home to incredible schools.  Don't turn San Rafael into "HELL SQUARE", Marin. There is a plan to open a bar, one of the largest in Marin County (8,375 square feet in an 11K square foot lot...with no parking), around 1 mile away from the Sun Valley School District. This bar plans to have outdoor seating, live music and is situated underneath several homes in a residential neighborhood. It is also located adjacent, to several streets that are residential, and will cause severe noise impact. Parent with with students that attend Sun Valley School district and other local schools, have children who are directly above the bar (50 ft away).  The bar will be called Pond Farm Brewing, and will be located at 1848 4th, St (formerly Wooden Duck..a furniture store). But Uber will magically not require parking....There is already a crisis in San Francisco with Uber double parking and causing congestion.  Imagine a small artery with elementary school students, cars, delivery trucks, Uber, Pedestrians and commuters all trying to wedge into a narrow two lane road.  Disaster! Children in elementary school typically go to bed between 7-8pm, and the bar will be open past those hours, disturbing the residents nearby.  This could have a severe impact on the ability of children to sleep and do well in school.  Additionally, there could be a significant impact to children riding their bikes to school.  See this map for route elementary students travel, it is directly through the bar. Moms and dads dropping their children off and picking them up from school, will also be traveling through bar on narrow rode, because of the traffic issues with the location and lack of parking and alcohol. Normally Food and Beverage service establishments in San Rafael require 1 space for each 50 sq. ft of floor area.  They are 167.5 parking spots shy of this?  Where do you think these patrons will park?  Other business parking lots and where neighbors have parked for years in front of their house. Neighborhood residents will have parking spaces taken by residents of the bar. You can help prevent the opening of one of the largest bars in Marin County history, less than a mile away from school, by signing this petition and by contacting the City of San Rafael and telling them this isn't right for your community.  Ask them to move to a more suitable location like the old Pizza Orgasmica Brewery.  Why are they putting a bar, that belongs in downtime, below homes with families, a location with no parking spots and no parking garages?  Doesn't pass the smell test! There is already an epidemic in San Rafael forming in downtown for homelessness, and often mentally ill and intoxicated homeless pass out on the neighboring streets and parks to this location.  Having yet, another establishment serving alcohol, over 10+ in less than a mile, is only going to exacerbate this tragic issue, that needs real city leadership. There is real fire safety hazard for the residents of El Camino.  The location will cause severe traffic congestion, and if there is a fire on El Camino, it is possible fire trucks will not be able to reach the residents. Breweries create odor that diminish the quality of life of residents nearby.  Breweries are often shut down because of complaints from nearby residents:  Also Breweries are very dangerous, they emit CO2 gas, which kills.  Many people have died in Brewery accidents. And Micro-Breweries have four times the accident rates of larger breweries.  This is unsafe to put below homes! Milling grain can also cause explosions, while rare, they can be very serious.  Homes are located 60 feet above the location and the explosion, could immediately engulf the houses.  This is mentioned by the Planning Department of the City of Augusta, GA here:  Grain handling – if milling grain caution must be used to prevent “grain explosions”.  You can read more about Grain Explosions here: Prevent a Quadruple Threat to the Community:  Noise, Parking, Crime/Safety(including rare chance of milling explosion), and Odor/Toxic Gas (Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide), 50ft under resident's homes! Additional Actions you can take: Join the Legal Defense Fund:  More on this soon.....! Inform Mom's and Children riding their bikes through this area of a threat to their safety! File a Preemptive Complaint against Alcoholic Beverage License Application:  You can also email them at  You can also call Kim Svinth and tell them this is not a good choice for the location. Attend upcoming City of San Rafael Planning appeal meeting: Share this petition on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Nextdoor, Pinterest, Snapchat and any other social network you are on.  Use the following hashtags:  #nowestendbar, #sanrafael #noise #sleep #children #hellsquare #hellsquaremarin Write to the Mayor of San Rafael, Gary Phillips: Get involved with Bay Area MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Driving) and tell them your concerned about the safety of your children in the community as the ride bikes to school through bar's path: Write to Alicia Giudice, planner in charge of approving project:,,  Please call them as well: Send a message to the Chief of Police in San Rafael, Diana Bishop, telling her you think this decreases the safety of the community: Ask the city why they are not enforcing the zoning for the West End:  "Limits on drive-up facilities and late-night activity protect the livability in the West End Village, and promote an attractive pedestrian setting."  Alternate locations like Pizza Orgasmica exist, but they are more expensive to rent.  Why aren't these locations in the downtown being used? Contact Damon Connolly, Board of Supervisors  3501 Civic Center DriveRoom 329San Rafael, CA 94903Phone: (415) 473-7354Fax: (415) Contact the Owner's of the Wooden Duck and ask them to find other buyers for the property, and to respect the ABC Norms of not putting Alcohol Serving Establishments within 100 ft of residential areas. Eric Gellerman Amy Frances Ferber Owner address:  1823 Eastshore Hwy, Berkeley, CA.  94710 Telephone:  510-848-3575  (Berkeley store)  Contact the West End Neighbors Association and ask them to do scientific surveys of the community before they say, they, speak for the community:  Tell them you want them to accurately represent the interests of the neighborhood. Contact the Real Estate Broker Dirck Brinckerhoff:  Telephone: 415-446-4222 Email:  Tell him to get a more suitable client for the building. Preemptively file a zoning lawsuit if you are affected:  If residents affected by the project believe the city is not taking the zoning seriously, they can litigate.  Contact the Department of Public Works in San Rafael and ask them to do a traffic study about the impact of the largest bar in San Rafael, with no-parking less, 1 mile away from Sun Valley Elementary, and by the busiest rode, Miracle Mile, in Marin County:, Department of Public Works, (415) 485-3355. Contact all local news media and tell them you are outraged at what is happening:  Bay Area News, SF Gate: Marin Independent Journal:   Contact Fire Chief Christopher Gray:  Tell him the location is a hazard for fire safety (no way to evacuate such a large building with no parking on a busy street).  Residents in near by residential outlets could be prevented from Fire Trucks accessing their house due to the congestion this bar would offer. Contact America Homeowner Alliance:  Tell them you need help protecting your home. Contact Joanne Webster, San Rafael Chamber of Commerce:   Help the Chamber of Commerce find suitable, non-alcohol serving businesses for a residential area near a school. E-mail: jwebster@srchamber.comPhone 415-454-4163 ext. 101 File a Complaint with County of Marin Environmental Health about Odor from Brewery and toxic elements near homes, and exhausted underneath homes: Contact the Southwest EPA Region and tell them you are concerned about potentially toxic fumes (Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide),  being released under residential homes (less than 50 ft away):  Reading Material (What really happens when a bar is close to homes): City of San Rafael WEN Zoning:  Limits on drive-up facilities and late-night activity protect the livability in the West End Village, and promote an attractive pedestrian setting. Mixed-use residential development is encouraged.  Noise meter installed in bar after residents complain. James Neiling, senior pastor of Christ Family Fellowship Church, said he is worried about members of his congregation having to remove beer cans and bottles on Sunday mornings,  Do Liquor Stores Increase Crime and Urban Decay? :  Next, turning to Table V, we see that overall, the closing down of alcohol outletsappears to decrease property crime density by around 3 - 4% within a 0.1 mile radius.  Map of Neighborhood Noise Pollution You Can Actually Use:  Noise affects all of our daily lives. HowLoud is the first company to map noise and make the information available to everyone.  Density of bars within 0.5 km. of a person’s residence is associated with small increases in alcohol consumption as measured by: daily alcohol consumption (ml.) drinks per week, and weekly consumption of beer, wine, and liquor. In terms of alcohol establishments, bars, restaurants that serve beer and wine, and retail establishments that sell alcohol are significant predictors of violent, property, and narcotics crime at the block group level. Some homeowners are bringing up concerns about the overall safety of the neighborhood near the Nickel Point Brewing Company and Neuse River Brewing. Another concern held by residents is congestion and parking. “They’re a good business partner for Chesapeake, but we in the neighborhood feel it’s just a bad location for a microbrewery adjacent to our homes,” James Bradner said.  “I think the intensity of the opposition was a little bit of a surprise for them, but certainly not uncommon.  noise is a factor. The environmental issues are a factor. Safety is a factor. The Lower East Side’s oversaturation of nightlife particularly in an area dubbed Hell Square is apparently causing harmful effects to the neighborhood and its locals.  ...These strategies have demonstrated little regard for the existing community and instead overwhelmingly favor profit-making establishments, largely bars, clubs, and restaurants (New York State Liquor Authority, 2013). Visible and measurable effects include increased crime, serious public health and safety issues, and a general decrease in quality of life.  Regarding crime, the group found that rape and felony assault increased nearly 45 and 14 percent respectively at the same time these crimes are notably decreasing elsewhere in New York. As a long time resident (10 plus years) I too agree that this study brings to light the issues we all know are true....I am woken quite literally every Wed - Sunday by one of the biggest offenders (Jia Lounge) and feel like this single institution will be the one that breaks me and makes me leave my lovely home I've made for over the past decade. the study found rapes and assaults have increased in the area.  The Hunter Study recommends more police officers and fewer liquor licenses. Residents of Malibu Towne in Sector 47 are opposing a brewery reportedly scheduled to open in the township’s market complex that is around 20 metres from the residential area.  There is already a shortage of parking space in the market complex. Typical over-capacity crowd at The Sixth Ward on a typical game night. Filmed 4 floors up, inside apartment. Reaction from the manger on duty when asked if patrons could keep it down: "we can't ask them to whisper." . The unsafe, unsustainable and detrimental living conditions residents face as a result of the saturation of so many licensed establishments within close proximity to each other, has to be understood in the context of Hell Square's size.  San Francisco Map of Area's Potentially Requiring Noise Insulation: Millennials seek clarity, not booze. There are yogi Instagram celebrities with millions of followers … and they’re not drinking beer, they’re drinking juice Seven Workers Die from Toxic Fumes From Brewery (Maybe you don't put one underneath your neighbors house 50 ft away?): Just the thing to have next door! The hazards associated with CO2 in the brewing industry are well known, yet people still die needlessly every year in tragic and completely avoidable accidents in breweries. Craft Breweries Are Particularly Vulnerable To CO2 Poisoning  Several states have requested additional guidance in calculating emissions from breweries.  Your Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant Could Pollute the Air! Commercial cooking elevates hazardous pollutants in the environment Residents were concerned about a number of factors: how a tavern might change the makeup of the community, the potential for an increase in crime, heavier traffic on the streets, more congested parking, an increase in litter, and the potential that property values would decrease The residents brought their concerns about the potential of increased traffic and disruption to the quality of life An exploding beer keg killed a brewery worker at the Redhook Ale Brewery on Tuesday. There were also nearly four times as many safety violations at craft breweries in recent years than at large breweries. And brewery experts say the safety oversight at smaller companies is worse than official statistics might suggest because injuries, even severe ones, often go unreported. Double parked Uber cars, swarms of Lyft cars jockeying downtown streets — such are the growing pains of the ever-booming ride hail industry, In the brewing and distilling industry, both the raw ingredients and the finished product can form hazardous explosive atmospheres A man was found dead in his Hyde Park... brought in a hazmat team to manage a potentially toxic situation...brewing beer in his home  as brewery injuries reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) have been on the rise the last four years of reported data, increasing from 160 in 2011 to 530 in 2014 Fast-growing U.S. craft brewers struggle with worker safety “You have a few eager entrepreneurial spirits, and they don’t come with an industrial safety background,” Breweries create Carbon Dioxide as part of the brewing process.  Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas that contributes to global warming.  Exposure to lower concentrations of carbon dioxide can cause hyperventilation, vision damage, lung congestion, central nervous system injury, abrupt muscle contractions, elevated blood pressure, and shortness of breath. Exposure can also cause dizziness, headache, sweating, fatigue, numbness and tingling of extremities, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, depression, confusion, skin and eye burns, and ringing in the ears. Campbell said that the fact that residents hired legal representation shows their level of concern about the brewery. "You’re putting an industrial grade facility is a residential area," he said. Campbell wrote in the letter that residents are concerned that the brew pub would operate "later than midnight in a mixed-use residential area" and that the fermentation process at the brewery would produce "strong odors and fumes." 

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Petition to Jim Sullivan, Jeff Potter, Warren Slocum (Board of Supervisors, San Mateo County), Gretchen Kelly (Airport Manager), Michael Wentworth (Administrative Services & Airports, San Mateo County)

Surf Air, Inc.: Stop, or reroute, Surf Air flights that are using KSQL (San Carlos) Airport

There has been a substantial increase in noticeable noise from low flying aircraft that are now traversing over Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and other nearby neighborhoods.  The increased noise is mostly the result of new flights from a startup company called Surf Air that has initiated commercial operations into and out of San Carlos Airport (KSQL).   After receiving funding of $65 million, Surf Air has been expanding services and will have up to 21 scheduled arrivals into KSQL.  This is a substantial increase in service from the original 7 flights when Surf Air first began flying into KSQL.   That means the current approach corridor, as approved by the FAA, will see a significant increase in noisy flights over neighborhoods in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton and Redwood City.   This also means a substantial increase in departure noise for Redwood Shores, Redwood City, Atherton and Menlo Park. Many of the affected neighborhoods are located near the Middlefield Road corridor.  In addition, these aircraft fly over or near Encinal Elementary, Walter Hays Elementary and Menlo Atherton High School.   If you find the noise objectionable, OR if you are concerned about the negative impact on your property’s value, OR if you are concerned about potential accidents due to aircraft flying over our homes and schools, then please indicate your objection to Surf Air's flight path into San Carlos airport by signing this petition.   Thank you for your participation and please reach out to your neighbors to get them involved.

Stop The KSQL Aircraft Noise
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Petition to Federal Aviation Administration Michael Huerta, SoCal Metroplex EA Federal Aviation Administration, United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator Kamala Harris, United States Congressperson Karen Bass, LAX Airport Environmental Manager Scott Tatro, Culver City Councilmember Jim B. Clarke, Culver City Mayor Jeffrey Cooper, Culver City Councilmember Meghan Sahli-Wells, Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Santa Monica Ted Winterer, United States Congressperson Ted Lieu, Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin, Culver City Councilmember Goran Eriksson, Culver City Vice Mayor Thomas Aujero Small

Stop the Proposed FAA NextGen Flights Over Culver City

The FAA is proposing changing the flight paths over Culver City beginning 2016. The proposed new flight paths will fly over Culver City High School (and nearby Farragut Elementary School and Middle School) and over downtown Culver City (and Linwood Howe Elementary School). This change is part of the FAA's implementation of a new air traffic control system (NextGen) that allows more planes in the air, flying at a lower altitude, and closer spacing between planes along a narrower flight path, which concentrates flight paths over our homes and schools.. Culver City residents have noticed an increased amount of aircraft noise over our once quiet Culver City neighborhoods. The sky is humming with jet noise, spaced within as little as 60 seconds of each other, plane after plane, throughout the day and night, and the jet noise is noticeably loud (not quiet from a distant). Some of them are flying at such a low altitude residents are able to identify the airline from below. The jet noise and pollution WILL GET WORSE when NextGen takes effect in 2016, and has the potential to negatively change the characteristics of our city and neighborhoods. Many Culver City residents are concerned the increased jet noise and pollution will negatively impact our home values, businesses, environment, our children's ability to concentrate and learn in school, and their ability to safely play outside without the spew of toxic chemicals from the jet fuel overhead. Other cities have recently sued the FAA over increased aircraft noise in their neighborhoods due to NextGen. Phoenix sues FAA over flight path changes: Plane exhaust kills more people than plane crashes: Lower altitudes of proposed late night flights over Culver City may negatively affect residents' health and sleep: The proposed FAA NextGen flight paths over Culver City have the potential to squash a flourishing, vibrant American community that is in the midst of a renaissance. Culver City is on the international map, known worldwide for art, architecture, and food. Citizens around the world are talking about Culver City as “a magnet for lovers of the arts, good food and culture” and it is considered “L.A.'s new restaurant mecca.” The Culver City Arts District is home to the world’s most cutting-edge art galleries and architecture that, according to the NY Times and the BBC, rival those of other cities around the world. Innovative startups and technology companies (such as NantWorks and Beats Electronics) and entertainment industry giant, Sony Pictures Studios, have made Culver City their home. Although located within the urban metropolis of Los Angeles, Culver City has its own highly acclaimed local government and has a small town feel where involved residents actively form block party committees to organize annual Fourth of July celebrations with their families, friends, and neighbors. Culver City is an ideal, united, and all-American town that takes pride in its racial, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic diversity. We celebrate and honor our senior citizens and veteran’s community. Families throughout Southern California and around the world move to Culver City because of our highly ranked, award-winning public schools at the elementary school, middle school, and high school levels. The first public dual-language immersion school in the U.S. began in Culver City. Culver City is also home to some of the most prestigious private schools in Southern California. Culver City is also known as a pedestrian community where residents, young and old, enjoy and bond with one another in outdoor spaces. When you walk around the residential neighborhoods of Culver City you will see neighbors walking their dogs, environmentally conscious citizens tending to their organic vegetable gardens, senior citizens practicing Tai Chi every Saturday morning in Culver City’s many parks, fathers playing soccer with their sons, and mothers and daughters going door-to-door to raise funds for their schools. The proposed FAA NextGen flight path over Culver City is a THREAT to EVERYTHING we (and the world) love about Culver City. We implore you to use all your power, influence, and connections to protect this flourishing, internationally acclaimed American city. The World is Talking About Culver City: Culver City: LA’s hottest new neighborhood. An art district grows in Culver City.,0,3849,full.story Culver City is the site of a burgeoning food scene.,0,3270162,full.story Culver City: L.A.’s newest design destination. Culver City is a tech haven. Culver City’s local government as a model for other cities. CBS News Media Coverage. Respectfully,Parents and Residents of Culver City

Parents and Residents of Culver City
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