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Finish Pikmin 4

Dear Nintendo, Pikmin 4 has been in development for way too long, and it has been stated many times that I was almost finished. Pikmin is my favorite game series and I just want it to be finished. I know a lot of other people who feel the same way.  This game has brought much joy to my childhood and I want a new generation to feel the same. These games are masterpieces and I have been so hyped about Pikmin 4 since it was confirmed. At this point, that confirmation seems like it was just made to please the fans. If you really want to please the fans, finish the game. It would make a lot of people very happy. Honestly, it would be a sensation if you guys do develop it. I know it will. Now, I know there is the possibility that Hey Pikmin! was Pikmin 4, but that game wasn’t even canon. Just another thing to please the fans. And believe me, none of us were pleased. We just want another main line game in the Pikmin series.  If you have not made the game because you are lacking ideas, I suggest you go check out DazzReviews on YouTube. He has so many great ideas for this series. I think if this is the problem, his videos would really benefit you guys. I guess this petition is just about getting this message across to Nintendo. I would really enjoy if this game was made, however, if it is not made, or this petition is not successful, I will not be mad because because I understand the struggle it would be.

Brayden Watson
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