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Allow cloud backup for every games/titles like most of the Switch games!

As we all should know by now, Nintendo will launch their online services with many features like taking backups of the save data and this is what the issue is: they will not provide cloud backup for every nintendo switch titles! Long story short:Nintendo will not support backup save for the popular game Splatoon 2, Let's go Pikachu & Eevee, Smash Ultimate and other softwares and it would be heartbreaking if something is going to happen with the save data after spending houndreds or thousands of hours on it. Just why Nintendo? Why? We are paying for the services you won't give us! According to Kotaku it is because of to prevent cheating, BUT... With the technology this world have today there is already many ways to prevent cheating. They could for example easily get over this part by saving our online status after each match. That is what they do in games like Call of Duty, Titanfall just to mention a few famous titles. So Nintendo, what is exactly the reason that you will not support cloud saving for some of your titles especially Splatoon 2 wich currently is one of your top 10 games? If you really are so afraid of cheaters, then have every online save data saved on the server side so it is not possible for people to modify their online progress! (and offer data downloaded to the console in 10 years when you decide to shut down nintendo switch online support like miiverse) Nintendo can not survive without their players and we can not survive without Nintendo so we all have to stand together! Support and share this petition now! Don't do it for my  and don't do it for your sake, but do it for everyones sake! We have to gather as many as possible so we can get trough this!    Other details/notes:trustedreviews states:"It remains unclear whether Super Smash Bros Ultimate will support cloud saves when it launches in December, although with huge online components it seems unlikely."  gamefragger states: "Pokemon: Let's Go, will not have support for Cloud saves. The matches or games played in this title will not be backed up."

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Petition to Masahiro Sakurai, Tatsumi Kimishima, shigeru miyamoto, Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo

Join The Echo Fighter Movement For Smash Bros Ultimate!

  Here we Join Together And Work To The Ultimate Goal of Getting some Awesome Smash Fighters as Echos Like Shadow The Hedgehog,Dark Samus,Ninten, Isabella and Black Shadow What does it Take to be a Echo fighter?  Sakurai's criteria for characters to be echo fighters appear to be: -similar body type -same series -Same Moveset with Different mechanics If you look at the 3 characters we have so far: Dark Pit, who uses a staff and can fly freely, still plays the same as Pit, who cant fly and prefers a bow. Lucina, who, in the games, fights in the style of her father, Chrom, who himself is closest to Ike in fight style. The only reason she could be considered a clone of Marth is because she pretends to be him for half of her game. Daisy, who doesn't levitate, doesn't use a frying pan, doesn't pull turnips, and doesn't use a parasol to float in the air in any game she's in.   So it doesnt matter (to an extent) what the characters do in the games, so long as Sakurai sees fit to make them Echoes. Shadow can have two spindashes and a spring, Dixie can use a barrel jetpack, and Dark Samus can fire Charge shots like Samus does. It doesnt matter if they could play differently. The benefits Of an Echo Is Greater than you Think. 1: First Off if say Shadow was a Simi Clone he'd be Considered a Fighter as Wolf would and  Therefore whenever an Updated Tweak happens he could end starting as one the  best Fighters to Being Nerf To a Joke Unplayable Level. By be Sonics echo it can Easier to Perfect Both Characters 2: Being an Echo Means you get a Lot More Alt Color Choices unlike the Koopalings 3: More Echos Means More Choices to Main. Say you were Professional  Pit Main in Brawl it's faster to switch Main Pit with Dark Pit because of the similar Movesets. The same Can't be said if you were Maining Fox In Melee and Pac Man in Smash 4 as they are so Majorly Different. Use Hashtag #EchoMovement on Your Twitter Tweets,YouTube Videos and Anywhere you use social media to help Boost Awareness.  Heck Even Post memes about it. I worked for Ridley being to big why not replicate the effects?         A More Unique Princess Daisy:   The floating ability is Peach’s special ability when she is playable in main Mario games, Super Mario Run showed us that Daisy’s was not the floating ability when she is playable in main games but the double jump. The idea here is to remove the floating ability for Daisy and give her a triple jump. On the umbrella handle, change the heart shape into a flower shape Change the blue Toad into a Crayzee Dayzee or a Snifit White Mage (Super Mario Version) - Echo of Rosalina Funky Kong - Echo of Donkey King Dixie Kong - Echo of Diddy Kong Waluigi - Echo of Luigi (Please Don't Hate me) Toon Zelda - Echo of Zelda Impa - Echo of Shiek Plusle & Minun - Echo of Pichu Doc Louis - Echo of Little Mac Dry Bowser - Echo of Bowser Octolings - Echo of Squidlings  Shadow - echo of Sonic Ken - Echo of Ryu MS. Pac Man - echo of Pac Man Roll - echo of Megaman Captain Rainbow - Echo of Captain Falcon  Slippy - Echo of Falco Peppy - Echo of Fox  Krystal ( assault Outfit) - Echo Of Wolf Medusa - Echo Palutena Crome - Echo of Ike  Sylux - Echo of Samus Aran Ninten - Echo of Ness Isabelle - Echo of Villager                                          

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