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Petition to Iowa State House, Joni Ernst, Iowa Governor, Iowa DCI, Polk County Attorney Iowa, Iowa Department of Justice

Further investigation needed in this case and as to why the mother wasn’t charged.

In November of 2014 my son Joe Lopez was staying with his girlfriend in her basement apartment. In the early morning hours of the 29th he woke up to his girlfriend daughter crying. He got up to see what was wrong and if he could help her. He took her to the kitchen and placed her in her highchair without buckling her in. He fed her then left her alone to go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom he hears a thump/smack then runs out to find the child on the floor unconscious, gasping for air. He goes to the next room to awaken the mother and let her know something is wrong and they must go to the emergency. At the emergency he runs in with injured child while mother parks her car. The child never recovers from her injuries and sadly she dies December 3rd! Doctors and investigators ALLEGED that he attacked the child. That he shook and slammed her all while the mother was “sleeping” in the next room! It was proven during trial that the mother was not sleeping and awake using her cell phone. If said attack did take place she would’ve heard something! Being that the mother was there, in the home, in the next room that’s only about 4 steps away, she should be charged! They used the fact that he was the last one (alone) with the child when in all reality he wasn’t because she was there. They used the fact that he didn’t call 911, well neither did the mother! They used the fact that he was the one to take the child into emergency room because he wanted his story to be told first all while mother was more worried about parking her car! What mother worries more about parking her car than her injured child?! They used the fact that he was stressed from having no job or a place to live well neither did she. Yes he didn’t have a job but did have a place to stay! She was unemployed and being evicted from her apartment and had nowhere to go. Not even to her family! Lopez was charged with first degree murder and child endangerment resulting in death. All the stressors used to charge and convict Lopez can also be used to charge the mother.  Since this case there have been a few more cases like this here in Iowa. In those cases both caretakers were arrested and charged. What makes this case any different? 

Marissa Cisneros
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Petition to Martha McSally


This petition is to stop putting juveniles in solitary confinement with adults they have placed a 15 year old boy in solitary confinement with adults whom have already been convicted of murder child molestation aggravated assault kidnapping Etc he's 20 years old now and still have no real trial date the prosecutor has informed the victim's family that they were threats being made to him from prison so he's afraid to go to prison so he's acting like he's mentally ill rule 11 I knew this all along because their case fell apart so now this boy has suffered been physically tortured abused and I do believe sexually assaulted buy guards and possibly inmates he had a schizophrenic psychotic break he stays standing at the door looking out the window for hours and hours sometimes days just standing there his feet and his legs are red and blue he had a black eye they pepper-sprayed him please sign this petition so we can help others that have been tortured he is very highly suicidal with no solid evidence and maybe not even enough to charge him with such a crime but because one person who considered himself to be the toughest Sheriff Who's no longer the sheriff anymore wanted to make an example out of him I don't think an example is what he's made I think what he has done needs to be addressed and as well as all other employees who have along the way presented unlawful Acts against this child and his family in the court of law and nothing was done let's make a change and let's start now please sign my petition thank you very much

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Petition to Bruce Williamson, Terry E. Barnard, William Sheppard, Ginny Ehrhart, President of the United States, Donald J Trump

HELP For Young Men Serving Time on False Accusations

  In May of 2015 he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Please allow me to share his story. In March of 2014 my son Michael (who was 19 at the time) and two of his cousins, Christa and David, let a 14-year-old new female friend ride with them to a church bonfire. When it was over, they took David home first because he lived the closest. Christa became ill at the party so they drove her home next leaving Michael in the predicament of having to drive the 14-year-old girl home by himself. She accused him of touching her inappropriately but later changed her story to accuse him of forcing her to perform oral sex. He decided he wanted a trial by jury because he could not admit to doing something he did not do. During the process of picking jurors, the prosecuting attorney asked if anyone believed a case should have physical evidence in order for an alleged criminal to be proven guilty. All who said they did believe there should be proof, the prosecuting attorneys dismissed, because there was no physical evidence of any kind. There were only testimonies. He was found guilty on two counts and sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. I’m asking, shouldn’t there be some kind of help or law to help young men in cases like this? Who protects them from promiscuous girls who get up on the stand and lie just to ruin the young man’s life? The way the system is set up allows men to be convicted to life sentences with no evidence against them whatsoever. My son, of course, is not the only one in this situation. There are thousands of innocent young men in prison with a variation of similar cases. Young boys will spend their entire life away from the world, simply because a girl claimed something happened. Where is the honest and true justice in that? Therefore, on behalf of myself, and my son, we thank you for taking the time to read our story and ask for any help or advice you could give. We would be eminently appreciative for anything you do.    

Rachel McHan
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