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We want princess Daisy in more games and Super Mario games

Princess Daisy is one of the most discussed Mario characters. She has a big amount of fans, the problem is that Nintendo totally ignore them. Nicknamed the Queen of the spin-offs, she appeared in more than 70 games! Except princess Peach, no feminine character of the video game universe can say that. It's time for Daisy to obtain what she deserves! Her first appearance was in Super Mario Land, a MAIN game. Now she's is only in spin-offs. She belongs as much as Mario, Peach, Luigi and Bowser for example to the main series! Nintendo finally acknowledged Daisy popularity while adding her in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in 2018 as a fully playable character ! Some may say she's a clone because of her "Echo" mention, but we need to not forget that Luigi started as a Mario clone in Smash to have nowadays a nearly unique moveset, the same will happen to Daisy and we'll fight for this too in the future since she has powers of her own based on flowers, cristals and even light ! Super Mario Maker and Daisy's complete costume came with a nod to Sarasaland, then Super Mario Run came, opening a new door for Daisy's future while proving that Nintendo can use her in main games, with her own ability, unfortunately, let's admit it, after more than one year, the game was already nearly "dead" when Daisy arrived so she needs more spotlight since the beginning of the games. Princess Daisy is everything except a Peach clone! Having the "same dress" isn't a clone criteria, and if she's added in more games everybody will see that princess Daisy's universe is very different. If Nintendo don't let her having more chances, how could we judge her? But more and more people, not only fans, want her in more main games,  we have to show to Nintendo that we exist too, that Daisy can only be beneficial for them, Mushroom Kingdom is overused, Sarasaland is so interesting with its very differents landscapes, from China to France styles. Nintendo has to understand and act positively to our requests. We Daisy fans are tired to not be heard, we feel like we are pretty the only fanbase to be ignored. The Switch era is a modern era, in 2018 it is not normal that fans have to act to try to convince Nintendo to give their character some Spotlight! Nintendo, we don't ask the Moon! It is very achievable and you know it very well: put Daisy in main gameS!! Personally I grew up with her, since Mario Kart Double Dash I love her and I'm very sad when I see all the very bad things and the insults which are said about her, again only because she never had her chance to shine. (For example, where was she during the Year of Luigi?) To summarize, we want Daisy in more Mario games: RPG games, spinoffs other than classic Mario Kart, Mario Party or Mario Sport games (don't remove her from these games of course), in more main games: Super Mario series where she comes from let's remember it and we want too Sarasaland definitive come-back. That's why things have to change, please sign this petition and spread the word in the largest number of persons, together we'll be stronger, we can do it!! Don't give up now and more than ever keep spreading the word!! Everything has to change! You love Daisy, express your opinion, you don't know or are indifferent to her, let yourself knowing her better, you hate Daisy, this is the moment to change your opinion! It is free to sign and share this petition, but it can bring so much! Thank you SO MUCH! We Are Daisy Group

We Are Daisy Group
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Petition to Nintendo

Pour que TOAD soit jouable dans Super Mario Party & Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bonjour, je lance cette pétition en vue de faire valoir un droit : celui de pouvoir sélectionner TOAD dans les jeux : SUPER MARIO PARTY et SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE sur la Nintendo Switch.Je ne suis pas d'accord quant à la non présence de notre champignon préféré dans le choix des personnages jouables. Tout ceci n'est qu'injustice. Pourquoi ?Toad est il juste un vulgaire champignon ? NON ! C'est un capitaine ! C'est notre HEROS !!! Il a même son propre jeu vidéo !Toad est il un personnage détesté de la communauté Nintendo ? NON ! Tout le monde l'adore, il est bien trop mignon pour être haï.Toad fait il office de plante verte ? Bien qu'il ait un rapport avec la nature... NON ! Toad fait partie des personnages jouables de tous ces jeux (EH OUI JE VAIS TOUS LES CITER) : Super Mario Bros. 2Super Mario Kart Wario's WoodsMario's TennisMario Kart 64Game and Watch Gallery 3Mario Golf Mario Tennis Mario Kart: Super Circuit Mario Kart: Double Dash!!Mario Party 5 Mario Party 6 Mario Superstar Baseball Mario Kart DS Mario Kart Arcade GP Mario Smash Football Mario Party 7 Super Princess Peach (dans les mini-jeux) Mario Strikers Charged Football Mario Party 8Mario Party DS Mario Kart Arcade GP 2Mario Super Sluggers Mario Kart Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii Mario Sports Mix Mario Kart 7 Mario Party 9 New Super Mario Bros. U Super Mario 3D World Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Mario Kart 8 Mario Party: Island Tour Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Mario Party 10 Mario Party: Star Rush Mario et Sonic aux Jeux olympiques de Rio 2016 Super Mario Run Mario Kart 8 DeluxeDonc NON, je ne suis pas d'accord que l'avènement de TOAD s'achève ici. Pas en 2018. Il est grand temps de soulever les foules et de faire entendre raison à Nintendo. Nous devons avoir le droit de pouvoir choisir Toad au même titre que n'importe quel autre personnage !Toad n'est pas juste un simple champignon. Ce n'est pas non plus un simple présentateur TV, ni un assistant. C'est encore moins un sous-fifre ! Trop de pêcheurs le sous estiment et continuent de lui sauter sur la tête en pensant que c'est amusant. ET BIEN NON. JE DIS STOP.Nintendo, laissez à TOAD l'opportunité de se défendre, s'il vous plaît.Laissez à sa famille (c'est à dire moi au final) la possibilité de pouvoir s'amuser avec lui dans vos deux nouveaux jeux.Toad a son identité propre au même titre que Luigi ou Yoshi alors pourquoi le laisser dans le décor ?Je vous laisse méditer sur cette citation d'un grand homme et ensuite signer cette pétition :"POUR TOAD !!!"

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