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Petition to Nintendo

Release Pokemon Emerald and FireRed/LeafGreen on 3DS eShop

With the release of the generation 2 Pokemon games on Nintendo 3DS eShop, the system only has one generation of Pokemon games left unplayable - generation 3. The Game Boy Advance games Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen are not currently accessible on modern consoles, and the eShop can remedy this. As Ruby and Sapphire already have remakes, they can be forgone in favor of Pokemon Emerald, which has features not present in R/S or their remakes, such as the Battle Frontier. You may ask, if Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are on eShop already, and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire exist, why bring these games to the eShop? Well, why are Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal on 3DS eShop with HeartGold and SoulSilver out? Simple: Nostalgia! And for some, the simple reason is that they never got to experience these games growing up, and would like to enjoy the them now without seeking out used systems and games. Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen also bring new experiences not available elsewhere, such as Hoenn’s Battle Frontier, and the Sevii Islands, only featured in FrLg.  “Aren’t there technical limitations?”  No, not really. The 3DS is made to play DS games, which in turn, allows it to play GBA games, though it is simulated more than actually emulated, so features like save states, sleep mode, and etc. are a no-go if this becomes a reality. Think the GBA Ambassador games.  This petition is for Nintendo and Game Freak to release Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen on the 3DS eShop, despite their stance on not releasing GBA games on the 3DS.  With these releases, the 3DS will be THE system to go to for all core Pokemon games before the move to Nintendo Switch.  Also, in light of Pokemon Crystal for 3DS offering the Celebi event overseas for the first time, items such as the Old Sea Map, and the Aurora, Eon, and Mystic Tickets would be a request to be added into the digital versions of the game, thereby making Mew a non-event Pokemon at last! Compatibility with Pokemon Tranporter and Bank are also a request! ^^ Help us traverse the good ol GBA games and explore the Sevii Islands all over again!

James Elderick
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Petition to Nintendo, Masahiro Sakurai, Monolith Soft

Add Malos to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

As it stands right now, Malos will not get into Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch, which is planned to release in 2018. Malos is a villain from the JRPG "Xenoblade Chronicles 2". The developer of the next Super Smash Bros game, Masahiro Sakurai, might overlook this villain and instead include the game's protagonist, Rex. However, Rex is one of the least interesting characters in his series. A much more interesting and appropriate addition would be Malos, as he is a compelling villain and could have a very unique moveset. Here are his potential moves: Neutral Special: Monado Jail- This special attack is a grab that make the target unable to use a Smash attack for 3-5 seconds, depending on how much damage the opponent has, and how many times Malos has previously used the move. Side Special: Striker Edge- There's nothing too fancy about this move; it hits twice for decent damage and knockback. Up Special: Monado Cyclone- This is Malos's signature move that sends him up into the air on a pillar of dark energy. This move deals a lot of damage and sends Malos up modestly high. Down Special: Monado Armor- Adds extra frames of invincibility and super armor to most of Malos's moves for seven seconds. This move makes Malos even slower, though, and the effect gets weaker with repeated usage. When Malos performs a pummel, his hand glows dark and the opponent receives a temporary debuff that releases the opponent and makes Malos's pummel attack launch much farther and deal more damage if he performs it again during the debuff period. While the attack is heightened, the pummel is impossible to combo from, so players have to choose between setting up this viable KO option or instead going for more traditional throw combos.This entire mechanic is based on how he grew more powerful as he sapped the Aegis power from Pyra in his original game.  Malos's up-throw involves him placing purple bands around the opponent's limbs and sending them flying (also based on a move he performs on Pyra in that same cutscene) Malaise's back-throw involves him grabbing the opponent by the neck (if they have one. If not, then by the head) and thrusting them behind him before doing a 360 degrees spin and sending them flying backwards. This is based on the way he threw Rex in a cutscene near the end of Chapter 1 in his original game. Malos's side tilt is two backhanded slashes (based on how he swings Sever's sword) His neutral air is based on Chakra Burst, one of Sever's arts. In Smash, it has slow startup but high launching power. There's even a 1% chance that he'll actually yell "Chakra Burst" while he performs the move His forward air is based on Sword Strike, another one of Sever's arts. As with Chakra Burst, there is a small chance that he'll actually announce the move while he performs it. Yikes! His standard attack is a swift uppercut based on how he punches Pyra at the end of chapter 3 (he really is ruthless, isn't he?) His dash attack is based on Spiral Savate, yet another one of Sever's arts. Again, there's an outside chance he'll actually say it as he does it. His forward Smash doesn't involve the Monado; instead Malos charges up before leaping up and crashing back down and punching the ground in an explosion of dark energy, which is based on the way he "reprogrammed" a certain artifice... His up taunt involves him bursting into a pillar of dark power, similar to how he does in several cutscenes. This actually deals a little bit of damage to anyone caught above him. His side taunt is "What is this trash?" His down taunt involves him rolling his head on his shoulders like he does while Sever performs a special. Victory animation 1 involves him putting the Monado on his shoulder like he does if he beats you after fighting him. Victory animation 2 involves him saying, "Pfft, like you ever stood a chance." Victory animation 3 involves him saying, "I guess that'll have to do for now..." Default costume: Black with core crystal exposed Alt 1: Black with core crystal covered Alt 2/3: White (based on Jin) with or without crystal exposed Alt 4/5: Blue (based on Akhos) with or without crystal exposed Alt 6/7: Red (based on Pyra) with or without crystal exposed Final Smash: Monado Eater- Malos sends a giant ball of dark energy at the stage. Anyone caught in the attack is held in place, completely vulnerable. Malos is free to pummel any trapped opponents while the attack is active. After a while, the energy will explode, sending any trapped opponents flying. The more attacks Malos landed while they were trapped, the farther they will be launched. Other things worth noting include Malos's slow walking, running, and attacking speed. He is a heavy character, and his moves come out slowly. He is in no way a slower version of Shulk, who is a Xenoblade character already found in Super Smash Bros. In conclusion, Malos deserves his time in the spotlight. We're all set with protagonists, and we even have Shulk as our Xenoblade protagonist. What we need are villains, and there's no better man for the job than Malos!

Bobby McDonald
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